March Pathfinder Release is Here

In honor of “March Madness” we bring you the Psychic Anthology, two Campaign Setting packages, the 2017 Pathfinder Bundle, and the final chapter of Strange Aeons! Looking for bug fixes and changes? As always, you can read about the numerous enhancements on our forums.

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2017 Pathfinder RPG Bundle

The 2017 Bundle includes all the official Pathfinder rulebook packages we’ll be releasing during 2017, including Bestiary 6, the Adventurer’s Guide, the Player Companion #26 package, and any future Player Companion packages that are released this year. This is the ultimate bundle of convenience for Pathfinder fans! You can pick it up now in our store for just $84.99 and have the luxury of simply downloading data packages as they’re released!

Player Companion: Psychic Anthology

A Mind-Expanding Read

For curious readers who wish to hone their psychic skills, a plethora of occult tomes, lost scrolls, and even stranger items lie hidden throughout Golarion. From the kaleidoscopic Recursion Tablets to the never-ending Infinity Scroll, Pathfinder Player Companion: Psychic Anthology presents a diverse archive of texts elucidating esoteric ideas and techniques that can benefit any psychic spellcasting class, as well as other spellcasters. Alongside feats, magic items, and spells, this volume unlocks the hidden powers of the mind!

Pathfinder RPG Player Companion #26 includes Psychic Anthology and one other Player Companion book, to be announced as it’s released for just $4.99!

Campaign Setting: Lands of Conflict

A seemingly endless war rages between the expansionist nation of Molthune and its fiercely independent neighbor Nirmathas. To Molthune, it’s a civil war to preserve its legacy of unification; to Nirmathas, it’s a war to throw off tyrannical occupation. Ancient ruins, headstrong leaders, and longstanding feuds are present on both sides—but the similarities end there.

Cosmopolitan and wealthy, Molthune grasps at glory and power as it struggles for recognition and security. Rugged and resourceful, Nirmathas operates less as a nation and more as a free frontier, bound together only in its resistance to outside control. Nirmathas and its conflict with Molthune provide the underlying setting for the Ironfang Invasion Adventure Path, making this comprehensive sourcebook a perfect supplement for that campaign.

You can grab Pathfinder RPG Campaign Setting #18 in our store now for $4.99. This bundle also includes Qadira: Jewel of the East and at least one other book, to be announced as it’s released.

Player Companion: Heroes of the High Court

Discover Your Noble Side!

Adventure is not limited to forbidding dungeons and grimy back alleys; sometimes the greatest risks and rewards are found in the gleaming halls of queens and emperors. Pathfinder Player Companion: Heroes of the High Court presents everything you need to take your escapades into the royal courts and noble houses of Golarion. Learn how to dress and act in high society, gain access to the echelons of political power, and take advantage of the privileges afforded to those who have mastered the arts of courtly intrigue!

From a variety of Archetypes, traits, feats, and spells, to new equipment both magical and mundane, this is one package you won’t want to miss!

You can pick up Paths of the Righteous, the Healer’s Handbook, and Heroes of the High Court now for only $4.99 in the Pathfinder RPG Player Companion #25 bundle.

Strange Aeons: Black Stars Beckon

Death Is Not The End

The Strange Aeons Adventure Path draws to a stunning conclusion! Arriving in the alien metropolis of Carcosa, the adventurers must sever the links that bind it to Golarion. In wandering the parasitic city, the characters navigate frozen elder thing ruins, deal with accursed partygoers in a reflection of an Azlanti city, and encounter a mute musician who can help them find their way through the maddening and monster-infested streets. Can the heroes keep Carcosa from drawing Thrushmoor into its amalgam of stolen cities or do they risk waking the unspeakable nightmare that stirs in the depths of Lake Hali? They must do what it takes to break these links—or Golarion is doomed to greet the King in Yellow.

Chapter 1 -6 of the adventure path is available now in the Strange Aeons package for only $24.99 and includes everything you’ll need to run encounters for your game.