Latest Pathfinder Release

Houses of Perfection and Lantern Bearers are now available along with several other Pathfinder releases everyone’s been waiting for!

Adventurer’s Guide

Being an adventurer is a dangerous line of work, but the rewards are well worth the risk. The smartest adventurers never go it alone—they not only bring allies to help explore the dangerous reaches of the world, but also seek aid in the form of support, supplies, and secrets from powerful organizations. With such a group to serve as a guide, an adventuring party’s chances for success have never been better!

The Adventurer’s Guide presents several such organizations, each with its own suite of benefits and boons to grant those affiliated with it. Designed for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and drawing upon the rich traditions of the official Pathfinder campaign setting, this indispensable guide for adventurers provides a wealth of new character options for your game.

This package includes new player options, such as feats, spells, magic items, prestige classes, archetypes, and new abilities for a wide range of classes.

You can pick up the now complete Adventurer’s Guide in our store for just $12.99!

Legacy of the First World

Embrace the Fey

All the trickery and wild power of the fey are yours to command with Pathfinder Player Companion: Legacy of the First World. Let the wilderness inspire your heroes with a spectrum of new ways to play fey-touched characters, along with new powers for classes seeking to strengthen their bonds with nature. Choose whether you draw your might from the vitality of the land, the brutality of vicious beasts, or even your faith in the fey realm’s inscrutable masters, the Eldest.

This package includes:

  • Character options for worshipers of the enigmatic Eldest, allowing members of all classes to manifest their god’s influence in unexpected ways.
  • New racial options for both gnomes and gathlains, two player-character races closely tied to the First World.
  • A host of new archetypes, feats, magic items, spells, and other fey-inspired character options!

Legacy of the First World is available as party of our Player Companion #27 package for just $4.99 and also includes Heroes of the Darklands!

Adventurer’s Armory 2

Armed for Adventure

Following in the tradition of the most popular Pathfinder Player Companion of all time, Adventurer’s Armory 2 is a comprehensive guide to equipment of all sorts. Containing a wide array of new adventuring gear, alchemical items, armor, clothing options, magic items,poisons, tools, traps, and weapons to outfit any character, this guide is a welcome addition to any armory. Whether you’re looking to gain the edge in combat or fit in to a social situation, Pathfinder Player Companion: Adventurer’s Armory 2 has you covered!

Equip yourself with the following:

  • New feats, spells, and skill tricks to allow any adventurer to get the most out of the equipment they already own.
  • Armor and weapon modifications, allowing smiths or skilled adventurers to customize equipment on the fly to meet specific needs.
  • New construct familiars known as poppets—stuffed or wicker dolls crafted to carry out simple tasks at their masters’ bidding.

The Adventurer’s Armory 2 is available now in our Player Companion #28 data package for just $4.99 with one additional book being added at a later date!

Aquatic Adventures

Dive into Adventure!

There’s plenty of adventure hidden beneath the gentle tidal cycles and crashing waves of Golarion. Discover the rich ecologies and complex societies hidden in the briny depths of the oceans and seas. In this book you can learn more about merfolk nations, the dangerous sahuagin, peaceful aquatic humanoids, and the aquatic terrors that wage war against them. Dare deadly environments, explore strange underwater cities, and find lost treasures within these pages.

Dive in to underwater adventure with dozens of new archetypes, class features, feats, spells, and items both magical and mundane that players can use to prepare their characters for adventures beneath the waves.

You can purchase Aquatic Adventures in our Player Companion #18 package for just $5.99 which also includes Qadira: Jewel of the East and  Lands of Conflict!

Prisoners of the Blight

Break the Mold as we come close to concluding the Ironfang Invasion Adventure Path with installment 5 of 6!

Strange and terrible things blossom deep within the Fangwood, twisting plant life and the fey residents into blighted monsters. Many have braved the forest, but Princess Arlantia—the cruel dryad who rules the forsaken woods—allows no trespasser to leave her realm. Yet somewhere within these cursed depths lies the key to the Ironfang Legion’s hidden stronghold. Can the PCs survive wicked fey, a festering dragon, and nightmarish beasts? Or will they become prisoners of the blight?

You can pick up chapters 1-5 of the Ironfang Invasion Path in our store for just $24.99 with the last book being added as it releases! This data package includes everything you need to properly run encounters in Hero Lab for the Ironfang Invasion Adventure Path.

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