August 2014 Newsletter

THANK YOU! To everyone at Gen Con that stopped by our booth, the Character Creation station, our seminars, and the Thursday Meet & Greet, we cannot say “thank you” enough. We had a blast!

Couldn’t make it to the show? We spent the rest of August working on Realm Works® Player Edition, new features in Hero Lab® for iPad, and more! For additional info, check out our latest news below:


Gen Con 2014 Recap

DSC_0029Gen Con 2014 was a monumental year for Lone Wolf Development. Realm Works won the Silver ENnie Award for Best Software, we had record attendance at all of our seminars, and our booth was the busiest it’s ever been!

A huge thank you to everyone that stopped by to chat with us, whether at our booth, character creation station, seminars, or the Meet & Greet. We had a lot of fun showing off Realm Works to so many attendees, as well as demoing our new Hero Lab for iPad update. We received some great feedback from our users, and we also appreciate all of the awesome things you all had to say about our products. Those conversations are always what inspire the team from year to year, so thank you.

We held seven seminars at Gen Con this year – two on Hero Lab, four on Realm Works, and one about the future of technology in roleplaying games. All of our repeat seminars had record attendance, so thank you everyone that came! Did you miss one? No worries! We recorded them, and they’ll be posted to our YouTube channel over the upcoming weeks. Be sure to subscribe to our channel to be notified about new uploads!

Finally, for all of you that participated in the Lone Wolf Challenge – we hope you had as much fun participating as we had listening to your “meaningful howls”. Congratulations again to Carl W, Matthew S, Chuck C, Bryan M, Paige L, and David B, our lucky winners! Each of our winners won the Ultimate GM Package, which included copy of Hero Lab, a copy of Realm Works, and two books from our partner publishers. To learn more about the Lone Wolf Challenge or to find out what books were available to win, check out our website.

It was an incredibly fulfilling week for the Lone Wolf staff, and we loved spending it with so many of our users. See you next year!


Realm Works Wins the Silver ENnie!

ennies 2014 silverWe’re incredibly honored that Realm Works won the Silver ENnie award for Best Software! Thank you again to everyone that voted for us, and to all of our users and Kickstarter backers. You all have helped shape Realm Works into what it is today, and will continue to mold it into an even better campaign management tool for GMs to use for years to come!

For those of you that are interested, you can view a full list of all the award winners here. We’re looking forward to showing off how far Realm Works has come when Gen Con rolls around again in 2015.

Best Software Category – 2014 ENnie Awards

The following companies joined Realm Works in the Best Software Category in the 2014 ENnie Awards. Congratulations to the other nominees, and to Roll20 for bringing home the gold!


Realm Works Player Edition Update

Realm Works-logo_tnGen Con is finally behind us and we’ve been able to focus our sights back on Player Edition. Fortunately, the Beta team was hard at work testing Player Edition while we were focused on Gen Con, so progress continued even in our absence. Overall, the Beta team has had positive things to say thus far about the stability of Player Edition. However, there have been a few critical issues uncovered, along with a variety of minor bugs.

The development team has been hard at work to address these issues since returning from Gen Con, and a new version of Player Edition has just been released to the Beta team for even more extensive testing. A number of bugs still remain for us to resolve, and we still need to address the few remaining aspects of Player Edition that existed prior to Gen Con. We’ll be doing our best to get all those sorted out this coming week, but the effort could extend into the following week.

Our current plan is to provide one more release to the Beta team for testing at the end of next week. Depending on the feedback we receive from the Beta team regarding both today’s release and the one planned for next week, we’ll determine whether Player Edition is officially ready for public availability. If all goes well, Player Edition is only a couple weeks away. However, it’s important to us that Player Edition is a high quality product upon release, and that will take precedence over hitting a specific release date.

Player Edition is in the home stretch. It’s been a much longer road to get here than we expected, but we’ve almost reached this important goal. Thank you for your continued patience and support!

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Hero Lab for iPad – Dropbox Support is Coming!


Transfer characters using Dropbox!

Last month, we released a major update for our iPad app, allowing Hero Lab users to create and level up Pathfinder characters on their iPad! Instead of resting on our laurels, we’ve spent the last few weeks addressing a common complaint – how much work it takes to move characters from your desktop or laptop computer to your iPad and back.

Today, we submitted a new update to the app store that enables Dropbox support within Hero Lab for iPad. Once the update is approved by Apple, you’ll be able to link Hero Lab for iPad to your Dropbox account. Dropbox is a cloud storage service that allows you to share photos, documents, videos, and other files between all of your devices.

Imagine this: You’ve created a character on your laptop for an upcoming game. You’re eager to play your new barbarian, Chop, but you’d rather bring your iPad to your friend’s house than your laptop. Just save Chop’s portfolio to Hero Lab’s folder within Dropbox on your computer, and that portfolio will automatically be available on your iPad wherever you have an internet connection. What if Chop levels up at the game? No worries, make the changes on your iPad and they’ll be automatically synced back to Dropbox on your computer. It’s that easy!


Create and level up your characters from the iPad!

A basic Dropbox account lets you store 2GB of files – that’s enough space for all the Pathfinder characters you could possibly need – and it’s free! By connecting Hero Lab to your Dropbox account, a special folder will be created within your Dropbox to store your portfolios. Any portfolios held there will be accessible on Hero Lab for iPad as well as on your desktop or laptop computers.

Haven’t checked out the Hero Lab app for iPad? With our latest update, Hero Lab for iPad now leads you through Pathfinder character creation and advancement, helping at each step along the way. Just like on your desktop or laptop computer, all the Pathfinder content associated with your Hero Lab license is at your disposal when building your characters!

To activate this content and the app’s new character creation capabilities, you’ll need to link the app with a new or unused Hero Lab license number, just like you do on your desktop or laptop. For more information on how to activate the character creation capabilities on your iPad, check out our website.



This Month’s Pathfinder Release

pathfinderThe violet flame of the town of Torch has gone out. Who or what has caused it? Is your party brave enough to explore the otherworldly secrets of Numeria, in an attempt to reignite the fire? Prepare to fight the strange and unearthly beasts of Numeria in the latest Adventure Path, “Iron Gods”. We’ve added all of the player content from the Adventure Path in Hero Lab as a part of our next free update, available soon!

Travel to other planets and interact with alien races or battle the science-infused barbarians of Numeria, thanks to the “People of the Stars” and “People of the River”. “People of the Stars” provides players with new astronomical feats, spells inspired by the depths of space, traits specific to characters from other planets, and more! “People of the River” offers six new class archetypes, like the Numerian Liberator for Barbarians, over two dozen new character traits, and other fantastic new character options. “People of the Stars” and “People of the River” will soon join “Blood of the Elements” as the final part of our Player Companion #16 package, available now for only $4.99!

A sword may slay a dragon, but what about a horde of zombies? There’s no sense charging into battle against otherworldly foes without the right equipment! The “Technology Guide” provides players and GMs with items like force fields, rocket launchers, nuclear reactors, and more! It’s definitely a “must-have” for GMs running the latest “Iron Gods” Adventure Path. “Technology Guide” will soon join “Occult Mysteries”and “Numeria, Land of the Fallen Stars” as a part of Campaign Setting #12, available now for only $4.99!

Finally, you’ll find several enhancements and bug fixes in this month’s update as usual. You can see a full list of the changes on our forums when the update is released at the end of the month.

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“New Paths Compendium” by Kobold Press

New PathsYour path is calling – soon you can start the journey! Every journey starts with character creation, and “New Paths Compendium” will provide players with a wealth of new options when building your hero. Choose from 7 new and expanded classes from Level 1 to 20, including a spell-less ranger, an elven archer, a white necromancer, and more! Planning to stick to an existing class? No worries, “New Paths Compendium” also includes:

  • 28 new archetypes for monks, ninjas, gunslingers, barbarians, fighters, clerics, and all 7 New Paths Compendium classes
  • 20 new spells for druids, rangers, shamans, and other classes
  • Almost 100 new feats for new and existing classes
  • And more!

To learn more about “New Paths Compendium”, check out the Kobold Press website. Kobold Press has partnered with us to release a little over half of the content from “New Paths Compendium” this month, and the rest will be released as a part of our late September Pathfinder update. If you purchase “New Paths Compendium” upon release, the new content will be available as a free update once added.

Don’t forget to pick up “New Paths Compendium” for Hero Lab for only $14.99 when it releases in September! There’s a big world of adventure and peril out there — make a hero that it won’t soon forget!

Deep Magic Now Available!

Don’t forget, the ENnie award-winning “Deep Magic” was released for Hero Lab last month! With almost a thousand arcane and divine spells, new spell books, more than a dozen new archetypes, and more, this book is a must-have for magic users!

Kobold Press’s “Deep Magic” is available now for only $19.99!