Using Hero Lab in Pathfinder Society

hl-pathfinderHero Lab can be a valuable tool when creating and playing a character in Pathfinder Society Organized Play. If you’re building a character to play in Pathfinder Society games, we have a few helpful tips to ensure that you and your character are ready for the game!

  1. Pathfinder Society Character – Select the “Pathfinder Society Organized Play Character” or “Pathfinder Society Core Campaign Character” option on the Configure Your Hero screen, found under the Character menu (or by using the Ctrl-K shortcut). Selecting this option will ensure that Hero Lab validates your character against the appropriate Society rules, which include some additional limitations that don’t apply in normal Pathfinder games.
  2. Valid Sourcebooks – Turn off any sourcebooks (e.g. – Ultimate Combat, Mythic Adventures, Inner Sea Magic, etc.) for which you don’t have a PFS-valid copy (physical book or PDF). While Hero Lab does include the full text for class features, feats, spells, etc., it is not an official source for the purposes of PFS. When you head to the game, make sure you have a valid source (book or PDF) for every ability or item you use.
  3. Validation Errors – If you see an error reported in Hero Lab (the tab with the error will be red or have red text), that’s Hero Lab’s way of telling you that your character is not following the rules set out by Pathfinder or the Society. Make sure that you check every error that Hero Lab is reporting (clicking the red diamond with the exclamation point on the desktop version will give you a list of the errors). Sometimes Hero Lab will report an error that you will choose to ignore. For example, if you receive a boon that allows you to put another skill point into a skill, you can add the extra skill point but Hero Lab will report it as a validation error. Don’t worry, you can still build and play the character! Just make sure you understand why Hero Lab is reporting the error, and let your GM know that you have the boon (or some other special circumstance that’s outside the normal rules).
  4. Know Your Character – Make sure you understand how and why Hero Lab is calculating all your character’s ability stats, modifiers, etc. Go through each of your In Play options and check all your various abilities, planned spell buffs, expected party buffs (bard, cavalier, etc.), to make sure they work as you expect them to. If they don’t, try to figure out whether the error is yours or or a bug. (If it is a bug, please submit it through through the official bug reporting form!)
  5. Explore the Community Options – A number of community members have created custom add-ons that Society players enjoy using to further tweak their characters. Head over to the Pathfinder forum to see what’s available. (Note: Lone Wolf can’t verify if community content falls under the Society rules, so make sure it’s still legal before bringing to a game.)
  6. Using Hero Lab for iPad – Don’t rely on having power at your game, so make sure your battery is charged! In fact, it may be a good idea to bring a printed character in case of technical issues.

Now you’re ready to prepare for your game! If you have additional questions about how to use Hero Lab to create or run your Pathfinder Society Character, don’t hesitate to ask on our community forums.