December 2016 Newsletter

As we move past Thanksgiving and head into the Christmas season, those of us at Lone Wolf Development would like to take the time to thank all of you for supporting us as we strive to make the best tools possible to enhance your gaming experience. May your Holidays be merry and bright!

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Calling All Adventurers!



Our annual Hero Lab sale is back for 2016 with deals up to 50% off! From individual books to bundles of monsters, we’ve got you covered. Want to break into a new rule system? We’ve got that too! Head on over to our sale page to check out all the great deals on your favorite games! Only a few days left! 


  • Don’t forget, we’re making changes to the system requirements for iPad, Windows, and Mac users per our update last month.
  • Looking for Pathfinder bug fixes, enhancements, and data file authoring changes? You can read all about those on our forums!
  • To read the full Pathfinder RPG update please go here.



Pathfinder Player Companion: Blood of the Beastpzo9473

Anthropomorphic animal races have been a staple of fantasy gaming for decades, and Pathfinder Player Companion: Blood of the Beast presents all the tools you need to play members of some the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game’s most iconic bestial races. Packed full of character options for members of all classes, as well as some that members of other races can adopt, this is one release you won’t want to miss! – Pathfinder RPG Player Companion package #24 also includes Haunted Heroes Handbook & Divine Anthology for $4.99



Curse of the Crimson Thronepzo1021

The kings and queens of Korvosa have long ruled under the shadow of the Curse of the Crimson Throne—an infamous superstition claiming that no monarch of the city of Korvosa shall ever die of old age or produce an heir. Whether or not there is any truth to the legend of the curse, Korvosa’s current king is but the latest victim to succumb to this foul legacy. Now, the metropolis teeters on the edge of anarchy, and it falls to a band of new heroes to save Korvosa from the greatest threat it has ever known! – Curse of the Crimson Throne 1-6 $24.99



Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Horror Realmspzo9297

Terrors beyond compare lurk in the world’s shadows, yet the bravest of Golarion’s heroes must face these nightmares again and again. Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Horror Realms helps bring the spine-chilling terrors presented in Pathfinder RPG Horror Adventures to the Inner Sea region and beyond, presenting new rules, detailed ghastly locations, and unnerving character options for your campaign. – Pathfinder Campaign Setting #17 also includes Inner Sea Temples & more for $4.99



Strange Aeons: Dreams of the Yellow Kingpzo90111

The cult of Hastur no longer threatens Thrushmoor, and now the adventurers board a riverboat to Cassomir to track down their obsessed and corrupted former employer. Along the way, they explore the Dreamlands and attempt a number of bizarre dream quests, after which the adventurers must heal their fragmented minds—but they also learn of a greater threat looming over Golarion. Can they survive the perilous Dreamlands and emerge intact or will they be stranded in a dimension of nightmares? – Strange Aeons 1-6 $24.99



No Response from Deepmarpzo9536_500

A hundred miles off the Chelish coast lies the remote island of Deepmar, where the House of Thrune sends prisoners to work in crystal mines, wresting valuable spell components from the depths of the earth. A month ago, all contact with the penal colony ceased, and now someone must discover what mysterious fate has befallen the prisoners and guards of this isolated mining operation. – No Response from Deepmar $4.99



Murder’s Markpzo9538_500

Everyone in the fishing town of Ilsurian is excited when the legendary Umbra Carnival rolls into town—even if the show is run by members of the much-maligned Varisian ethnic group. With strange and exotic beasts, scandalous performances, games of chance, and all the other fun of a traveling fair, who could resist such an opportunity for entertainment? – Murder’s Mark $4.99



mythic-monster-manual-coverMythic Monster Manual

The Mythic Monster Manual brings you dynamic and exciting mechanics alongside evocative and cinematic new abilities that make the creatures in your Pathfinder campaign live up to their flavor text, whether they are creatures of real-world mythc and legend or beasts born of the RPG tradition itself. Some are allies extraordinaire, companions and mentors for your aspiring heroes. – Mythic Monster Manual $19.99




 What’s New in Realm Works

The November release of Realm Works included a massive number of significant enhancements. Almost everything is now in place for the Content Market, and most aspects are now in the hands of the Beta Team for final testing! This months update is  lengthy, but that’s because there are plenty of great new features for everyone. So, grab a cup of your favorite beverage and check out a run-down of what’s new in Realm Works!




kbksKobold Press Bestiary – A Collection Of Fantasy Miniatures is running a Kickstarter to create minis from the Kobold bestiary collections. Only a few days left on this one!                


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Until next month – Happy Gaming!