January 2016 Newsletter

Happy New Year from the Lone Wolf team! This past month we’ve been busy dire-beavers preparing for the end of the year, and now you get to reap the benefits! In addition to new Hero Lab updates for Pathfinder, Shadowrun, and Mutants & Masterminds, we’ve recently released the first three installments of our Realm Works Spotlight Series in anticipation of the Content Market launch in early 2016.

For info on these updates and additional news this month, check out more below:


Realm Works Spotlight Series… Engage!

Realm Works-logo_tnThe Content Market arrives in early 2016, and many of you are eager to find out what to expect when it launches. That’s where the Realm Works Spotlight Series comes in! Over the course of the series, we’ll outline our Content Market release plans, showcase upcoming RPG products within Realm Works, and preview key Realm Works features. In fact, we’ve already started! This weekly update began three weeks ago, and the latest installment just went live today.

If you’re just joining us now, read the first three entries via the links below or watch the videos on our YouTube channel.

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Hero Lab Pathfinder Updates – Occult Origins, A Song of Silver, and more!

pathfinderAs 2015 comes to a close, the Hero Lab team has been working long hours down in the salt mines to get as many updates out before the end of the year. Their hard work has paid off! This update includes two player companion books – Occult Origins and Agents of Evil – plus Cheliax, The Infernal Empire from the Pathfinder Campaign Setting, and the 100th Adventure Path volume, A Song of Silver.

For info on all the releases this month, check out the updates below.

Occult Origins and Agents of Evil

agentsofevilDid you hear that? There’s another world out there filled with phantoms, spirits, and other creatures that go bump in the night. Occult Origins, a Pathfinder Player Companion, provides players with new archetypes, features, and spells to build on the occult classes from Occult Adventures. Expand your psychic skills with new feats like Cranial Adjustment (I don’t think I want one, thanks all the same – Ed), or add an archetype like the Harrowed Society Student. This book will be a must-have for any adventure with an occult flair!

Occult Origins isn’t the only new Player Companion for Hero Lab this month. Agents of Evil, the latest Player Companion for Pathfinder, introduces tools and tactics to aid players in nefarious or downright evil tasks. New archetypes, like the Insinuator Antipaladin, allow for greater moral ambiguity, and new spells and magic items will give characters an edge over good. You’re an adventurer, but that doesn’t mean you have to be a hero.

Occult Origins and Agents of Evil start off the Player Companion #21 package, now available for only $4.99! Unfortunately, the Weapons Master’s Handbook didn’t make it into this month’s update. It should be added next month as a free update to the Player Companion #21 package.

Cheliax, The Infernal Empire

Cheliax is the cursed setting of the current Hell’s Rebels Adventure Path and upcoming Hell’s Vengeance AP, making this book the perfect supplement for any GM running these scenarios. Fill the adventure with six new hell-inspired monsters, like the Ash Hag and the mysterious Cerberus Worm, and a template for creating ancient and explosively dangerous fiend-infused golems. Cheliax, The Infernal Empire joins Occult Realms in the Campaign Setting #15 package, now available for only $4.99!

A Song of Silver – Hell’s Rebels Chapter 4

hellsrebels4It’s the one-hundredth volume of the Pathfinder Adventure Path, and Paizo made sure this is an adventure you won’t forget! The heroes finally strike out against the forces of Lord-Mayor Barzillai Thrune, rescuing heroes long forgotten and performing a ritual to protect the city from Hell’s agents. Will the party do enough before the assault on the Temple of Asmodeus? Find out in Chapter 4 of the Hell’s Rebels Adventure Path – A Song of Silver.

Game Masters can now run the latest chapter of this AP using Hero Lab. All the encounters from A Song of Silver have been added to the Hell’s Rebels add-on. If you haven’t picked up this Adventure Path package, grab it today for only $24.99.

As well as the new goodies for GMs, players can now access all the player content from this book as a part of our free update, available now!

Additional Updates and Important Note for Desktop Users

You’ll also find a number of other changes and bug fixes in this update. A full list of the changes are included on our forums.

Along with this Pathfinder update, we’ve also released a new version of Hero Lab for the desktop. This update should fix a few bugs that were brought to the attention of our development following the latest update.

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Coming Soon – Freeport: The City of Adventure

freeport_cityofadventureFreeport, the “City of Adventure”, is an RPG classic with a history stretching back 15 years. Green Ronin’s island city mixes fantasy tropes, piracy, and Lovecraftian horror into an unforgettable backdrop for you and your players – we’re proud to announce this setting is about to arrive in Hero Lab, with our support of Green Ronin’s Pathfinder sourcebook, Freeport: The City of Adventure!

In a city sprawling with pirates and monsters, players will want their characters to be ready for anything. Choose from three new classes and eight archetypes when building your character, like the Freebooter class and Sea Dog archetype. Then give them a deadly edge, choosing from dozens of new feats, and over 50 new magic items, like the Rapier of Revenge. With all the new options from this sourcebook, your hero will be well-prepared for their urban adventures!

Intrigued? You’re in for a special holiday treat. To tell you more, here’s a message from Chris Pramas, award-winning game designer, writer, and publisher:

As part of our Kickstarter for Freeport: The City of Adventure, we promised that we’d release free Hero Lab files for the book to all Pathfinder users. As this is the biggest book Green Ronin has ever published and it contains a lot of excellent Pathfinder rules material developed by Owen K.C. Stephens, the Hero Lab package took some time to put together. Thanks to the hard work of Jeff Hersh, this material will be ready soon. Enjoy, ye scurvy dogs!

That’s right, Freeport: The City of Adventure will be free to all Hero Lab Pathfinder users in early January. To pick up your own hardcover copy of this classic city setting, head over to Green Ronin’s website today!


More Content Added for Shadowrun 5th Edition

ShadowrunHoi, chummers! We’ve been hard at work on Shadowrun ever since Chrome Flesh was released, and we’re happy to unveil the following cornucopia of content, now available in Hero Lab:

  • Shadows in Focus: Butte and Lockdown are now available as part of the Sourcebook Bundle #2 package! For only $9.99, you can now access new equipment, augmentations, weapons and more from Lockdown, and new lifestyle options from Butte. (I’ve been advised to avoid making any jokes here, so as to not risk offending anyone who actually lives in Butte.) Users who already own this package will, of course, have the content added for free. Grab Sourcebook Bundle #2 today!
  • The opposition has arrived, in the form of Ten Terrorists! (We don’t recommend you fight them all at once.) NPCs from this book are now available for all Shadowrun 5th Edition users in the Encounter Builder.
  • The Sum to Ten character creation system from Run Faster, PLUS the five Alternate Campaign options from pages 350-351 of the Core Rulebook, have now been added! With Sum to Ten, you can have more freedom when creating your character – want to have two options at Priority A, instead of one at Priority B? No problem! Sum to Ten lets you mix and match priorities to your heart’s content. The Alternate Campaign options tweak the rules for military, street-level, or high-powered play, opening up exciting new possibilities for your Shadowrun games. (Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten Life Modules – the mechanics for them are in place, and we’re working on the data entry now.) You can find Sum to Ten and the other options on the Configure Hero form when creating a new character.

We’ve also made several other improvements, including the display of overflow damage, damage recovery rolls, and fatigue resistance on all characters, plus our usual array of bug fixes. You can read all about them in the forum thread for the release.

Thanks for playing, and keep watching the screamsheets for our next Shadowrun update! (Phew, made my quota of Sixth World references for the year.)


Muntants & Masterminds

MnM3_logo_smallSuperheroes, you deserve an extra holiday present for all you’ve done to save the world! This week we released a new update for Mutants & Masterminds, which includes content from two new books – the Cosmic Handbook and Emerald City. Even better, this content is available free to all users!

The Cosmic Handbook introduces alien powers and equipment, like the new Phaser weapon and Time Sphere vehicle. You can also choose from dozens of ready-to-use villains and other NPCs, like the Solarflare and Space Dragon. For any superheroes (or villains) headed to space, the Cosmic Handbook has you covered.

The goodies don’t stop there! In addition to the Cosmic Handbook, all NPCs from the Emerald City are now available free to all users. With memorable villains like Doughboy, Madame Macabre, and The Rubber-Bandit, you’re set for your next game.

This update also includes a few other changes and bug fixes. You can read all about them in the forum thread for the release. To access the NPCs from the Cosmic Handbook and the Emerald City, open the Encounter Library within Hero Lab, accessible from “Gamemaster” menu.

Thank you to all you superheroes out there – we’re in your debt.