Realm Works News – The Grey Council

It’s the holiday season for most of us, and here at Lone Wolf we’re in need of a little cheer and a sliver of good will. The last few weeks haven’t been kind. Our chief elf, lead Realm Works developer, and all around company organizer, Rob, found himself in the hospital last week and is facing a slow recovery. As such, we’re a little behind on all the normal tasks and apologize for that. While Rob has been working during his illness, and even worked while in the hospital, there is only so much he can achieve.

Additionally, during what we had hoped to be our final integration testing, we uncovered a technical issue that involves one of our partners, and they need to make modifications on their end before we can distribute their content. Our understanding in regards to our partner is they will have the issue resolved in January, at which point we’ll be good to go.

But all is not lost! The pieces ARE falling into place, and we have no intention of letting these setbacks derail our plans. We WILL launch everything except the store itself as soon as it’s ready, and the store will follow after our partners are ready to go. We’ll also be providing free content to everyone as a belated holiday gift and launching a new vehicle for import, export, and content sharing.

So when will you see everything? We’ll be rolling out the big Realm Works release the first week of January. The free content and content sharing vehicle will debut by the second week of January. Once that’s out, Kickstarter backers will start to see their extra content being delivered as well. The store itself will launch in late January, as soon as our partners are ready to go.

Pathfinder GMs can look forward to immersing themselves in the following FREE material at the start of the new year. Please Note: The following items are just our way of saying thank you for your dedication and patience. The Content Market itself will have many more options to choose from.



Paizo: We Be Goblins – Play a horde of malicious and murderous goblins from the Licktoad Tribe






Kobold Press: Streets of Zobeck – Explore the seedy underside of the city of Zobeck in this ENnie Award winning adventure






Isle of Kandril – Our very own mini-setting and adventure created just for Realm Works




And don’t forget, with export you’ll be able to share your creations with friends!


The Grey Council

Speaking of user-created content, along with these freebies, we’ll be introducing a curated community content program! We’re putting a talented group of people together that we’ve fondly named “The Grey Council”. They will have the honor of reviewing the content users submit and providing us with feedback, allowing us to offer the best quality possible in our community section of the store.

The items in the community store section will be free to everyone and quality controlled by our team to prevent bloat and ensure that Realm Works users have the content they deserve. We may even pick up the truly exceptional ones to sell! Look for more news soon on how to submit your creations!

We wish all of you a magical holiday and look forward to sharing our new toys with you after the first of the year. As always, we appreciate your patience and support. We couldn’t do this without you!