Gen Con 2014 Newsletter

Lone Wolf Development is coming to Gen Con! This special edition of our newsletter highlights some of the fun activities and amazing specials for everyone attending the show, like our Realm Works® Exclusive Pricing and the Lone Wolf Challenge. We also have some news about Realm Works Player Edition, and an impressive d20Pro Ultimate Kickstarter from our friends at Mesa Mundi! Take a look at our news and Gen Con plans below:


Realm Works Exclusive Pricing

Realm Works-logo_tnWho doesn’t love a good deal? We’ll have a special Gen Con exclusive for all attendees – get one free Player Edition License with a purchase of Realm Works! This special exclusive is only available during Gen Con for attendees, so don’t forget to stop by and grab Realm Works before the weekend is out.

If you use Realm Works, then you’re going to love Player Edition! Realm Works Player Edition will allow players to access and review the content revealed by the GM on their own computers outside of the game session. Stop writing session summaries or updating a separate campaign website! All of the information your players need is right there through their copy of Realm Works.

Planning to purchase Player Edition for your gaming group, or asking your players to grab their own copy? Get ahead of the game and receive one copy of Player Edition free with this Gen Con special! For more information, check out our website!

Looking for more information about the status of Player Edition? We have the latest news below!


Lone Wolf Challenge at Gen Con


Win the Ultimate GM Bundle by competing in the Lone Wolf Challenge!

Become a lucky winner of our Ultimate GM Package by taking the Lone Wolf Challenge! Just complete 6 out of the 9 challenges for a chance to win one of 6 prize bundles. Each prize includes:

  • 1 copy of Realm Works GM Edition
  • 1 copy of Hero Lab®, and
  • 2 great books from our awesome publishing partners! 

The books for each bundle will be randomly chosen from a collection that includes the Cortex Plus Hacker’s GuideDeep MagicNew Paths CompendiumStreets of ZobeckA Song Of Ice and Fire Chronicle Starter and A Song of Ice and Fire Campaign GuideSavage Worlds: Weird Wars Rome and GM screenSavage Worlds: Super Powers CompanionSavage Worlds: Science Fiction Companion, and Rise of the Drow!

Check out our website for more information on how to participate, or stop by our booth (#617) to learn more. Will you accept the challenge?


Lone Wolf Booth and Character Creation Station


We’re the red circle – click to enlarge the picture!

Lone Wolf Development has two locations at Gen Con – our booth in the Exhibit Hall (#617) and our Character Creation Station in the Pathfinder Society Organized Play area (Sagamore Ballrooms). We have a lot of fun activities planned throughout the weekend, so be sure to stop by before the con is over!

Looking for us in the Exhibit Hall? We’re located at booth #617. When entering the hall, enter in through the far left entrance, and you’ll find our booth in the second main side-to-side corridor within the hall next to Catalyst Game Labs (#417) and Mesa Mundi (also #617).

We’ll be showing off our ENnie-nominated campaign management tool, Realm Works, at the booth, along with Pathfinder® character creation on the iPad! You can learn more about what we’ll be showing off on our website.

We’re also bringing back our Character Creation Station this year in the Pathfinder Society Organized Play area! Build a character using our ENnie Award-winning character management software for any games you’re participating in (not just Pathfinder), or just check to make sure that your character meets all the necessary requirements for your day’s games. You can even just drop by to take Hero Lab for a spin! Learn more about where we’re located, and be sure to stop by to check us out!


Seminars and Lone Wolf Meet & Greet


Meet the Lone Wolf team!

Do you want to meet the Lone Wolf staff and ask them questions about your favorite products at Gen Con? You’ll have plenty of opportunities before the weekend is out! Besides finding the team at the booth, we’ll also have a number of events throughout the weekend.

We’re hosting seven seminars at Gen Con this year – a record for us! While we’re looking forward to all of our events, there’s one we want to highlight – “From Print to Digital: Changing the RPG Landscape”. This panel will include a group of industry innovators that have responded to the growing use of technology in gaming with creations like Pathfinder Online™, Codename: Morningstar,, Hero Lab, and Realm Works. You’re not going to want to miss this discussion! You can learn more about the seminar here.

Other seminar topics include an introduction to the Hero Lab Editor, using Realm Works at the table, and more. Check out our website for the full list, and be sure to grab tickets soon – a few are almost sold out!

Want something less formal? If you’re arriving at Gen Con on Thursday, come hang out with the Lone Wolf team at Loughmiller’s Pub at 9pm! We’ll be “recovering” there for a while, but feel free to tweet @lonewolfdevel or ask on our Facebook pages to see if we’re still around.

We hope to meet all of you in person, whether it’s at our booth (#617), one of our seminars, or at the Meet & Greet. If we don’t get the chance, safe travels and have a great Con!


Pathfinder Release – Advanced Class Guide

pathfinderPrepare characters like you’ve never seen before! Paizo’s new “Advanced Class Guide” will be releasing on August 14th in our special Gen Con Pathfinder release, providing you access to hundreds of new feats, new spells, and new magic items. With the “Advanced Class Guide”, you can choose from ten new hybrid classes to build your hero, like the brawler, investigator, warpriest, and more, plus dozens of new archetypes, feats, spells, and more. Leverage these new options for your characters for only $9.99!

Waiting for the “People of the River” Player Companion? Unfortunately, we couldn’t squeeze it into our Gen Con release. Don’t worry, it will be released at the end of the month as a part of the August Pathfinder release!


Realm Works Player Edition News and Pricing

Realm Works-logo_tnIf you’re anxious to try out Realm Works Player Edition, we have some news that you’ll definitely want to read! A new Beta version went out yesterday to the Beta team that now includes about 97% of the overall functionality of Player Edition, marking a major milestone on the path towards a public release. We’ve outlined the next steps on our website, so be sure to check it out!

We’ve also officially announced Player Edition pricing! You will be able to purchase Player Edition in discounted packs of up to 5 copies, with the lowest price per copy at only $6! To learn more, visit our website.

To keep up with the latest Realm Works Player Edition news, “like” Realm Works on Facebook, follow @lonewolfdevel on Twitter, and follow Lone Wolf Development on Google+ for future Realm Works updates!


d20Pro Unlimited Virtual Tabletop Kickstarter

D20BannersLive_18Our friends from Mesa Mundi and d20Pro have launched a Kickstarter for “d20Pro Ultimate”! We’re always impressed by what these two companies put together, but don’t just take our word for it – see what they had to say about their Kickstarter:

Through the launch of RealmWorks and the upcoming Hero Lab for iPad, Lone Wolf Development has taken the leading role in multi-genre digital gaming tools.

With the stage set, d20Pro has unveiled its project to provide an enhanced, augmented VTT experience. The project, d20Pro Unlimited, is now live on Kickstarter. An Unlimited Rules Engine, Native touch support, and Shadowcasting Fog of War are just some of the features d20Pro Unlimited has to offer.

For years, d20Pro’s Virtual Tabletop has leveraged Hero Lab to populate the imagined worlds of GM’s around the globe. With d20Pro Unlimited, game system support goes beyond the D&D and Pathfinder properties to anything imaginable. A new Hero Lab importer is already planned. With enough support, RealmWorks integration is next!

Ten years of development and tens of thousands of gamers around the world have made d20Pro the force it is today. Your support now will accelerate the evolution of d20Pro into d20Pro Unlimited. Please visit for more.