Shadowrun Sourcebook Bundle

Greetings, runners! The Shadowrun Sourcebook Bundle #3 is available now for Hero Lab, and includes content from three new books!

Cutting Aces is all about the more subtle approach to a Shadowrun, including new qualities, abilities, and gear to help you hide in plain sight. Blend into a crowd, talk your way into places you're not meant to be, and get out with a smile! Use the "Osmosis" adept power to mimic someone's blood type and fingerprints, the "Ares Briefcase Shield" when you find yourself in trouble at the office, or any other dozens of new options presented in this book.

New Life Modules are also available, including the "Mr. Johnson" and "Spy" backgrounds, while GMs can take advantage of NPCs from the Constantinople setting in Hero Lab's Encounter Builder.

This book also includes the new Faction Relationships mechanism to keep track of your friends and foes.


Shadows in Focus: San Francisco and Shadows in Focus: Metropole are also included with this package, and provide new life modules, NPCs, and more from those settings - perfect for characters from those cities, or if you're a GM planning a trip to South America or the California Free State.

As mentioned in our previous post this will be the last Shadowrun package released before the price change. You can grab all three of these fantastic tools in our 3rd supplements package for just $9.99 until then! 

If you're curious about bug fixes and enhancements you can read up on them in our forums.