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Hero Lab nominated for the “Best Software” ENnie award!

We’re proud to announce that Hero Lab has been nominated for the “Best Software” ENnie award! You can find the full list 2016 nominees on the ENnie Awards web site. Congratulations to...

Our July 2016 Newsletter is now available!

Our July newsletter is now out – check it out, and find out the latest news about Realm Works, Pathfinder, Shadowrun, and more!

June Pathfinder Release – Spymaster’s Handbook, Path of the Hellknight, In the Company of Dragons, and more!

This month’s Pathfinder update includes new options for spies and hellknights, the next issue of the Hell’s Vengeance adventure path, and new Dragon- and Fey- themed character options from...

Gen Con 2016: Digital Future of D&D 5th Edition

We’re running a “Digital Future of D&D 5th Edition” panel at Gen Con this year, and the panelists have just been announced! This panel is a must-see for anyone curious about how technology...

Live RPG Plus Attempts TPK on Pathfinder All-Stars!

Tickets On Sale Now, Featuring Game, Auditions, and Workshop with Pathfinder Design Team Members Erik Mona, Jason Bulmahn, Wes Schneider and Crystal Frasier and GM’d by Dicestormers Host Benjamin Loomes SYDNEY,...

June Shadowrun Update Now Available!

Another monthly Hero Lab Shadowrun update is now available! This is a bug-fix release that resolves several problems, including multiple issues with vehicles, drones, and more. You can find the full...

New job posting – Consumer Communications Wizard

Lone Wolf Development is seeking a combination of deft wordsmith, people-person, and avid gamer to join our team. The right candidate will take point on all consumer communications, ranging from news releases...

May Pathfinder release – Magic Tactics Toolbox, Inner Sea Intrigue, Mythic Spell Compendium, Spellbook Updates, and More!

Greetings, Pathfinders! This month’s update brings 4 new books to Hero Lab, plus some additional changes to spellbooks for new characters. Read on to find out more! (more…)

May Shadowrun Update for Hero Lab

A bugfix update is now available for Shadowrun 5th edition! Mathias, our lead Shadowrun data file author, has addressed over two dozen bugs in this release, including fixes for deckers, riggers, adepts,...

Pathfinder Community Pack News

Today, we’d like to pass along an important update for users of the Pathfinder Community Packs. Read on to find out more! (more…)


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