Hero Lab 4.2e Beta Testing Details

Update: The beta test is over! Thanks to everyone who participated! I’ve removed the downloads from this post, as you should now be using the regular version of Hero Lab instead.

Greetings, Hero Lab user!

You’re receiving this email because you signed up to help us beta test some new Hero Lab features! You can read more about the new features on our web site.

Please read this whole message before downloading and using the beta, as it has important information you should be aware of.

About Beta Testing

Please note that participating in this beta will involve installing and using a pre-release version of Hero Lab, which may include undiscovered bugs, and may result in your saved files not loading properly. Before using this beta, we recommend that you back up all your saved portfolios, so you can revert to the old versions if anything goes wrong. If you’re not comfortable with this, this beta may not be for you – sorry!

What we’d like you to do

As described in our news post, we’ve made changes to three parts of Hero Lab:

  1. Saving portfolios – a slightly different set of data is now saved for each portfolio, making them smaller.
  2. The Editor – tabs can now be separated into groups, as demonstrated by the special Pathfinder data files linked below.
  3. Adding things (feats, classes, etc) to characters – we’ve tweaked this to plug some resource leaks and (hopefully) stop some mac users from experiencing hangs with Hero Lab.

That means we’re particularly interested in your experiences with the following:

  1. Saving portfolios, then loading them back into Hero Lab and checking to make sure they’re the same as they were previously
  2. Adding Pathfinder content in the editor
  3. Adding classes, races, feats, spells, gear, and everything else to your characters

Please ensure the beta works well for you in the three situations above, and let us know ASAP if you run into issues. You should also use this beta for everything you would normally do with Hero Lab. Create some characters and NPCs, run combats in the tactical console, brainstorm new builds, create content in the editor – we’d like to make sure that these are all working great in the beta.

If you run into problems, or once you’ve spent a few days using the Hero Lab 4.2e beta, please join us on the forums and let us know how everything went. Please tell us about any problems you’ve been experiencing with the new release, or just if everything has been working great – either way, we’d love to know.

If possible, please let us know your feedback by Monday the 23rd of December, as if everything goes well, we’re hoping to make this release public just after Christmas.

Thanks for helping us make the next version of Hero Lab better than ever!

– Colen McAlister
Hero Lab lead developer