December Newsletter

Happy Holidays from all of us at Lone Wolf! We know we’ve been quiet as of late, but we have a few holiday surprises that will hopefully add a little cheer to the month of December. Aside from being hard at work on both Hero Lab Online and Realm Works, we’ve released several Hero Lab Classic data packages in the last two months and even managed to find time for a bit of reorganizing. As companies continue to grow, their staff must increase accordingly, and we’re proud to announce that we’ve added Rone Barton to our team as our new Director of Communications!

We’ve also been quietly rearranging priorities and policies around the Wolf Lair and BJ Hensley, our Marketing Director, is officially assuming the role of Vice President. Her role has been expanding significantly for some time and will continue to do so in order to allow Rob the most time possible to work on the products he loves and bring you improvements sooner. You’ll see a variety of positive changes in the future in regards to our communications policies, along with some exciting announcements many of you have been anxiously awaiting. A few of these announcements can be found below with more in-depth details arriving in the days ahead, once our team has had a chance to breathe from all the frantic rushing to get as much done as possible before the Holidays.

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Looking for Pathfinder bug fixesenhancements, and data file authoring changes? You can read all about those on our forums!


Ultimate Wilderness is available for purchase in Hero Lab Classic along with a few more chapters of the Ruins of Azlant AP! Looking for People of the Wastes, Potions & Poisons, Taldor – The First Empire, or In the Company of Unicorns by Rite Publishing? They’ll be available for purchase the first week of January!


Ultimate Wilderness

Answer the Call

Wild, untamed lands hold a wealth of mystery and danger, providing the perfect backdrop for heroic adventure. Whether adventurers are climbing mountains in search of a dragon’s lair, carving their way through the jungle, or seeking a long-lost holy city covered by desert sands, Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Wilderness gives them the tools to survive the wilds. A new 20-level base class, the shifter, puts animalistic powers into the hands—or claws—of player characters and villains alike, with new class features derived from animalistic attributes. Overviews of druidic sects and rituals, as well as new archetypes, character options, spells, and more, round out the latest contribution to the Pathfinder RPG rules!

The Ultimate Wilderness data package includes:

  • The shifter, a new character class that harnesses untamed forces to change shape and bring a heightened level of savagery to the battlefield!
  • Archetypes for alchemists, barbarians, bards, druids, hunters, investigators, kineticists, paladins, rangers, rogues, slayers, witches, and more!
  • Feats and magic items for characters of all sorts granting mastery over the perils of nature and enabling them to harvest natural power by cultivating magical plants.
  • Dozens of spells to channel, protect, or thwart the powers of natural environs.
  • New and expanded rules to push your animal companions, familiars, and mounts to wild new heights.
  • and more!

Ultimate Wilderness is available in our store for just $12.99!

Ruins of Azlant

The Ruins of Azlant Adventure Path begins with the adventurers standing on the deck of a ship ready to make landfall at their new home. However, dread settles in as they notice that the colony is empty and abandoned. Tasked with uncovering the whereabouts of the prior group of colonists, the adventurers go ashore and explore the deserted settlement.

You can pick chapters 1 through 4 of the Ruins of Azlant Adventure Path in our store for just $24.99, with the remaining chapters being added as they release! This data package includes everything you need to properly run encounters in Hero Lab for the Ruins of Azlant Adventure Path.






Kickstarter Content is beginning to roll out!

If you backed our Realm Works Kickstarter at the appropriate level, now is the time to check your store accounts for Masks and Eureka! We will be issuing the remaining available items to you after the holidays.

Our team is still working closely with Paizo to ensure appropriate communications between our site and theirs is available for properly handling purchases and authenticating ownership of Pathfinder PDFs. Once we have these issues firmly resolved, we will bring the Content Market online. We don’t have dates at this time, but we’ll announce them once we know more. We expect to have this issue resolved shortly after the new year.

The Hero Lab Online Open Beta is now truly open!

If you signed up for our Hero Lab Online Open Beta and you’ve been anxiously waiting to get in, your wait is over! We have authorized access to all those who submitted valid email addresses and as an added bonus will be leaving the Beta open during the remainder of the Holiday season! We’ve created a Hero Lab Online Open Beta Quickstart Guide to help get you on your way to creating characters and providing us your thoughts on the process.

So, what are you waiting for? Login to Hero Lab Online and start creating!

Login and password reset is here!

We love all the feedback and compliments we’ve been getting about Hero Lab Online and we’ve been listening! We’ve fixed a great many bugs thanks to our helpful users but our most frequent support tickets have been in regards to an inability to reset your username and password. So our Holiday gift to you is a Forgot your username or password? link!

Don’t forget to connect with us on social media for news and release updates throughout the month!

Until next month – Happy Gaming!