Gen Con Newsletter 2013

It’s that time of year again! This special edition of our newsletter highlights some of the exciting events that are coming up at Gen Con Indy 2013. We also have some Hero Lab releases in honor of the con that anyone would be excited about, whether or not you’re attending! Equip yourself for your Gen Con adventure by reading our news below:


Lone Wolf Challenge – Win an iPad Mini!

Prove you’re the Alpha Wolf and compete against your peers for a chance to win an iPad mini and copies of Hero Lab and Realm Works! All participants will receive challenges to complete during the course of the con. Anyone who completes the necessary amount of challenges will be entered into a chance to win the grand prize (iPad mini and product licenses) or one of the 10 smaller prizes – copies of Hero Lab and Realm Works! Anyone who participates will also receive a Lone Wolf Challenge avatar for use in Realm Works.

How do you participate? Pick up a Lone Wolf Challenge card from the Lone Wolf Development booth, #1519, and make sure you turn in your completed card by 12-noon on Sunday. Winners will be drawn at 1:00 pm on Sunday (winners do not need to be present).

Planning to participate and own a Hero Lab or Realm Works t-shirt? We recommend you pack it, as it may come in handy for the challenge…


Gen Con Booth

GenCon-LogoLone Wolf Development is located in the exhibit hall at booth #1519. When entering the hall, enter through the far right entrance, and you’ll find our booth in the second main side-to-side corridor within the hall next to Margaret Weis Productions.

We’ll be handing out swag and running the Lone Wolf Challenge at our booth, so make sure you stop by early in the con to avoid missing out!


Realm Works

Game in Style with Realm Works! Realm Works is our revolutionary software for campaign management, helping you organize your game so you can focus on engaging with your players and telling your story. This powerful new tool delivers unparalleled functionality and control for GMs and players alike.

Built by a team of experienced GMs, Realm Works is a game-system neutral tool that allows GMs to quickly develop new content, change existing ideas and organize information for easy access and review. If you’re trying to set the scene for your group, Realm Works displays your maps, images and other content and shares it with your players. Later this fall, Realm Works will also connect to the cloud, to make your gaming even easier. Share your creations with others or find ready-made content from to use in your campaign setting.

You can find out more about Realm Works on our web site, or come see a demo in the exhibit hall at booth #1519!


Hero Lab for iPad

Pathfinder characters have leveled up with Hero Lab for iPad! You can now take a Pathfinder character created in Hero Lab on your PC or Mac, and use that character on an iPad during game play. But it’s not just a character sheet – everything about your character is automatically recalculated as you play, including ability modifiers, stat bonuses, encumbrance levels, and more.

You can find out more about Hero Lab for iPad on our web site, or try it for yourself at booth #1519!



GenCon-LogoOver the course of Gen Con, we’ll be hosting four seminars on Realm Works and Hero Lab. Some of these seminar times have changed since first released! Stop by and check out any or all of the following:

  • Friday, 10am – 12pm – Hero Lab® – Adding Your Own Content (SEM1352120), located in the Westin Chamber Room. Curious about how to add your own custom content to the Hero Lab character management tool? This tutorial will teach you how! We’ll be focusing on the Pathfinder and Shadowrun game systems, but questions about other games are welcome too. If you’ve been working with the Hero Lab Editor already, bring your “.user” files with you on a laptop or a flash drive for suggestions from the experts on overcoming any hurdles you’re facing!
  • Friday, 12pm – 2pm – Realm Works™ – Harnessing the Power (SEM1352121), located in the Westin Chamber Room. Interested in Realm Works and want to see what it is about? This seminar will be focused on the tools within the product using specific examples, and also give advice on how to avoid common hurdles faced by most campaigns.
  • Saturday, 4pm – 6pm – Realm Works™ – An In-Depth Look (SEM1346778), located in the Embassy Suites Coronation 1 Room. This is a great opportunity to see our revolutionary new product for RPG world development and collaboration between players and GMs. This detailed look will show how to leverage Realm Works in your games and what the future holds.
  • Sunday, 11am – 12pm – Hero Lab® – An In-Depth Look (SEM1345841), located in the Westin Chamber Room. Join us for a guided tour through our ENnie Award winning character management software. This seminar features an in-depth discussion on character creation, in-play support, Tactical Console, game system nuances, and more.


Hero Lab Character Creation Stations

Try out our ENnie Award winning character management software and learn why it’s the “go to” character creator for tens of thousands of users around the world!

If you’re curious and want to try Hero Lab for yourself, our Character Creation Stations are located inside the Pathfinder Society Organized Play area. You can try out Hero Lab by building a character for any events in which you’re participating, regardless of which game you’re playing.

Even if you just want to make sure your character meets all the necessary requirements, feel free to stop by and check out Hero Lab. Existing Hero Lab users are also welcome to update their characters between games; just bring your saved portfolio on a USB drive. Look for the big Hero Lab Character Creation Station banner!


Gen Con Hero Lab Releases

pathfinderYou have been chosen by the gods to fight the forces of evil attacking your world. Will you answer your call and taken on the trials excepted of any mythic warrior? Mythic Adventures, one of the newest expansion volumes for Pathfinder, provides the players with new rules for creating mythic characters, as well as new spells, magic items, monsters and much more. Mythic Adventures will be available within Hero Lab for $9.99 as part of our special Gen Con Pathfinder release.

Also available as a part of this special release will be new content from some of our Third Party publishers. Stay up to date with the latest content so that you have everything you need for your adventures both at home and at Gen Con!