December Pathfinder Release – Paths of the Righteous

Just in time for last minute digital gifts and holiday gaming, this release brings you another chapter in Strange Aeons, campaign content, the feysworn, and even new mythic abilities!

Player Companion: Paths of the Righteous


Companion Package #25 – $4.99

Those who serve honorable causes and worship the gods of goodness face dangerous and devious threats. To bolster them in their quests, their religions develop potent techniques and astonishing powers to reward those who follow the noble and devout course without fail. Pathfinder Player Companion: Paths of the Righteous presents more than a dozen prestige classes, each associated with a different good-aligned deity and customized to enhance your gameplay, whether your character’s a member of a widespread religion or one that’s relatively obscure.

This data package includes:

  • Fourteen fully detailed prestige classes, from the undead-fighting Ashavic dancer to the rebellious rose warden to the mysterious stargazer
  • New rules options for every religion featured, including a new witch patron, a magical weapon sure to delight any revolutionary, and a spell that invokes the aid of a vengeful angel
  • Additional feats to bolster characters taking any prestige class, be they those of a religious bent or otherwise

You can pick up Paths of the Righteous in our brand new Pathfinder Player Companion Package now for only $4.99! This package includes at least one other book to be added when it’s released.

Campaign Setting: The First World, Realm of the Fey


Campaign Setting Package #17 – $4.99

Explore the First World, the legendary realm of the fey, where reality reinvents itself and strange creatures peddle stranger wares to the unwary. Learn about the godlike Eldest who rule this plane, and how to navigate their fairy courts. Delve for legendary treasures in locations too weird for mortal lands, study the lost origin of gnomes, and bargain with ageless adversaries in a realm where death is seen as a game. Whatever you do, don’t blink—because nothing in the First World stays the same for long.

Inside this package, you’ll find:

  • The new feysworn prestige class, allowing you to harness the power of the fairy lords
  • New spells and magic items to help you survive the First World, as well as rules for spellcasting in the fey realm and bending the landscape itself to your will
  • Six new fey monsters, including the skull-headed escorite and the technology-trashing bulabar

The First World, Realm of Fey is available now in our Pathfinder RPG Campaign Setting #17 package. This package also includes content from Inner Sea Temples and Horror Realms.


Strange Aeons: The Whisper Out of Time


Strange Aeons 1-6 $24.99

Not-So-Sweet Nothings

With their memories once again intact, the adventurers continue their pursuit of Count Lowls. But first they must visit Cassomir, where they believe the wayward noble is meeting with an old associate, but find only danger in his absence. Next, they travel to Katheer, capital city of Qadira, to track down a blasphemous tome in a hidden library, only to discover Lowls has stolen the vile book. They then venture to the slave-trading city of Okeno to pick up the count’s trail again and encounter the mysterious and alien entity that has been haunting their dreams. If they can’t stop their crazed nemesis before his plans come to fruition, doom will come for all!

This chapter of Strange Aeons includes new loathsome monsters as well as a great old one and everything you need to run encounters for the adventure!

Chapter 1 -3 of the adventure path is available now in the Strange Aeons package for only $24.99 with the remainder being added as they release.

Mythic Hero’s Handbook


Mythic Hero’s Handbook – $19.99

The Mythic Hero’s Handbook brings you an incredible array of expansions for the mythic rules for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game! You’ll find exciting and innovative ideas for existing rules alongside a wealth of all-new material from the authors that know mythic like nobody else. You’ll find options galore to suit any character build and inspiration for new heroic directions to take on your path to immortality, whether your character is a holy hierophant or treacherous trickster, an indomitable champion or inventive genius, a steadfast guardian of others or a steely-eyed stranger ready to launch a roaring rampage of revenge!

Below are a few of the items you will find in the Mythic Hero’s Handbook data package:

  • Over 120 new path abilities for the archmage, champion, guardian, hierophant, and trickster mythic paths
  • Four brand-new mythic paths – the genius, living saint, overmind, and the vengeful stranger – with over 150 path abilities exclusively for them
  • Mythic class features for over 30 character classes for levels 1 to 20, including every core and base class in the core rules plus 11 more classes from Kobold Press and Rogue Genius Games
  • Over 1000 mythic feats, including mythic versions of every feat in the core rules, plus hundreds more from official companion products and the official campaign setting
  • 60 new psionic path abilities plus dozens of mythic psionic feats and over 100 mythic psionic powers
  • Over 30 mythic magic items

You can pick up the Mythic Hero’s Handbook right now in our store for only $19.99!

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Happy Holidays from everyone here at Lone Wolf Development!