June 2015 Newsletter

Summer is nearly upon us, and the Lone Wolf team has just returned from PaizoCon, our first convention of the year. For anyone attending Gen Con 2015, be sure to check out the events that we’re hosting this year (7 total)! In addition to convention news, we have an update on our progress towards the Realm Works Content Market, and a number of releases for both Hero Lab and Army Builder.

For info on these updates and additional news this month, check out more below:


Gen Con 2015 Events

GenCon-LogoGen Con event registration went live in mid-May, and many of you have signed up for one or more of our events throughout the con. If you’re still looking for events to round out your time in Indianapolis, we’re hosting 7 events at Gen Con this year! To learn more about a particular event, explore the event details below:

Thursday Event:

  • 2-4pm (Crowne Plaza: Victoria Sation C/D) – SEM1572574 Hero Lab® – Advanced Tips & Tricks for Adding Your Own Content – Learn how to take Hero Lab authoring to the next level! This session is for users that are familiar with the basics, but want to learn more. Bring your “.user” files for help on specific problems!

Friday Events:

  • 9-11am (Crowne Plaza: Grand Central Ballroom A) – (SEM1572572) Hero Lab® – Introduction to Adding Your Own Content – Learn how to take Hero Lab authoring to the next level! This session is for users that are familiar with the basics, but want to learn more. Bring your “.user” files for help on specific problems!
  • 2-3pm (Indiana Convention Center Ballroom) – (ENT1572585) Live RPG Plus!™ –  Where the Audience Takes Control – Decide the fate of our players in this live, audience-driven RPG event! Experience next-gen tabletop gaming, brought to life by Realm Works, Syrinscape, & Dicestormers host Benjamin Loomes. Learn more on our website!
  • 4-6pm (Crowne Plaza: Victoria Sation C/D) – (SEM1572576) Tips, Tricks, & the Upcoming Content Market – Discover numerous tips & tricks from the developers themselves to get the most out of Realm Works, including recommended techniques for preparing content for the upcoming Content Market.

Saturday Events:

  • 11am-1pm (Crowne Plaza: Grand Central Ballroom A) – (SEM1572575) Realm Works® 101 – Find out why Realm Works is the tool every GM has dreamed about for managing campaigns! This seminar focuses on the basics of content development and organization. Transform the way you run your game!
  • 2-3pm (Crowne Plaza: Victoria Sation C/D) – (SEM1572582) Traditional RPGs & Technology – Evolution or Revolution? – Use of technology is rapidly growing within traditional RPG gameplay – but which technologies will last & what may be next? Hear some of the leading companies discuss their visions of the future. Learn more on our website!
  • 4-5pm (Crowne Plaza: Victoria Sation C/D) – (SEM1572578) Transforming the Player Experience with Realm Works® – See for yourself how Realm Works can immerse the players in your story! We’ll demonstrate various ways Realm Works can be used to more deeply engage players at the table & in between sessions.


Realm Works – Working Towards the Content Market

Realm Works-logo_tnThis past month, the Realm Works team kept focused on our two top objectives – the Content Market and web-access. With those goals firmly in mind, we’ve been making steady progress forward. We also had productive meetings this past month with key potential licensors. As the ultimate success of Realm Works is closely tied to the Content Market, we’re naturally working on licensing in parallel with the software itself. We should know more about the licensing opportunities available for Realm Works soon!

Finally, a big “thank you” goes out to all of the Realm Works users that stopped by to say “hi” during PaizoCon, as well as the prospective users that spent time exploring the program and attending our seminars. Many of the PaizoCon attendees that discovered Realm Works were the official PaizoCon GMs who received a free copy as our way of showing appreciation for their volunteer efforts during the con. Thank you again to all of the volunteers. If you missed PaizoCon but plan to attend Gen Con 2015, be sure to check out the events we’re hosting at that con. From panels about RPGs and technology, to Realm Works Tips & Tricks seminars, you won’t want to miss out on our events!

For all the latest Realm Works news, be sure to “like” Realm Works on Facebook, follow @lonewolfdevel on Twitter, and follow Lone Wolf Development on Google+.


Iron Gods Adventure Path for Hero Lab!


The Iron Gods Encounter List

Earlier this month, we announced the initial release of the Iron Gods Pathfinder Adventure Path for Hero Lab, and now all six chapters are available. With this latest package, GMs can lead their players through an adventure never before seen in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game!

Pick up Iron Gods for Hero Lab Today!

Iron Gods is available to buy now for only $24.99! With hundreds of encounters across the six-chapter adventure, that’s just a few cents each – a bargain for any busy GM. So what are you waiting for? Head over to our website for more information, or to pick up your copy today!

Coming Soon: the Giantslayer Adventure Path!

We have exciting news for GMs running the current Pathfinder Adventure Path! Soon, you’ll be able to purchase the Giantslayer Adventure Path package, just like the ones for Iron Gods and Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition. We’ll have release news and other updates soon, so keep an eye on our Facebook page for more information, or “follow” us on Twitter or Google+ to be the first to hear!


May Pathfinder Update

pathfinderThis month’s Pathfinder update is now available for Hero Lab! GMs can explore the revolutionary region of Golarion in Andoran, Birthplace of Freedom, and players now have dozens of new options when leveraging their allies with Cohorts & Companions. For info on all the releases this month, explore the updates below!

Pathfinder Unchained Update

Last month we released the incredibly popular Pathfinder Unchained, a new rulebook that introduces some wild and crazy ideas for use at the table. Both players and GMs can explore new versions of the barbarian, summoner, monk, and rogue classes, magic items that level up with your character, and a fresh approach to combat!

Since the initial release, we’ve added support for Overclocked Spells, Innate Item Bonuses, Dynamic Magic Item Creation, and Scaling Items. Simple Monster Creation will be added later as a free update to anyone that purchases the package.

What are you waiting for? Bring your Pathfinder game to the next level, and pick up Pathfinder Unchained today for only $9.99!

Cohorts & Companions

cohortscompanionsWhether it’s a fearless first mate or a steadfast shadow, allies can make or break a party. With Cohorts & Companions, the latest Pathfinder Player Companion, you’ll find a variety of options for teaming up to take down your foes, from feats, to archetypes, to new forms for your eidolon. Cohorts & Companions joins Heroes of the Wild in our Player Companion #19 package for only $4.99!

(Please note that we don’t currently support cohorts in Hero Lab – to use them, you’ll need to add a hireling to your character with Adjustments to apply any modifications.)

Andoran, Birthplace of Freedom

Prepare for adventure in Andoran, the self-made republic along the coast of the inner sea. With new monsters, NPCs, and organizations found only in this tumultuous region of Golarion, this new Campaign Setting is the perfect addition to any GM’s library. Andoran, Birthplace of Freedom joins Undead UnleashedShips of the Inner Sea, Lost Treasures, Belkzen, Hold of the Orc Hordes, and Tombs of Golarion in Campaign Setting #13 package for only $4.99!

Giantslayer Adventure Path – Chapter 3: Forge of the Giant God

The Storm Tyrant is building an army of giants, the likes of which could be used to take over of the world. Can you and your party sneak into the Mindspin Mountains and locate the horde? Find out in the third chapter of the Giantslayer Adventure Path, Forge of the Giant God.  We’ve added all the player content from this book as a part of our free update, available now!

Additional Updates

Finally, you’ll find a number of other enhancements and bug fixes included in this month’s update. A full list of the changes are included on our forums. To keep up with the latest Hero Lab news, make sure to “like” Hero Lab on Facebook, “follow” @lonewolfdevel on Twitter, and “follow” Lone Wolf Development on Google+.


d20 System Hero Lab Update

ogl copyDo you play the d20 System? There’s a new update available within Hero Lab that improves the Barbarian class, adds a number of new adjustments, and includes a number of additional bug fixes and authoring enhancements. This new version would not be possible without the hard work of Tim Shadow. Thanks, Tim!

A full list of the changes is included on our forums.


Army Builder – Star Wars Armada

Army Builder-logoWe have great news for Star Wars Armada fans! One of the incredible volunteer data file authors has created Army Builder files for this hot new game. His data files include all of the core set, Wave 1, and part of Wave 2! A huge thank you to Thomas for his support of Army Builder, and his contributions to these files and his Star Wars X-Wing files.

A full list of Star Wars Armada updates and changes are included on our forums. Grab the latest update from the automatic updates mechanism in Army Builder, or download it from our website.