First Release of the Year


Happy New Year from the Wolflair! To celebrate the beginning of 2019 we bring you two new player companions, the Tears to Wine spell adjustment, and a variety of bug fixes for Hero Lab Classic. You can read about the bug fixes on our forums.

Pathfinder Player Companion: Martial Arts Handbook

Remember Your Training!

Combat is a way of life on Golarion—warriors across the world are constantly in search of the next fight, powerful technique, or weapon in order to improve their skills. Pathfinder Player Companion: Martial Arts Handbook offers new archetypes, feats, and equipment for adventurers of all kinds who rely on their physical prowess in combat, whether they turn themselves into living weapons with their punches and kicks or unleash their mastery with nunchaku and swords.

This data package includes:

  • Fighting styles from across Golarion, including battle dancers, who use impressive maneuvers to dance around foes, and the black powder vaulters of Alkenstar, who use acrobatics to leap across the battlefield!
  • Dozens of new feats for all kinds of martial artists, including feats to improve combat maneuvers and improvised combat, combination feats, and style feats like the high-flying dragonfly style!
  • New abilities that draw upon the innate power of the body, including ki abilities for both qinggong monks and unchained monks, ninja tricks, and kineticist talents!

Martial Arts Handbook is available now as the first book in our Player’s Companion #34 package.


Pathfinder Player Companion: Plane-Hopper’s Handbook

Add Another Dimension!

Step beyond reality as we know it! Pathfinder Player Companion: Plane-Hopper’s Handbook offers new tools for explorers brave enough to venture into the unknown—whether to abandoned cities created by dead gods, worlds where the ground is made of forsaken souls, or even stranger realms. Add planar allies, magic, or heritage to your adventures and infuse them with the power of the planes!

This data package includes:

  • Five new eidolon subtypes for the unchained summoner, including dualistic aeons, radiant eidolons from the Positive Energy Plane, and ever-shifting storykin eidolons!
  • Alternate racial traits, favored class bonuses, and racial feats for races with origins tied to the Great Beyond, such as aphorites, duskwalkers, and ganzis!
  • Player options and equipment for characters who walk the planes, from hellish style feats to spell-enhancing planar shards to the planar rifter gunslinger archetype!

You can pick up the Plane-Hopper’s Handbook as part of our Player’s Companion #33 package which also includes Heroes from the Fringe.