Realm Works Free Content


Greetings from the Wolf Lair! As we’re sure you’re aware from the plethora of recent releases, we’ve been working as fast as possible to shore up the new import/export capabilities. Users have found inventive ways of leveraging import/export that we simply did not anticipate, and naturally there have been a few bugs to exterminate as well. We believe we’re about to turn the corner. Now it’s time for phase two! We know many of you have been following our progress while anxiously awaiting the arrival of your free content, and we have good news! The wait is over! Below you will find three free settings/adventures to enjoy in your upcoming games as our way of saying thank you for your patience:

Each of the free items above is provided as a file that you can download and import into any of your realms, using the standard process outlined in our “Importing Your Content” article. You’ve probably noticed that Pixies on Parade has been added for all our D&D 5th Edition fans. Streets of Zobeck is missing, as it requires an extra security step we are skipping right now to get the free content to you as soon as possible – it will be available soon.

If you’ve been following along on our Realm Works adventure – complete with plenty of monsters lurking along the way – you’ll remember we previously outlined several phases leading up to the Content Market . Phase One entailed releasing—and solidifying—the import/export mechanism, and it’s finally in the home stretch. Now we’re entering Phase Two, delivering the free content to everyone. Everything is starting to come together, and we’re steadily converging on the goal!

Phase Three is when we begin delivering secured content to Kickstarter backers. First, we’ll be distributing Streets of Zobeck to everyone as a test of the account based security mechanisms. After that, Kickstarter backers should begin seeing the first pieces of their content being delivered. During this phase, we’ll be working out any kinks in the secured delivery process. We’ll then enter the final phase of bringing the Content Market online!

While we’re on the subject of the Content Market, we have a small bit of unpleasant news to report amid all the happy. We had to part ways with our lead content entry person for Realm Works. In an odd twist, we discovered he hasn’t actually been doing his job for well over a month, leaving us in a position where we won’t have as much material in the initial launch as planned. No worries! Anything we’ve announced will be there. The market simply won’t have as robust a selection on day one as we initially intended. While this saddens us, we won’t let it deter us. To that end if you are a proficient, technical minded Realm Works user interested in such a position, keep an eye out in our upcoming newsletter for an opportunity to work with LWD!

We’re on the cusp of entering Phase Three and just one step short of launching the Content Market. It’s been an arduous, sometimes grueling, journey that has tested everyone’s patience. Thank you for journeying with us and keeping the faith. We’re almost to the finish line. In the meantime, we hope everyone enjoys the free content and look forward to hearing your initial feedback!