June 2014 Newsletter

Summer has arrived, and we’re days away from our first convention this season – PaizoCon! We have some exciting stuff planned for everyone attending, so take a look. We also have Realm Works Player Edition news, and a few updates that have gone out for Hero Lab this month. For more info, check out our latest news below:



PaizoCon2014_In only a few days, we’ll be joining many of you at PaizoCon 2014 in Seattle, Washington! We’re looking forward to another great convention, and we hope that you’ll stop by and say “hello” in between your games and other events.

We have a lot of great stuff planned for this year, so check out the details below:

Character Creation Station
We’re bringing back our popular Character Creation Station, which will be available for every PaizoCon attendee to use, and this year it’s going to be bigger and better than ever before! Try out Hero Lab® by building a character for any events in which you’re participating! Existing Hero Lab users are also welcome to update their characters between games. Just look for the big Character Creation Station banner near the gaming rooms!

We’ll also have demos of our newest and upcoming products in our Character Creation Station space this year. Get a sneak peek at our new Hero Lab for iPad update, which will support full character creation for Pathfinder. Or you can take a spin through our recently released campaign management tool, Realm Works, and find out how it can transform the way you run your games! You can even get a sneak peek of the Real Works Player Edition. Just stop by our Character Creation Station near the gaming rooms!

GM Bonuses
PaizoCon is made possible by the many GMs that run games throughout the weekend, so we want to give those fantastic gamers a special “thank you”! Any GM running an official game at PaizoCon can come pick up a free copy of Realm Works from us during the weekend, and discover how our new tool can transform the way you run your games!

GMs: To claim your free copy of Realm Works, just stop by our Character Creation Stations during PaizoCon and present your badge to a member of our staff.

This year we’ll be running four seminars at PaizoCon. Two seminars will focus on Realm Works, our revolutionary new campaign management tool for GMs and players. The “Realm Works Intro” seminar focuses on how our revolutionary RPG campaign management tool offers unique features for developing and organizing game content. Beyond just text, it encompasses pictures and maps, statblocks, Hero Lab portfolios, audio and video files, relationship trees, and much more!

Our second Realm Works seminar, “Realm Works – Tips & Tricks”, is a detailed look at some of the powerful tips and tricks available for experienced users of Realm Works. These valuable insights will help you save even more time while building your world or preparing for a game. Both are hosted by the lead developer of Realm Works, so you’ll be learning from the best!

The other two seminars will focus on Hero Lab, our character creation software, and how to add your own content. Led by one of our Data File Authors, this seminar is intended for beginners and intermediate level users, but advanced users are welcome too. If you’ve been working with the Hero Lab Editor, bring your “.user” files with you for ideas from the experts on overcoming any hurdles you’re facing!

You’ll find our seminars at the following places and times:

  • Friday 1-3pm – Realm Works® Intro – Streamlined Campaign Management for GMs & Players – Evergreen Salon G
  • Friday 4-6pm – Hero Lab® – Introduction to Adding Your Own Content – Evergreen Salon G
  • Saturday 9-11am – Hero Lab® – Introduction to Adding Your Own Content – Evergreen Salon G
  • Saturday 1-3pm – Realm Works® – Tips & Tricks– Evergreen Salon G


Realm Works Player Edition: Latest News

Realm Works-logo_tnJune has been all about “Player Edition” for the Realm Works team. They’ve been living it and breathing it all month long, and as we shared in our recent release update, we have a lot of the pieces in place. Last week we began in-house testing, and we expect to begin rolling out some of the functionality to the Beta team shortly. Once they’ve beaten on it a bit, we’ll fix any the issues they uncover and then release it to everyone else. When will that be? Based on our current progress, it looks like Player Edition should be releasing in latter part of July, but we’re doing our best to get it out sooner.

For those of you attending PaizoCon, we’ll be previewing a development version of Player Edition for all PaizoCon attendees! Be sure to stop by our Character Creation Station to check it out! We’ll also be hosting seminars on both Friday and Saturday afternoon.

We’re also planning to put out another update before the upcoming holiday weekend. The goal is to get the first chunk of Player Edition functionality to the Beta team with this release, along with a few more refinements for everyone else.

Finally, we’re still accepting applications for the open developer position on the Realm Works team. This is the last call for submissions, so learn more about this exciting opportunity below.

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Mutants & Masterminds: Power Profiles Now Available!

MnM3_logo_smallMutants & Masterminds is the go-to RPG to create and play your own superheroes and villains, and earlier this month the Power Profiles update was released for Hero Lab. Power Profiles includes almost 1000 pre-built, customizable powers, new power options, extras, flaws and variants, allowing you to build your character in new and exciting ways!

Begin building your own unique superhero, and grab Power Profiles for only $9.99!

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Hero Lab for iPad – Latest News


Adding a class level on the iPad

Last week we shared some exciting news about Hero Lab for iPad! As we discussed in previous newsletters, we’re currently working on an update that will allow users to create Pathfinder characters on the iPad. The team has made some tremendous progress, and we’re currently planning to submit the update to the app store at the end of next month. Assuming the app store approval process goes quickly, we’re targeting a release for sometime late July. For more information about the progress that’s been made, be sure to check out our website.

We also announced that we’re increasing the maximum device limit for Hero Lab from 4 devices to 5, allowing all users to purchase an additional secondary license beyond what’s already available.

Because you’ll need to use a secondary license to activate content for character creation on the iPad, this increase should make it easier to get all of your favorite devices up and running. Don’t forget, each copy of Hero Lab includes one additional, free secondary license code, so your initial purchase enables the use of two devices, such as your desktop and your laptop (or soon, your laptop and your iPad!). You can also obtain additional licenses beyond the first two for only $10. This increase will go into effect when the iPad update releases. Learn more about this increase and the Hero Lab for iPad update on our website.

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This Month’s Pathfinder Updates

pathfinderYou and the rest of your party have journeyed to the Sightless Sphinx, deep in the Osirian desert, in search of the cult of the Forgotten Pharaoh. You must face down the servants of a demon lord, before reaching the cult and their possessed leader.

This update for Pathfinder will prepare your players for the journey into the Sightless Sphinx in the latest Adventure Path, “Secrets of the Sphinx”. We’ve added all of the player content from this Adventure Path into Hero Lab as a part of this month’s free update, available now!

Does your character have a special connection with the elements of the world – air, earth, fire, and water? If so, then you’ll love “Blood of the Elements”! This new book provides players with new race and regional traits, special spells for elementally themed characters, and more. Grab this new book as a part of Player Companion #16, available now for only $4.99! We expect to add at least one more book to this add-on, which will be included as it’s released. As usual, anyone who purchases the package now will receive additional material as a free update.

This month Campaign Setting #12 is releasing, starting with two new books – “Occult Mysteries” and “Numeria, Land of Fallen Stars”! “Occult Mysteries” provides GMs with some of the answers to Golarion’s biggest mysteries, and delves into dangerous unknowns like secret societies and divination. With new feats, spells, and ritual magic items, you’ll have a lot at your disposal to bring the world of occult into your game. “Numeria, Land of Fallen Stars” brings sci-fi to Golarion with the aftermath of a fallen spaceship, including rules for radiation, extraterrestrial diseases, and more. It will definitely be a hit with players that appreciate a sci-fi/fantasy mash-ups. Grab both books as a part of Campaign Setting #12 now for only $4.99! We expect to add at least one more book to this add-on, which will be included as it’s released. As usual, anyone who purchases the package now will receive additional material as a free update.

Finally, you’ll find several enhancements and bug fixes in this month’s update as usual. You can see a full list of the changes on our forums. Keep up with the latest Hero Lab news and “like” Hero Lab on Facebook, follow @lonewolfdevel on Twitter, or follow Lone Wolf Development on Google+.


d20 Update

ogl copynew update to the d20 System data files is now available, thanks to one of our well-known community members, Tim Shadow! As well as the sterling work he already does for the Hero Lab community, Tim has fixed over two dozen bugs and added several authoring enhancements to our d20 System data files.

Thanks again, Tim! d20 System players can download this new update from the Hero Lab updates mechanism today.


Last Call for Applicants!

LoneWolf_webWe’ve received resumes from a healthy number of strong candidates for the open developer position on the Realm Works team and are beginning the interviewing process. If you missed our announcement in last month’s newsletter, this is the last call for interested applicants to be considered for the position, so don’t miss this opportunity!

In a nutshell, we’re seeking a veteran Web UI/Front-End Application Developer to play a pivotal role in the evolution of our Realm Works product, focusing on the web-based user-interface. Candidates must have proven ability in all aspects of web front-end development, including hands-on experience architecting and designing responsive, cross-browser, mobile-friendly web applications. Candidates must also demonstrate previous success in delivering complex, scalable, highly interactive, client-side web applications. For complete details, please see the full position description.