July 2016 Newsletter

Welcome, brave readers! Gen Con approaches, and with it, our “Live RPG Plus!” event, the “Digital Future of D&D 5th Edition” panel, and many Hero Lab- and Realm Works-related seminars. For those of you who can’t make it to the show, don’t worry – we have Pathfinder, Shadowrun, and Army Builder news too. Read on to find out more!


Realm Works Status Update

The new Overlay Images feature in action

The big June release of Realm Works is now available! This latest version brings you new snippet types and capabilities, overlay images for your maps, and more! Also included are bug fixes, usability improvements, and underlying changes that bring us further towards the upcoming Content Market. For more details on the release, you can read Rob’s detailed post on our forums.

We’re planning to deploy another Realm Works release in early July that adds additional Content Market infrastructure and fixes a handful of other bugs. To find out as soon as it’s available, or just to keep up with what’s next for Realm Works, you can Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter, add us to your circles on Google Plus, or just keep an eye on our news page!


Gen Con – TPK the Pathfinder Design Team in Live RPG Plus!

Featuring an all-star line-up from the Pathfinder RPG design team, players Erik Mona, Jason Bulmahn, Wes Schneider and Crystal Frasier will attempt to survive one hour of live, audience-driven RPG action, GM’d by Dicestormers host and creator of Syrinscape, Benjamin Loomes!

Using the Realm Works campaign management tool and Syrinscape’s sound app, the Live RPG Plus event will transform the Westin Capitol III Ballroom into a fast and fun gaming experience for the players as well as the audience, who’ll contribute to the action via shout-outs and social media to alter the course of the game. Don’t miss it!

You can watch Live RPG Plus! at 7pm Saturday, August 6th, in the Westin: Capitol III ballroom. Seating is limited, so buy your tickets today, or find out more about Live RPG Plus here!


Gen Con – Digital Future of D&D 5th Edition PanelGenCon-Logo

Learn what the future holds for 5e and tech! Our “Digital Future of D&D 5th Edition” panel, featuring panelists from Fantasy Grounds, DriveThruRPG, Mesa Mundi, Syrinscape, and Lone Wolf Development, is new to Gen Con this year. This panel is a must-see for anyone who wants to make the most of D&D 5th Edition, featuring guests from prominent companies with 5th edition- and RPG-focused products.

The panel starts at 2pm Saturday, August 6th, in the Crowne Plaza: Grand Central Ballroom C. Find out more on our web site, and get your tickets today!


Gen Con – Other EventsGenCon-Logo

In addition to the Digital Future of D&D 5th Edition panel and Live RPG Plus! event, we’re hosting 4 other seminars at Gen Con this year, and registration is now open!

If you’re interested in learning the nuts and bolts of Realm Works, or finding out more about Hero Lab data file authoring, these events are for you. Find out more about the events on our web site!


Hero Lab & Pathfinder – the Spymaster’s Handbook and Path of the Hellknight

This month’s Pathfinder update includes new options for spies and hellknights, the next issue of the Hell’s Vengeance adventure path, and new Dragon- and Fey- themed character options from Rite Publishing. Read on to find out more!

Spymaster’s Handbookspymaster's-handbook

Gain the upper hand over your opponents by learning the deep, dark secrets they wish to keep hidden with Pathfinder Player Companion: Spymaster’s Handbook. This manual of espionage gives you the tools to disguise your true loyalties, broker illicit information, and attempt stratagems of subterfuge that can change the outcome of an encounter before swords are even drawn!

The Spymaster’s Handbook is now available in our new Player Companion #23 package, available today for only $4.99!

Path of the Hellknight

Merciless, black-armored enforcers, Hellknights care nothing for good or evil, only their absolute, unflinching vision of law. In Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Path of the Hellknight, you’ll join the ranks of Golarion’s harshest champions of order—knights with ironclad discipline forged in the flames of Hell. Learn the ways of all the Hellknight orders, their true relationship with the legions of Hell, and how to tie your characters to one of Pathfinder’s most fearsome organizations. Players and Game Masters can also lay claim to the complete Hellknight arsenal, from terrifying battle arts and grim equipment to the secrets of masked signifers’ frontline magic. The Hellknights’ unstoppable might is yours to command as you impose unshakable order—whatever the cost.

Path of the Hellknight is the next book in our new Campaign Setting #16 package, available now for only $4.99!

Hell’s Vengeance #5: Scourge of the Godclaw

Now bound to Queen Abrogail by infernal contracts, the villainous adventurers are tasked with destroying the Glorious Reclamation’s headquarters in the former citadel of the Hellknight Order of the Godclaw, where they face a gold dragon ally of Iomedae herself! Only if they can survive the terrible onslaught of this fearsome foe and secure the citadel from the revolutionaries can the vile characters succeed at their quest—to perform an evil ritual, using the dragon’s head to craft a legendary weapon capable of defeating the Glorious Reclamation’s army of valorous knights once and for all.

The Hell’s Vengeance Adventure Path package is available now, for only $24.99!

And more!

For more details on bug fixes and authoring changes, check out the forum thread for this release.


More Pathfinder Books – In the Company of Dragons and Fey, from Rite Publishing

Rite Publishing now brings you two of their most popular releases, In the Company of Dragons and In the Company of Fey, in a single Hero Lab package. If you’ve ever wanted to play as a dragon or fey character, read on!

In the Company of Dragons: You know you want to play a Dragon!

Not a half-dragon, not a reptilian humanoid, but a DRAGON!

Come and find out if those who meddle in your affairs are crunchy and good with ketchup. Level up as a dragon and grow to the size of a house, breathe fire, (or other energy types), struggle for territory, win prestige amongst dragons, slay giants, rule the sky, and embrace your true draconic essence right alongside all the other player characters. Create the dragon you want to play in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game!

In the Company of Fey: Come and delight in the mess you make of mortal lives!

The First Folk, servants of Auberyon the Solstice King… they are a race of mercurial essence and yet they are timeless, a race that cares very little for the consequences of their actions yet they keep the bargains that they make. They are the uncaring eldritch powers of nature, yet they are quick to take offense, all the while living with abandonment. They value entertainment, humor, and take on the aspects of various forms throughout their immortal existence. Create the fey you want to play in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game!

In the Company of Dragons & Fey, which includes content from both of these books, is available now in Hero Lab for only $9.99, or from DriveThruRPG in PDF (Dragons, Fey)!


Shadowrun UpdatesShadowrun

Another monthly Hero Lab Shadowrun update is now available! This is a bug-fix release that resolves several problems, including multiple issues with vehicles, drones, and more. You can find the full list of changes on our forums, so check it out and make sure to grab the update before your next game.

In other Shadowrun news, Catalyst just released Howling Shadows, featuring dozens of new opponents that treat Shadowrunners as part of a delicious breakfast. We’re working on this book now, and we’ll update you when we have news on its availability in Hero Lab!


Latest Army Builder UpdatesArmy Builder-logo

The Army Builder volunteer data file authors have been hard at work, unleashing updates for your favorite game systems!

  • Dystopian Wars made updates to the Dominion of Canada, Indian Raj, and Operational Assets.
  • Flames of War v3 now has complete lists for German and Italian armies in North Africa.
  • Warzone: Resurrection‘s new release includes new Cybertronic and Brotherhood units.
  • Bolt Action added the Duel in the Sun theatre book, as well as the 28 (Maori) Battalion.
  • Plus, bug fixes were released for the 9th Age, Kings of War (2nd edition) and Warhammer 40,000 game systems.

Our thanks go out to the data file authors, and also to Dom for compiling this list for us!


That’s all for July – see you next month!