Realm Works Release – Import, Export, & More

WARNING! We don’t typically update on weekends as our staff is off and unable to respond to bug fixes until Monday.  This one time, we have broken with tradition and our developers are standing by. We still do not recommend updating right before a game. If you choose to update and you encounter a bug, please send a report to and we will address it as swiftly as possible

Introducing Import & Export!

Greetings from the Wolf Lair! We’ve all been working frantically to bring you the recently promised features and enhancements. With our chief developer in and out of the hospital, it’s been a rough journey, but we’ve finally arrived and the many items mentioned in our previous update are now available for all!

We are thrilled to grant you the power to share your realms with friends, family, and our community with import and export capabilities. However, please keep in mind that with great power comes great responsibility, be sure that anything you share with others is actually yours to share. For Example: If you’ve put game content into Realm Works that is not your original work, you cannot legally distribute this realm publicly to others. If we come across such material on our forums, we will be forced to take it down. So create safely everyone!

One of our talented users has already begun making videos showing off the new features! You can learn more about importing and get a sneak peek of the first official content in his video titled Realm Works – Importing Shared Content or learn how to export in Realm Works – How to Export Content (Full and Partial Export)!

If you haven’t already you should also stop by our Realm Works in Action forum and check out the plethora of videos users have made to help you become a pro at creating realms!

The Grey Council: As we explained in our last update, we’ll be introducing a curated community content program! We’re putting a talented group of people together that we’ve fondly named “The Grey Council”. They will have the honor of reviewing the content users submit and providing us with feedback, allowing us to offer the best quality possible in our community section of the store.

We should have more information available soon for those waiting to submit.

Loot: Everyone will be getting their promised free content toward the end of next week. Haven’t heard about the free loot yet? You can read all about it here!

Content Market: The Content Market is coming soon! The first part of February should see everyone happily browsing the new store and downloading content for their table. Keep an eye out for upcoming articles detailing potential products and the costs of purchase.

Designer Blog Coming Soon

We’ll be posting a variety of Designer’s Diary articles in the days ahead that will delve into many of the new features recently introduced in Realm Works. Be sure to bookmark our new page and check back often!

As always, we thank you for your patience and support. We couldn’t do this without you!