April Newsletter 2013

Hello everyone, and welcome to another edition of our newsletter. Our spring is off to a great start, and we hope yours is as well. This month, we have the following updates to share with you:


Hero Lab Released for the iPad!

Hero Lab for the iPad was released at the beginning of April! This in-play character sheet makes it more convenient than ever to use Hero Lab during your Pathfinder games to manage the details you need during the game.

Just entered a Barbarian Rage? Tap the box and watch your Strength go up, and with it your damage, attack bonus and skills. Apply the effects of feats, class abilities and spells with a tap on the screen. Choose your spells from your spellbook or modify your choices after your character’s rested. Everything you need is right at your fingertips!

The in-play viewer is a free download on the App Store. Even after we expand the functionality in the iPad version, the free in-play viewer will remain an option for those of you who simply want to be able to use the iPad at the table and continue to manage your character on your primary computer. This allows you to use your iPad as an electronic character sheet at no extra cost! All you’ll need to do is create your character on the desktop version of Hero Lab and move it to your iPad.

Additionally, a new update to Hero Lab for the iPad was released last Friday. You can now e-mail portfolios directly from the application using the “Share” button you’ll find at the top-right of the “View Portfolio” screen. The newest version also allows for removing portfolios should one of your characters meet an unfortunate end and you can’t afford a resurrection. Just swipe the portfolio while you’re on the “Select Portfolio” screen and press the “Delete” button.

Finally, we want to say “Thanks!” to everyone who has downloaded the current version of Hero Lab for the iPad. We’re incredibly excited by the overwhelmingly positive feedback you’ve provided so far, and we’re looking forward to continuing to expand the capabilities currently available. To that end, we’re now focused on the next phase of development with Hero Lab for the iPad. We’ll be introducing full character creation capabilities first, then adding GM-related functionality like the Tactical Console. We’ll keep you updated on our progress in future editions of the newsletter.


Realm Works

At the start of April, we doubled the size of the Realm Works team, adding three new staff. They’re still coming up to speed on everything, but they’ve also started making solid contributions to the product. Now that they’re on board, we’re in the process of making critical decisions about exactly how various technical elements should be handled. They’re also identifying various aspects of the product architecture that could be improved upon. All of this is taking a bit longer than we originally estimated, so we’re going to be taking a little additional time to make sure we get everything right before launch.

The net result is that Realm Works will probably be delayed by a few weeks, slipping from July to August. However, Realm Works will still be out this summer, and we’re doing our utmost to release it as soon as possible – without compromising on quality.

We realize that many of you are anxiously awaiting the chance to get your hands on Realm Works, but we want your first experience to be a positive one. From our perspective, it’s vastly more important to have Realm Works be a quality product when it releases than to just get something out on a promised date. Given all the time you’ll be spending with Realm Works in the months and years to come, we’re confident these few extra weeks of delay won’t matter nearly as much as whether Realm Works ultimately makes your life easier as a GM. And we appreciate your patience so we can get things right.

For details on exactly what’s going on within the development team, and more insight into what’s created the delay, Kickstarter Backers are encouraged to check out Update #30 for the Kickstarter. In the meantime, we’ll continue to provide updates on our progress and the overall state of the release in upcoming newsletters.


Gen Con Volunteers Wanted

GenCon-LogoGen Con 2013, held August 15-18, is rapidly approaching! This year at Gen Con, we’re going to be doing more than we ever have, and we’re looking for volunteers who can help us accomplish all our goals. We’re seeking experienced users of Hero Lab, with a preference toward Shadowrun and/or Pathfinder experience. You’ll be spreading the good word by demoing Hero Lab to Gen Con attendees. If you’re interested, check out these details, including the benefits of volunteering. We’ll be making our selections at the start of June, so please voice your interest before the end of May by e-mailing us. Thanks in advance for your support!


Calling All Tablet Users – We Want Your Input

We’re starting to plan the next phases of our tablet implementation, and we’d like your input to help shape those plans. Your feedback will help us prioritize work related to enhancing Hero Lab for the iPad, as well as provide important information related to other tablet platforms we should explore for Hero Lab and Army Builder.

You can make sure we’re considering your feedback by completing this brief survey.


New Material for Pathfinder

pathfinder“Maiden, Mother, Crone” isn’t the newest Fox reality series, it’s this month’s free update to Hero Lab for Pathfinder! The player content from this awesome new installment in the Reign of Winter Adventure Path is now available to everyone with the Pathfinder game system in Hero Lab. Having survived many challenges so far has simply earned your adventurers the right to face even more! Their search for clues to the fate of Baba Yaga, the Queen of Witches, will take them into mystically linked dungeons and see them facing off against demon-worshipping frost giants. We wish you well in your search.

“Champions of Purity”, the newest Pathfinder Player Companion, has been incorporated into our Golarion #5 add-on. Fighting evil as a paragon of righteousness no matter what class you’ve chosen for your characters has never been easier. This new material offers good-aligned characters a host of new options, including new good-based feats, magical weapons and gear, rogue talents, and more! “Champions of Purity” joins “Animal Archive” and “Dungeoneer’s Handbook” in this add-on, and marks the last book for this package. You can get the Hero Lab material for all three of these books for only $4.99. As always, the new content was added to your license as a free update if you’ve already purchased this add-on.

We’ve also released another installment of NPCs from the “NPC Codex”. This month, you’ll find an additional seven of the Iconic NPCs in Hero Lab and ready for your use. Our final installment of NPCs will be released next month. You can find complete details on the release, including several bugs that we’ve addressed, in our forums.

We’re happy to announce a new bundle, our Pathfinder Classic Bundle! We’re combining our existing Campaign Setting Bundle with our current Player Companion Bundle to create one big package of awesome material. The content from over 35 books will be packaged together and offered for the special introductory price of only $29.99! That’s a 25% discount compared to buying the two existing bundles separately, and a stunning 40% discount over the individual package prices. This Pathfinder Classic Bundle will go on sale starting July 1.

Finally, based on a review of our existing Player Companion offerings, we’ve decided to simplify things and rename some of our add-ons. The important thing to realize is that this is purely a naming change and it will have absolutely no impact on anything you currently own for Pathfinder in Hero Lab. You’ll see this change reflected in our on-line store as well as on our web site next month. At that point, we’ll be renaming the add-ons currently called Golarion #1 through Golarion #5. Once the change is made, these add-ons will be named Player Companion #6 through Player Companion #10 (our first five player companion add-ons are currently part of the Player Companion Bundle). In June, we’ll be offering a new Player Companion add-on for the upcoming Player Companions from Paizo and this will be our Player Companion #11 add-on.

Good luck in your upcoming adventures!


Shadowrun Updates

SR_LogoMainWe’ve released new content for “Way of the Samurai” and “Parageology” in Hero Lab. These books have been incorporated into our Shadowrun PDF #3 bundle, now on sale for $9.99. Along with the material from these two books, you’ll find “Runner’s Black Book 2074” and “Magical Societies” in the Shadowrun PDF Bundle #3. If you’ve already purchased this add-on, the new content was added to your license as a free update.

In “Way of the Samurai”, you’ll find all kinds of new qualities, gear and archetypes for your deadly street samurai. “Parageology” focuses on the magic of the earth, serving as an essential guide to the magical powers of the ground itself. You’ll find great resources, including strange minerals unearthed since the Awakening, to help your ‘runners or hinder their foes. Surviving in the streets is hard, and you’ll want to increase your odds of seeing another dawn by picking up this add-on.


New Settings for Savage Worlds

SW_LOGO_TRANSIf adventuring in outer space is your cup of tea, you’ll definitely want to jump on the two newest Settings now available for Savage Worlds. As if that wasn’t incentive enough, they’re free downloads! With the addition of these new files, Hero Lab now supports ten different Settings for Savage Worlds, all of which are free.

The first new Setting is Pinnacle’s “Space 1889: Red Sands”. In this Setting, the sun never sets on the British Empire, which now includes the red plains and stately canals of Mars. Can you overcome the wide-ranging threats to the Empire, and to mankind itself? We’d like to thank Chris Nickel (aka Erich on the forums) for his hard work putting this together.

We’re also excited to have expanded your outer space options with the release of “High Space” from StoryWeaver. Characterized as the ultimate space opera for Savage Worlds, “High Space” has been flying off the virtual shelves at an amazing pace. If you love the idea of fantastical science fiction heroes outfitted with the latest gadgetry in the far future, you need to check this out. We’d like to thank John Willis (aka jbearwillis on the forum) for putting this together and doing some amazing things in Hero Lab for Starship Creation. We’d also like to provide our sincere “Thanks!” to Patrick Taylor and the rest of the team at StoryWeaver for letting us provide this awesome material to you for free.


Spirit of the Century and Hero Lab

We’ve concluded our implementation of Fate and “Spirit of the Century” in Hero Lab! Fate is Evil Hat’s multi-award winning RPG and is available online for free. “Spirit of the Century”, a complete, stand-alone pulp role-playing game based on Fate, is a fantastic example of this innovative game system. We expect to release this as a free game system for all Hero Lab licensees within the next week, along with an update to Hero Lab.

The Spirit of the Century implementation includes a cool new feature we think you’ll like. Check out this screen shot showing the Skills view – you can drag and drop skills to build your character’s skill pyramid!

Spirit of the Century

We’ll be adding “Spirit of the Century” to the full version of Hero Lab for all users, and it will also join the Pathfinder Beginner Box in Hero Lab Starter Edition as a game anyone can use. There’s an added bonus for everyone with the full version of Hero Lab, though. With the full version of Hero Lab, you’ll be able to use the Hero Lab Editor to customize additional content for your Spirit of the Century and Fate games!

We hope everyone enjoys the free release of Spirit of the Century!