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Gen Con Event Registration Now Open!

We’re hosting 6 events at Gen Con this year, and registration is now open! Not only is Live RPG Plus returning for an encore, we’re also diving deep into the tech landscape of D&D 5th edition,...

D&D 5th Edition update – Spell Points and More Custom Monsters!

Another 5th edition update has arrived in Hero Lab! This release brings players optional rules like Spell Points and additional ability scores, while DMs can enjoy templates and an updated monster builder....

Gen Con 2016!

For the 15th (I think) year running, we’re happy to announce our presence at Gen Con! Find out more details about our plans for the show, plus the events we’re running, on our web site:

May Newsletter is Now Out!

Our May Newsletter is now available! Catch up on this month’s Lone Wolf news, including information about changes at the company and a status update on Realm Works, by clicking here!

Hero Lab & Pathfinder – the Armor Master’s Handbook, Heaven Unleashed, and The Inferno Gate!

It’s time for our second Pathfinder update of the month! Just like last time, we’ve added something for everyone – players can enjoy the new Armor Master’s Handbook, GMs can find...

Rigger 5.0 is now available!

Greetings, denizens of the Sixth World! We’ve been spending some long hours in our automotive workshop, and we’re happy to unveil the results – Rigger 5.0 is now available in Hero...

Hero Lab D&D 5th edition updates!

Hero Lab

Happy Monday, Dungeoneers! Prepare for some news that will brighten up your GM’s day – all the monsters from the D&D 5th edition SRD, plus rules for custom monster creation, are now available...

Hero Lab V7.6 now available!

Hero Lab

Hero Lab V7.6 is now available for Windows, Mac, and iPad! Here’s a list of the major changes in this new release: (more…)

More content added for Shadowrun 5th Edition!

Hoi, chummers! We’ve been hard at work on Shadowrun ever since Chrome Flesh was released, and we’re happy to unveil the following cornucopia of content, now available in Hero Lab: Shadows...

New in Pathfinder – Polymorph, Wild Shape, and more!

As they level up, many Pathfinder characters gain spells and abilities which can be used to shapeshift into different forms. Wizards can cast Polymorph and Alter Self, Druids use their Wild Shape ability...


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