June Newsletter 2013

Hello everyone, and welcome to another edition of our newsletter. We hope your summer is off to a fine start! This month, we have the following updates to share with you:



In a few short days, we’ll be joining many of you at PaizoCon! We’re looking forward to a great weekend and hope you’ll stop by and say “hello” in between your games.

We’ll be running our popular Character Creation Station that will be available to any PaizoCon attendee. You can try out Hero Lab® by building a character for any events in which you’re participating! Even if you just want to make sure your character meets all the necessary requirements, feel free to stop by and check out Hero Lab. Existing Hero Lab users are also welcome to update their characters between games. Just look for the big Character Creation Station banner, and you’re sure to find us!

We’re also doing our part to thank some of the wonderful people helping to make PaizoCon great – the official PaizoCon GMs. Any GM running an official game at PaizoCon can pick up a free copy of Hero Lab from us during the weekend and discover how much simpler life can be! We know that many GMs have already adopted Hero Lab, and we want to recognize your support of PaizoCon as well. So, if you’re an official GM who already owns Hero Lab, you can stop by to claim a special “thank you” — you’ll get a free copy of our add-on for “Ultimate Campaign”! To claim your free license or add-on, all you have to do is stop by our Character Creation Stations during PaizoCon and present your badge to a member of our staff.

Finally, we’ll be running three seminars at PaizoCon. Two of the seminars will focus on Hero Lab and how to add your own content. Additionally, if you’ve been working with the Hero Lab Editor already, you can bring your “.user” files with you on a laptop or a flash drive for suggestions from the experts on overcoming any hurdles you’re facing!

The third seminar we’ll be running will be a preview of Realm Works, our revolutionary new product for RPG world development and collaboration between players and GMs. Among the highlights will be an introduction to Fog of World™, a unique ability to control exactly what you reveal to the players. See how you can streamline your game prep, readily access everything about your world, and enhance your entire gaming experience!

You can find our seminars at the following places and times:

  • Friday 7-9pm – Hero Lab: Adding Your Own Content – Evergreen Salon F
  • Saturday 8-10am – Realm Works – An In-Depth Look – Evergreen Salon F
  • Saturday 10am-12pm – Hero Lab: Adding Your Own Content – Evergreen Salon F

Safe travels if you’re heading to Seattle, and we’ll see you in a few days!


Realm Works

Our progress on Realm Works has been somewhat mixed over the last 30 days. While we’ve made great strides in some areas, we’ve also experienced some unexpected challenges. Late this month, we released a very large update to the Beta version, and the Beta Team is hammering away on it.

This Beta release includes all the major new functionality that we’d slated for the Early Access release. Unfortunately, the server components proved to be more complicated than expected. Based on the outstanding tasks we have around that functionality, we expect to provide some of our Kickstarter Backers with the Early Access release in the middle of July.

Once the Early Access release is out, we’ll provide updates on the official release date of Realm Works. For details on exactly what’s going on within the development team, Kickstarter Backers are encouraged to check out Update #32, our latest Developer Journal available through Kickstarter. Additionally, we’ll continue to provide updates on our progress and the overall state of the release in upcoming newsletters.


Gen Con 2013!

GenCon-LogoDo you know the way to Indy? We hope so, and, more importantly, we hope to see you at Gen Con this year!

We’ll have a booth on the floor of the exhibit hall as usual, and hope you’ll stop by to say “hello”. You’ll find us in booth number 1519. We’ll be showing off some great things, including the latest version of Realm Works! We think you’ll be very impressed with the changes we’ve made as a result of feedback from our beta testers in preparation for Realm Works’ release this summer.

We’ll also be running our popular Character Creation Station inside the Pathfinder Society Organized Play area. You can try out Hero Lab by building a character for any events in which you’re participating! Even if you just want to make sure your character meets all the necessary requirements, feel free to stop by and check out Hero Lab. Existing Hero Lab users are also welcome to update their characters between games. Just look for the big Character Creation Station banner!

You’ll also find us hosting four seminars over the course of Gen Con, covering both Hero Lab and Realm Works. Stop by and check out any or all of these events:

  • Friday, 10am – 12pm – Hero Lab® – Adding Your Own Content (SEM1352120), located in the Westin Chamber Room. Learn how to add your own content to Hero Lab! If you’ve been working with the Hero Lab Editor, bring your “.user” files with you for ideas from the experts on overcoming any hurdles you’re facing!
  • Friday, 12pm – 2pm – Realm Works™ – Harnessing the Power (SEM1352121), located in the Westin Chamber Room. Join us for a detailed look into the power of Realm Works using specific examples. Our experts will offer suggestions and innovative techniques to overcome common hurdles faced by most campaigns.
  • Saturday, 4pm – 6pm – Realm Works™ – An In-Depth Look (SEM1346778), located in the Embassy Suites Coronation 1 Room. See our revolutionary RPG campaign product. Highlighting unique features for sharing details, linking, relationships, and organization, you’ll see how to create and share your world with a single tool!
  • Sunday, 11am – 12pm – Hero Lab® – An In-Depth Look (SEM1345841), located in the Westin Chamber Room. Join us for a tour through our ENnie Award winning character management software. This in-depth seminar focuses on character creation, in-play support, Tactical Console, game systems, and more.

We look forward to seeing you at Gen Con!


Pathfinder Releases

pathfinderThe search for Baba Yaga continues, and now finds our heroes magically transported to her homeland. It’s only a minor complication that her homeland is in Russia on the planet Earth. Well, other than the fact that it’s 1918 and the First World War is raging around them! Download this month’s update for Pathfinder to receive everything you need to save the Witch Queen in the newest Adventure Path, “Rasputin Must Die!”. We’ve added all the player content from this Adventure Path into Hero Lab as part of this month’s free update.

A new add-on for Pathfinder, our Player Companion #11 package, is also now available. The first two books in this package are “Kobolds of Golarion” and “Quests & Campaigns”, and is available for only $4.99. Pick up this package today and expand the options available to your characters! We expect to add at least one more book to this add-on, which will be included as a free update when it’s released, if you purchase the add-on before the last book has been included.

We’ve also added new material to our Campaign Setting #10 add-on package. You’ll now find “Castles of the Inner Sea” and “Dragons Unleashed” in this package, joining “Fey Revisited” and “Chronicle of the Righteous”. All four books are now available for only $4.99.

Don’t forget that a new bundle, our Pathfinder Classic Bundle, goes on sale in just a few days, on July 1! We’re combining our existing Campaign Setting Bundle with our current Player Companion Bundle to create one big package of awesome material. The content from over 35 books will be packaged together and offered for the special introductory price of only $29.99! That’s a 25% discount compared to buying the two existing bundles separately, and a stunning 40% discount over the individual package prices.

Finally, you’ll find a number of enhancements and bug fixes included in this month’s update. Among these changes, you’ll find that we’ve incorporated errata changes from the sixth printing of the Core rulebook. You can find a complete list of the changes in this release on our forum.

Best of luck in your upcoming adventures!


Shadowrun Plans

SR_LogoMainShadowrun 5 debuted at Origins this year, and we hope a number of you have been able to give it a whirl. As we’ve mentioned in the past, we’re planning to support the new version of Shadowrun in Hero Lab. Unfortunately, we’ve been working through various licensing hurdles since then and can’t officially get underway until that’s all sorted out. We expect to get everything finalized in the upcoming weeks, after which we’ll be diving into implementing all the new changes.

Despite the licensing delays, the groundwork is already in place to get the new version implemented as quickly as possible. We expect to have a release of the new game functionality in the fall. We’ll keep you updated on our progress in future versions of the newsletter and will let you know the projected release date as soon as we can.


Important Note for d20 Community Data Set Users

For anyone who’s been downloading the Community Data Set for d20 through Hero Lab’s updates mechanism, we’ve been asked to let you know that it’s been moved to a new server. You can find the updated information at the top of this forum post:


Make sure to update your details (as described in the PDF linked to the above forum thread) to avoid missing out on any updates!


New Setting for Savage Worlds

SW_LOGO_TRANSAnother new Setting for Savage Worlds is now available as a free download! If you’re a fan of the Victorian era, you’ll definitely want to check out “Gaslight” from Battlefield Press. In this Setting, you’ll find a world of Victorian Fantasy where technology meets sorcery, where fantasy meets history. This is a world where Humans and Vampires co-exist with Beast Men, Werewolves and Wildlings. It is a land of secret organizations, hidden agendas, magic, non-humans, and technology all trying to take their rightful place in society. Whether the idea of a Vampire Detective, a Beast Man Sheriff, or a Wildling Rogue strikes your fancy, you’ll find everything you need in this Setting.

To download this new Setting for Savage Worlds, just click the “Find Updates” button from the “Select a Game” window, locate the Savage Setting you want in the list, and download it! Once you’ve installed it, you’ll be notified of any future updates. New titles will appear in the list periodically, so check back now and then to see if your favorite is among them.

We’d like to thank Michael Lusby (aka Gumbytie on the forums) for creating and sharing the data file for “Gaslight”. We’d also like to thank Jonathan Thompson and the rest of the fine folks at Battlefield Press for allowing us to provide “Gaslight” as a free download.


Check Out These Kickstarters

Periodically, we like to highlight information for you regarding things about which we’re really excited or that may be of general interest. This month, we’re drawing your attention to two Kickstarters:

Our friends at Kobold Press are rocking and rolling with their Kickstarter for “Deep Magic”. This tome will include over 300 new spells for Pathfinder, as well as chapters written by some of gaming’s best known names, like Wolfgang Baur, Ed Greenwood, Jason Buhlman, and Stephen Radney-MacFarland. The project still has over a week to go, and has already reached its funding goal as well as a huge slew of stretch goals. We’re incredibly stoked that one of these stretch goals includes Hero Lab files for all Backers. If you like spellcasters, you absolutely need to check this out!

If you use minis in your games, you might be interested in the Battle Boards Kickstarter. An innovative alternative to traditional battlemats, Battle Boards offer some unique features that many gamers will find alluring. Give this Kickstarter a look and see for yourself!