Gen Con 2017



Lone Wolf Development is proud to announce we’ll be attending Gen Con 2017! We’re looking forward to showing off our beautiful new demos, helping attendees make characters, and sharing information about our upcoming products and features. You’ll be able to find us in a variety of places listed below throughout the convention, so stop and say hi or sit in on one of our panels!

Lone Wolf Development Booth and Character Creation Station

As always, Lone Wolf Development has two locations at Gen Con – our booth in the Exhibit Hall with the fantastic folks at Syrinscape, and our Character Creation Station in the Pathfinder Society Organized Play area. This year we will also have a brand new section in our booth to purchase books from a variety of your favorite publishers! Are you a fan of Kobold Press, Rite Publishing, TPK Games, Rogue Genius, Legendary Games or Playground Adventures? You’ll find their products and even some of their people, hanging out in our booth this year! Stop in for a chance to say hi to folks such as Dan Dillon, Owen KC Stephens, Ray Valise, Stephen Rowe, BJ Hensley, Daniel Marhsall, Brian Berg, and more!

Looking for us in the Exhibit Hall? We’re located at booth #343. As you can see on the map we’ve provided, we’re straight north of Paizo! As usual, we’ll be showing off Pathfinder and 5E character creation in Hero Lab, along with our ENnie-award winning campaign management tool, Realm Works. Even more exciting, we’ll be demoing  Starfinder and our brand new program, Hero Lab Online, which will be joining our family of products this fall! Additionally, we’ll have brand new previews of our Realm Works Content Market which will hopefully be making it’s debut shortly after Labor Day!

Don’t forget to stop by our Character Creation Station in the Pathfinder Society Organized Play area! Build characters using our ENnie Award-winning character management software for any games you’re participating in (not just Pathfinder), or just check to make sure that your character meets all the necessary requirements for your day’s games. You can even drop by just to take Hero Lab for a spin!

Lone Wolf Gen Con Events

We’re hosting 4 events at Gen Con this year! To learn more about a particular event, explore the event details below:

Friday Events:

Saturday Events:

Sunday Events:

Starfinder – The Digital Tools Horizon

2-3:30pm Saturday – Crowne Plaza-Victoria Stn BC

What does the digital destiny of Starfinder look like? Leading companies answer your questions & outline their visions of the future! Get your tickets today!


Owen KC Stephens (Moderator)

Owen KC Stephens is the on-staff Starfinder Design Lead for Paizo, the Freeport and Pathfinder developer for Green Ronin Publishing, and the owner and publisher of Rogue Genius Games (with stores on DriveThruRPGOpen Gaming, and Tabletop Library). He has graciously agreed to moderate our event  to make sure the important Starfinder questions get answered!



Tobias Drewry

President of Mesa Mundi Inc., creators of the Monolith Touch Table, D20PRO (virtual tabletop) and co-creators of Battle Dice 40,000. Tobias combines years of role-playing game experience with a blend of art and computer science skills. Together, with a small team of talented programmers, artists and engineers, Mesa Mundi Inc. has re-developed the D20PRO virtual tabletop “from the ground-up” to provide expanded game systems, shadow casting, and many other advanced features.



Benjamin Loomes

The creator of sound app Syrinscape, Benjamin’s passion for tabletop games began decades ago when, as a 10 year old, he was given the 1st Edition Dungeons and Dragons Redbox. He and his gaming group, the Dicestormers, can be found on his Youtube Channel.

Benjamin’s unique creative talent, combined with his love of social gaming has driven him to build something which is changing people’s gaming experience. The evocative moods of Syrinscape, from friendly taverns to dungeon depths, help to immerse players in the moment. Just where he wants them to be.


robbowesRob Bowes

President of Lone Wolf Development and architect of products such as Realm Works®, Hero Lab® and Army Builder®. Rob has spent the past two decades creating software used by tens of thousands of gamers to augment the tabletop gaming experience.