January 2015 Newsletter

Happy New Year from the Lone Wolf team! We have a lot happening in 2015, starting with the results of our Realm Works Feature Survey, a big update for Pathfinder in Hero Lab, and more! For additional info, check out our news below:


Charting the Future of Realm Works

Realm Works-logo_tnEarlier this month we wrapped up our Realm Works Feature Survey. This morning, we recapped the results and outlined our ensuing plans for the future. If you’re a current Realm Works user (or a prospective user), we encourage you to take a read!

Separately, we want to say a huge thank you to the nearly 1,000 people that took the survey! Your feedback has been heard, and we’re tailoring our plans accordingly as we look forward to bringing more of the Realm Works vision to life this year.

Upcoming Release

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been working on a number of the enhancements that we flagged as immediate priorities at the start of the survey. Those improvements will be included in a release that we’re targeting for late next week.

For the latest news on all upcoming releases, be sure to “like” Realm Works on Facebook, follow @lonewolfdevel on Twitter, and follow Lone Wolf Development on Google+.


This Month’s Pathfinder Releases & Pathfinder Purchasing Improvements

pathfinderNow any hero can have a familiar, regardless of character class! Familiar Folio, the latest Pathfinder Player Companion, provides players with brand new options geared towards their loyal friends, like familiar-specific archetypes, gear, and feats. You can also choose from a handful of new familiars, from a cat sith to a chicken, and more! This book joins Giant Hunter’s Handbook in Player Companion #18, and is now available for only $4.99!

Iron Gods Adventure Path – The Final Chapter

The time has come to enter Silver Mount and face the greatest of all the Iron Gods. But will the heroes make it through the deadly traps set along their journey? Find out in the final chapter of the Iron Gods Adventure Path, The Divinity Drive. We’ve added all the player content from this book as a part of our free update, available now!

Giantslayer Adventure Path – Player’s Guide

Prepare for the upcoming Adventure Path with the Campaign Traits from the Giantslayer Player’s Guide, such as “Dwarf-Trained” and “Orphaned by Giants”. This player content is available now as a free update! Just select the Giantslayer Adventure Path on the Configure Hero screen, and start prepping for the upcoming adventures!

Purchasing Improvements

It’s never been easier to shop for new weapons, armor, and other gear in Hero Lab! In previous versions of the Pathfinder data files, it’s been a little too easy to make mistakes with cash when buying items for your character. This month we’ve released a new purchase mechanism, designed to make buying gear easier than ever before, while still permitting the customization you need for your game. For more details, check out the news article on our website!


Here’s an example of how the new mechanism works!

 And more!

Please note, the new Pathfinder update requires the latest version of Hero Lab! To avoid any issues, make sure that you have the most recent Hero Lab update installed on your computer (v6.1g) or iPad (v6.1.7). After grabbing the latest version of Hero Lab, download the Pathfinder game system. Some of you may notice that Pathfinder will update a little faster this month. That’s because we shrank the file size by nearly 100mb! In addition to improving the download time and the many releases above, there are also a number of other enhancements and bug fixes included in this month’s update.

To see the other changes, head over to the release notes on our forums. Keep up with the latest Hero Lab news and “like” Hero Lab on Facebook, follow @lonewolfdevel on Twitter, and follow Lone Wolf Development on Google+.


Hero Lab and Pathfinder Society – Core Campaign Support and more!

pathfinderEarlier this week, Paizo announced Pathfinder Core Campaign, a new play mode for Pathfinder Society. This option utilizes all of the campaign’s current scenarios and resources — only with a significantly lower barrier to entry. Hero Lab users who want to play in Core Campaign games can now select the “Pathfinder Society Core Campaign Character” option on the Configure Your Hero screen, found under the Character menu (or by using the Ctrl-K shortcut).

In addition to Core Campaign support, we have further news for Pathfinder Society players! We’ve created a webpage with our tips for Hero Lab users, such as the basics of creating a Society character and even how to prepare for the game.

This new webpage was based off the recommendations and advice of Dorothy L, a Hero Lab user and PFS Venture Lieutenant. Dorothy was providing advice like this across the Paizo.com forums, and gave us her permission to share it with the wider Hero Lab community. Thank you for your support and enthusiasm, Dorothy!


Gothic Campaign Compendium Now Available in Hero Lab

Gothic-CompilationAre you preparing for a horror-themed Pathfinder adventure or campaign? The Gothic Campaign Compendium from Legendary Games is an indispensable resource for adding chilling surprises and horrifying new possibilities to your game, and it’s now available for Hero Lab!

Choose from two dozen feats like Cultic Opiate and Heart Ripper, 70 horror-themed spells from necrophagy to ancient mysteries, and more! Whether you’re fighting a blood-thirsty cult of vampires or a horrific alien invasion, this new package is a must-have for any gothic-themed game!

To learn more about the Gothic Campaign Compendium, check out the Legendary Games website. And don’t forget to pick up the Gothic Campaign Compendium for Hero Lab available now for only $14.99!

Keep an eye out on our Facebook page tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon at around 2:00 pm PST. We’ll be giving away a number of horrifying (in a goodway) prizes!


Community Pathfinder Packs by Tim Shadow (AKA ShadowChemosh)

pathfinderTim Shadow, creator of a number of Hero Lab community packages, has valuable information for anyone that uses his Pathfinder add-ons. If you have any questions about his files, just ask on the forums or shoot him an email.

For anyone that’s not familiar with Tim or the other Hero Lab community volunteers, we encourage you to head over to forums to see what some of your fellow Hero Lab users are creating! A number of users have released add-ons like Tim, produced free data files for third party material, and two users have even created Android apps. All of these community members build and release their work for the love of the community, and without compensation from Lone Wolf. The Hero Lab community is strengthened because of these volunteers, so we cannot thank them enough!

Now, take it away, Tim!


Greetings Hero Lab community!  This is Tim Shadow (aka ShadowChemosh), and I run the community add-ons for Pathfinder. Over the past few months, I’ve been creating new add-ons that will be easier for the community to use, and simpler for me to support over time. As of this newsletter, a number of the new add-ons have been released, and the others should be coming out soon!

These new add-ons are called “Packs”, and once complete there will be 7 total: Pathfinder Basic Pack, Pathfinder Campaign Pack, Pathfinder 3PP Pack, Pathfinder PFS Pack, Pathfinder GM Pack, and Pathfinder GM Mythic Pack.

  • Pathfinder Basic Pack – Contains many helpful additions for players for adjusting characters for your group’s house rules. This Pack is required for the other Packs to run, and is included in those downloads. Requires the following HL sources: CORE.
  • Pathfinder Campaign Pack – Contains specific campaign material and currently has the Eberron Campaign Setting. The Pathfinder Basic Pack will be included in this download. Requires the following HL sources: CORE.
  • Pathfinder 3PP Pack – Contains classes, feats, and magic items from third party publisher companies (ie Dreamscarred Press & Rogue Genius Games). The Pathfinder Basic Pack will be included in this download. Requires the following HL sources: Advanced Players Guide, Ultimate Combat, and Ultimate Magic.
  • Pathfinder PFS Pack – Contains custom created items to support the different boons and magic items found during PFS play. The Pathfinder Basic Pack will be included in this download. Requires the following HL sources: Advanced Players Guide, Ultimate Combat, and Ultimate Magic.
  • Pathfinder GM Pack – Contains monsters, encounters, magic items, and feats which are useful for running Adventure Paths or Modules.  This Pack also contains monsters from the bestiary section of an AP. The Pathfinder Basic Pack will be included in this download. Requires the following HL sources: Advanced Players Guide, Bestiary 1, Bestiary 2, Bestiary 3, Ultimate Combat, and Ultimate Magic.
  • Pathfinder GM Mythic Pack – Contains everything the GM Pack has plus monsters and abilities for running Mythic AP’s like Wrath of the Righteous or some monsters from the Emerald Spire Super Dungeon. The Pathfinder Basic Pack and GM Pack will be included in this download. Requires the following HL sources: Advanced Players Guide, Bestiary 1, Bestiary 2, Bestiary 3, Mythic Adventures, Ultimate Combat, and Ultimate Magic.

Importantly, these Packs can be used on Windows, Mac, and iPad – the “iPad Super Pack” is no longer supported. For information on how to remove the old packs, review the full details on this change and receive future updates, please see the Hero Lab forum post “Pathfinder Community Packs“.


If you’ve used Tim’s add-ons in the past or begin using them in the future, we encourage you to shoot him a “thank you” or some other message of appreciation. His hard work is all volunteer, and simply driven by his love for Hero Lab, the community and the game. Thank you, Tim, for your continued support of the Pathfinder community!