June 2017 Newsletter

We’re back from Paizo Con and hard at work on a variety of items we hope to bring you by Gen Con. We really enjoyed our time there, chatting about Pathfinder, Realm Works, and dropping hints about our Hero Lab team’s newest project, Hero Lab Online. There aren’t a lot of details right now, but keep an eye out for upcoming news about our plans to bring Hero Lab to all users! In the mean time, read on to learn all about our latest Pathfinder releases, Gen Con events, and a cool new Kickstarter from the makers of the Baby Bestiary.

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  • Looking for Pathfinder bug fixesenhancements, and data file authoring changes? You can read all about those on our forums!
  • To read the full Pathfinder RPG update please go here.


Being an adventurer is a dangerous line of work, but the rewards are well worth the risk! The Adventurer’s Guide package is your chance to get your hands on new player options, such as feats, spells, magic items, prestige classes, archetypes, and new abilities for a wide range of classes.

Once you’ve secured your adventuring tools you can take them for a spin in the latest data package in the Ironfang Invasion Adventure Path, Siege of Stone! The secret to the Ironfang Legion’s unstoppable conquest lies buried in myth and legend! To uncover their enemy’s weakness, bold adventurers must confront degenerate morlocks, journey through the deadly Darklands below the world’s surface, and explore an ancient dwarven vault lost to history. Can your party survive the ghosts of Ironfang betrayal and return to the light of day with the key to the Legion’s defeat—or will they join generations of the dead in the cold embrace of stone?


Mythic Hero’s Handbook

The Mythic Hero’s Handbook is now complete! 

mythic-heroshandbook-front-case-layout-720x903After a mythic journey, the final pieces of the Legendary Games’s Mythic Hero’s Handbook is now available. This release adds to the content from earlier this year and includes over a dozen options to alter and enhance mythic play, and mythic class features for 24 classes including all core classes, the classes from the Advanced Player’s Guide, Ultimate Combat and Ultimate Magic, as well selected classes from Kobold Press’s New Paths Compendium.

The package as a whole brings you an incredible array of expansions for the mythic rules for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game! You’ll find exciting and innovative ideas for existing rules alongside a wealth of all-new material from the authors that know mythic like nobody else. You’ll find options galore to suit any character build and inspiration for new heroic directions to take on your path to immortality, whether your character is a holy hierophant or treacherous trickster, an indomitable champion or inventive genius, a steadfast guardian of others or a steely-eyed stranger ready to launch a roaring rampage of revenge!

Below are a few of the items you will find in the Mythic Hero’s Handbook data package:

  • Over 120 new path abilities for the archmage, champion, guardian, hierophant, and trickster mythic paths
  • Four brand-new mythic paths – the genius, living saint, overmind, and the vengeful stranger – with over 150 path abilities exclusively for them
  • Mythic class features for over 30 character classes for levels 1 to 20, including every core and base class in the core rules plus 11 more classes from Kobold Press and Rogue Genius Games
  • Over 1000 mythic feats, including mythic versions of every feat in the core rules, plus hundreds more from official companion products and the official campaign setting
  • 60 new psionic path abilities plus dozens of mythic psionic feats and over 100 mythic psionic powers
  • Over 30 mythic magic items

You can pick up the Mythic Hero’s Handbook right now in our store for only $19.99!

Lone Wolf is headed to Gen Con in August and we can’t wait to see you there!  We hope to have some fun new items to share with you such as the Realm Works Content Market and our latest project, Hero Lab Online. Additionally, we have several events planned, as shown below, to discuss items such as Starfinder, Hero Lab, and the ins and outs of the Realm Works Content Market. Sign up now, while there’s still space left!

Realm Works® 101 – Streamlined Campaign Management for GMs & Players
Find out why Realm Works is the tool every GM has dreamed about for managing campaigns. This seminar focuses on the basics of content development and organization. Transform the way you run your game!

Hero Lab – Tips & Tricks for Adding Your Own Content
Learn how to take Hero Lab authoring to the next level! This session is for users that are familiar with the basics, but want to learn more. Bring your “.user” files for help on specific problems.

Starfinder – The Digital Tools Horizon
What does the digital destiny of Starfinder look like? Leading companies answer your questions & outline their visions of the future!

Realm Works – Tips, Tricks, & the Content Market
Discover numerous tips & tricks from the developers themselves to get the most out of Realm Works, including recommended techniques for preparing content for the content market.




The creators of the Baby Bestiary are back with a new Kickstarter! Atlas Animalia!

This fantastically illustrated book includes fun new variants of common creatures such as panda owlbears, arctic phasecats, and a variety of treants.



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Until next month – Happy Gaming!