iPad Cloud Import/Export Functionality

As we’ve mentioned several times this year, Hero Lab’s support for Dropbox on the iPad has changed. Due to changes Dropbox has made to their service, we’re no longer able to automatically sync your portfolios to Dropbox. However, you can now import and export portfolios from multiple different services, including Dropbox, with our new cloud import/export functionality. Below you’ll find a few of the most commonly asked questions about this transition, for more in-depth details on the process you can view our user guide by tapping the “Get Help” button at the bottom-right of the “Select Portfolio” screen and choosing “Help with Cloud Services”

FAQ for Users of Previous Versions

These answers are intended for people who used Hero Lab’s previous “Sync to Dropbox” functionality on the iPad. Unfortunately, due to changes Dropbox have made to their service, we’re no longer able to support directly syncing portfolios in the “Select Portfolios” list like we did before.

  • Where did my Dropbox portfolios go? Don’t worry, any Hero Lab portfolios you have in Dropbox are safe. You now need to import them to load them in Hero Lab, rather than seeing them on the “Select Portfolio” screen automatically.
  • Where do I find my Dropbox portfolios? Any portfolios you previously accessed on the iPad should be in your Dropbox/Apps/Hero Lab/<game system> folder. For example, your Pathfinder portfolios can be found in Dropbox/Apps/Hero Lab/Pathfinder.
  • When I make changes to my portfolios, are those changes automatically synced back to Dropbox? No, changes are no longer automatically synced with Dropbox. To send your changes back to Dropbox, you’ll need to export your portfolios after changing them.
  • Why did you make this change? As of late 2017, Dropbox no longer allows us to access your portfolios in the same way we used to. Because of that, we’ve had to change how Hero Lab accesses files in Dropbox – the good news is that with this new method, we can support multiple different cloud storage services, not just Dropbox.
  • Do I still need to store my portfolios under the “Apps” folder in Dropbox? No – you can now import portfolios from anywhere in Dropbox! We recommend you move your old Apps/Hero Lab folder into the main Dropbox folder for easier access to your portfolios.