July 2014 Newsletter

We’re less than three weeks away from Gen Con 2014, and we have a ton of news to share with you in the lead up to the big show. Not only do we have the latest news on Realm Works® Player Edition and Hero Lab for iPad, but you’ll also find out about how you can win a copy of the ENnie-nominated “Deep Magic” and other exceptional RPG books. You’re not going to want to miss this newsletter!


Vote for Realm Works as Best Software in the 2014 ENnie Awards!

Realm Works-logoWe’re incredibly proud to share that Realm Works has been nominated for the Best Software award in the 2014 ENnie Awards, along with many other outstanding products within the roleplaying industry. Now it’s your chance to share your love for Realm Works by voting today!

What are the ENnie Awards? The ENnies are a fan-based award created over a decade ago and hosted by popular web site EN World. The awards let fans recognize the companies that keep the hobby thriving with quality games, adventures, art, accessories, and recently, software. In fact, the ENnie awards are a great way to learn what’s new and trending in the gaming industry, so check out all the nominees and vote for your favorite products!

Help Realm Works bring home the gold by voting “Realm Works” for #1 in the Best Software Category! Ensure Realm Works joins Hero Lab as an ENnie Award winner (Silver in 2008 and Gold in 2011). Make sure you don’t miss the voting period, as voting ends at 7 PM Central next Wednesday, July 30.

Vote for Realm Works and your other gaming favorites now, and thank you for all of your support!


Realm Works Player Edition Update


Realm Works GM Edition – Relationships

July has been a rewarding month for the Realm Works team, with the nomination of Realm Works for Best Software in the 2014 ENnie Awards. We’re honored by the nomination, but the team hasn’t let it distract them from their task – Player Edition. The release of Realm Works Player Edition will enable players to access and view content revealed by the GM on their own computers with all the same powerful features as the GM version. The key difference will be that the players only gain access to the content the GM has revealed thus far. Now your players can review information prior to a session, or even have the information with them at the table!

The development team has made steady progress this month, and major pieces are now being used by our Beta users. This includes full preview of everything players will see in the Player Edition version, as well as all the mechanisms for inviting other Realm Works users into their realms, holding private discussions with players, and managing overall participation within their realms.


Realm Works Player Edition – Relationships

Our final big hurdle is getting all the syncing logic perfect so that players can only see the set of material that the GM has revealed – no more, no less. With the size and complexity of all the information Realm Works manages, accurate player syncing is a huge undertaking, and it’s taken quite a bit longer to complete than we anticipated. Fortunately, the work on player syncing is almost finished.

Once player syncing is working properly in our internal testing, the Beta team will begin inviting their players to fully test it out. Any issues uncovered by the Beta team will be corrected, and then Player Edition will be officially released to the public. We believe that will only take another two or three weeks, and we’ll be keeping everyone up to date along the way!

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Realm Works: The Path Forward

Realm Works-logo_tnAs we shared above, progress on Realm Works Player Edition is in the homestretch and should be finished in a few short weeks. A recurring question on our forums and social media is the timeline for future features, like web-based player access, the Content Market, and many others. An accompanying question is often why FeatureX is being done before FeatureY, and that’s been especially true for Player Edition.

We’re focusing on Player Edition first for a very simple reason. In addition to being a core capability for fully utilizing the product, Player Edition includes some fundamental building blocks that will form the foundation of both the Content Market and web-based player access. As such, it’s an important milestone on the path towards getting those big features into place. In fact, once Player Edition releases, the next big milestones will become the Content Market and web-based player access.

We’ll continue working on other valuable features in parallel with those efforts, as well. Our priorities for those other features will be heavily influenced by the feedback we receive in the Realm Works Feature Requests forum on our website. If you have specific capabilities that you want us to add first, add your voice to the numerous threads in that forum – or create new threads for features that you don’t find already listed – and help us prioritize which features to focus on next.

Realm Works has the potential to become an even more invaluable tool for GMs and players, and we need to build it with a solid foundation in place at each step along the way – much like building a skyscraper. Thank you to all of our users and fans for your continued support!


Gen Con is Coming!

GenCon-LogoLone Wolf is gearing up for a memorable Gen Con, as we celebrate the release of Realm Works and the addition of character creation to Hero Lab for iPad! We’ll be located at booth #617 this year and we’ll even have a special Gen Con, and we hope that you’ll stop by to check out our demos and maybe even participate in some of our fun activities.

Demos and Realm Works Gen Con Special
What’s happening in our booth this year? We’ll be showing off our ENnie-nominated campaign management software, Realm Works. This new tool is a must-have for all GMs, so be sure to stop by and learn how it can transform your games. We’ll also be demoing the latest iPad app for Hero Lab, which will be available prior to Gen Con. In addition to a digital character sheet, iPad users can create and update their Pathfinder characters right from their tablet!  If you own an iPad, you’re definitely going to want to stop by and check it out.

Realm Works Purchase Special
We’ll have a special Gen Con exclusive for all attendees! It will only be available during Gen Con, so don’t forget to stop by our booth (#617) before the weekend is out. For more information on this special, keep an eye out for our Gn Con newsletter in the second week of August.


Realm Works in action!

Lone Wolf Challenge
Prove you’re the Alpha Wolf and compete against your peers for a chance to win the ultimate GM package! Anyone who completes the Lone Wolf Challenge will be entered into a chance to win one of our 5 GM Bundles. Each prize bundle will include the following:

  • (1) copy of Realm Works GM Edition,
  • (1) copy of Hero Lab, and
  • (2) great books from our publishing partners.

The books for each bundle will be randomly chosen from a collection that includes the Cortex Plus Hacker’s Guide (Margaret Weis Productions), Deep MagicNew Paths CompendiumStreets of Zobeck (Kobold Press), The Song Of Ice and Fire Chronicle Starter and The Song of Ice and Fire Campaign Guide (Green Ronin Publishing), and and additional books from Pinnacle Entertainment Group!

How do you participate? Pick up a Lone Wolf Challenge card from the Lone Wolf Development booth, #617, and make sure you turn in your completed card by 12-noon on Sunday. Winners will be drawn at 1:00 pm on Sunday (winners do not need to be present, but will miss out on collecting their prize in person and a fun celebration!).

Character Creation Station
Once again, we’ll be running our popular Character Creation Station inside the Pathfinder Society Organized Play area in the Sagamore Ballrooms. You can try out Hero Lab by building a character for any events in which you’re participating!

Even if you just want to make sure your character meets all the necessary requirements, feel free to stop by and check out Hero Lab. Existing Hero Lab users are also welcome to update their characters between games. Just look for the big Character Creation Station banner in the back of the hall near the Beginner Box tables and the Info Booth!


Colen, Lead Hero Lab Developer, leading a Realm Works demo

Seminar Information
This year we’ll be running a record seven seminars at Gen Con! We’re especially thrilled about the panel we’ll be hosting on Saturday, called “From Print to Digital: Changing the RPG Landscape”. This panel will include a group of industry innovators that have responded to the growing use of technology in gaming with creations like Pathfinder Online™, Codename: Morningstar, DriveThruRPG.com, Hero Lab, and Realm Works. You can learn more about the seminar on our website.

Four seminars will focus on Realm Works, our revolutionary new campaign management tool for GMs and players. The “Realm Works Intro” seminar concentrates on how this innovative new product offers unique features for developing and organizing game content. The other three seminars will cover Tips & Tricks to get the most out of Realm Works, creating content to be shared in the future Content Market, and how to use Realm Works at the game table to engage your players.

The final two seminars will focus on Hero Lab, our character creation software, and how to add your own content. Our Thursday seminar is intended for beginners to the Editor, and the Friday seminar is intended for intermediate level users, but all skill levels are welcome! If you’ve been working with the Hero Lab Editor, bring your “.user” files with you for ideas from the experts on overcoming any hurdles you’re facing!

You’ll find our seminars at the following places and times:

Thursday Seminars:

  • 2-4pm (Westin Council) – SEM1453918 Hero Lab® – Introduction to Adding Your Own Content – Learn how to add content to Hero Lab for Pathfinder and other games, from one of our data file authors! This session is for users that haven’t used the Editor before, or are just getting started.

Friday Seminars:

  • 11am-1pm (Crowne Plaza: Pennsylvania Station B) – SEM1453920 Realm Works® 101 – Streamlined Campaign Management for GMs & Players – Find out why Realm Works is the tool every GM has dreamed about for managing campaigns! This seminar focuses on the basics of content development and organization. Transform the way you run your game!
  • 2-4pm (Crowne Plaza: Pennsylvania Station B) – SEM1453919 Hero Lab® – Advanced Tips & Tricks for Adding Your Own Content – Learn how to take Hero Lab authoring to the next level! This session is for users that are familiar with the basics, but want to learn more. Bring your “.user” files for help on specific problems!
  • 4-5pm (Crowne Plaza: Pennsylvania Station B) – SEM1453921 Realm Works® – Tips & Tricks – Join us for a detailed look at some of the powerful tips and tricks available for experienced users of Realm Works. Hosted by the lead developer of Realm Works, you’ll be learning from the best!
  • 5-6pm (Crowne Plaza: Pennsylvania Station B) – SEM1453922 Preparing Content to Share through the Realm Works® Content Market – Whether you plan to publish content or share it freely, this seminar will delve into techniques for preparing content to share or sell through the Realm Works Content Market.

David, a Realm Works developer, leading a Realm Works demo

Saturday Seminars:

  • 1-2pm (Crowne Plaza: Pennsylvania Station A) – SEM1453924 From Print to Digital: Changing the RPG Landscape – As gamers find more uses for technology, publishers are finding new ways to bridge the gap from print to digital. Hear from some of the big names in RPGs discuss what they’re doing to adapt.
  • 4-5pm (Crowne Plaza: Pennsylvania Station A) – SEM1453923 Transforming the Player Experience with Realm Works® – See for yourself how Realm Works can immerse the players in your story! This session will demonstrate some of the ways Realm Works can be leveraged to more deeply engage players at the table.

Meet the Staff!
Will you be at Gen Con on Thursday? If so, stop by and hang out with the Lone Wolf team at Loughmiller’s Pub at 9:00 pm. Can’t come right at 9pm? We’ll likely be there for a while, but feel free to tweet @lonewolfdevel or ask on our Facebook pages to see if we’re still around.

Stay tuned for the special Gen Con newsletter we’ll be sending out in early August. On behalf of the Lone Wolf team, safe travels to Gen Con and we hope to see you while you’re there!


Shadowrun: Run & Gun Available Soon!

ShadowrunYou’ll soon have even more ways to prepare for combat in the Sixth World! Run & Gun, the upcoming package for Shadowrun 5th Edition containing data from the book of the same name, provides Shadowrunners with dozens of new weapons, qualities, armor, and fully implemented rules for memorable new game options like martial arts.

Run & Gun will soon be available for only $9.99! To be the first to hear when it’s released, “like” Hero Lab on Facebook, follow @lonewolfdevel on Twitter, or follow Lone Wolf Development on Google+.


Mutants & Masterminds: Gadget Guides Available Soon!

MnM3_logo_smallLast month we brought you Power Profiles, and in August we’re releasing Gadget Guides for Mutants & Masterminds! Gadget Guides is the ultimate “toybox” for heroes and villains, with installations like hidden lairs and security systems, get-away vehicles, and a wide range of weapons from guns to martial art options. You’ll soon have all of these new gadgets and weapons at your disposal for only $7.99.

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Hero Lab for iPad – Latest News

Over the past few months, the Hero Lab team has been working on a massive iPad app update. This new version of the app will allow users with a Pathfinder license for Hero Lab to create and level up Pathfinder characters on their iPad! Last month we announced our plan to submit the update to the app store in late July, and we’re thrilled to share that we’ll be submitting the app on Monday! The app will be available to all Pathfinder users once approved by Apple, so cross your fingers and hope for a quick approval time.

Don’t want to use one of your Hero Lab license codes on your iPad? No worries, you can still use it as a digital character sheet without a license, just like you can today. To see some of the cool character creation features coming soon, take a look at some of the screenshots below.

As a reminder, once this new version is out, we’ll be increasing the maximum device limit for Hero Lab from 4 devices to 5, allowing all users to purchase an additional secondary license beyond what’s already available. Because you’ll need to use a secondary license to activate content for character creation on the iPad, this increase should make it easier to get all of your favorite devices up and running.

Don’t forget, each copy of Hero Lab already includes one additional, free secondary license code, so your initial purchase enables the use of two devices, such as your desktop and your laptop (or soon, your laptop and your iPad!). You can also obtain additional licenses beyond the first two for only $10.

This increase will go into effect when the iPad update releases. Learn more about this increase and the Hero Lab for iPad update on our website.

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Upcoming Gen Con Pathfinder Updates!

pathfinderPrepare characters like you’ve never seen before! Paizo’s new “Advanced Class Guide” will be releasing on August 14th in our special Gen Con release, providing you access to hundreds of new feats, new spells, and new magic items. With the “Advanced Class Guide”, you can choose from ten new hybrid classes to build your hero, like the brawler, investigator, warpriest, and more, plus dozens of new archetypes, feats, spells, and more. Explore these new options for your characters for only $9.99!

Prepare to meet the “People of the River”, with the latest Player Companion. This new book provides players with six new archetypes, dozens of character traits, and a handful of feats and spells for parties venturing into Numeria or other cities within the River Kingdoms. “People of the River” will join “Undead Slayer’s Handbook” and “Alchemy Manual” in Player Companion #15 for only $4.99 in the upcoming Gen Con release. As always, you can add new packages to your Hero Lab license by going to the License menu within the product and choosing “Purchase Data Package”.


This Month’s Pathfinder Updates

pathfinderPharaoh Hakotep I has risen from the dead and is waging war on the city of Wati! The city’s only hope against desolation is an ancient weapon within the slave trenches of Hakotep. Can you and the rest of your party defend Wati and the rest of Osirion from the pharaoh and his plan?

Prepare for twice as much fun, with two chapters from the latest Adventure Path, “The Slave Trenches of Hakotop” and “Pyramid of the Sky Pharaoh”. We’ll be adding all of the player content from these two Adventure Paths into Hero Lab as a part of this month’s free update, available soon!

Waiting for the “People of the River” Player Companion? We’re planning to bring this out as a part of our special Gen Con Pathfinder release, along with the Advanced Class Guide. You can learn more about this release above.

Finally, you’ll find several enhancements and bug fixes in this month’s update as usual. You can see a full list of the changes on our forums when the updated is released at the end of the month.

Keep up with the latest Hero Lab news and “like” Hero Lab on Facebook, follow @lonewolfdevel on Twitter, or follow Lone Wolf Development on Google+.


Deep Magic by Kobold Press Available Soon!


Is your Pathfinder character (or villain) a spellcaster? Then Deep Magic is a must-have book for your collection! Available as part of our July release, this new package from our friends at Kobold Press boasts almost a thousand arcane and divine spells, new spell books, more than a dozen new archetypes, and much more! Soon your characters can study incantations, learn new glyphs and runes, and even dabble in blood and shadow magic (oooh, creepy).

To learn more about Deep Magic, check out the Kobold Press website. And don’t forget to pick up Deep Magic for Hero Lab available soon for only $19.99!

Are you a Deep Magic Kickstarter backer that received the Hero Lab content through your backer reward level? All eligible backers that responded to the survey and provided their Hero Lab information to Kobold Press will have the package added to their license. If you’re a Deep Magic backer with an active Hero Lab license and want the content, contact Kobold Press through the Deep Magic Kickstarter page.


Snow White – A Kickstarter by Adventureaweek.com

Layered Full Page Snow White Ad_resizeOur friends from Adventureaweek.com have launched a Kickstarter for “Snow White”, a fairy tale adventure compatible with Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 and Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. While the Kickstarter has already been funded, there are some fantastic stretch goals that could still be funded, like a GM screen insert, a special spell supplement by Wolgang Bauer of Kobold Press, and more! If you need any more convincing to check it out, Adventureaweek.com had the following to say about their Kickstarter:

As a source of both fascination of what is “beautiful and good” as well as events viewed as “grim and forbidding”, fairy tales have fascinated both the old and young over the centuries. Whether a cautionary tale about avoiding wrong-doing, the triumph of right over wrong, the worth and value of perseverance and endeavor, or any other series of extraordinary events in an unreal world, there is good reason why they are known as “wonder tales.” From all of these ideas, “Snow White” is one of the very best examples, with its ebb and flow of who has the upper hand, the most cruel of villainess, the stoutest of defenders, and the wished-for happy ending, this tale offers intrigue, devious plot twists, cheer-out-loud moments, and a chance to immerse yourself in a faerie world of rich content. Here at AAW Games, we look to bring you all this and more as Aventyr experiences its very first folkloric fantasy!

Back Snow White now at Kickstarter.com!