March Newsletter 2013

Hello everyone, and welcome to this month’s newsletter. Good-bye winter and hello spring! With the days getting longer and warmer, things are bustling in the Wolf Lair! This month, we’re happy to share the following updates with you:


Hero Lab for the iPad

The much-anticipated release of Hero Lab for the iPad is just around the corner! We held our final live test of the application over the weekend, and we were very happy with the results. We did find a couple things we wanted to tweak prior to the official release, and we’ve spent this week wrapping up those items.

We’re submitting Hero Lab for the iPad to the App Store for approval on March 29! We expect the App Store review process will take one to two weeks. If all goes well, we’ll be releasing Hero Lab for the iPad before April 15. Please note that this assumes the app is approved on the first submission, which isn’t always the case with the App Store. If we need to make adjustments and resubmit, the release could be a bit later.

The in-play viewer will be provided as a free download when we launch Hero Lab on the iPad. Even after we expand the functionality in the iPad version, the free in-play viewer will remain an option for those of you who simply want to be able to use the iPad at the table and continue to manage your character on your primary computer. So, with this option, you’ll be able to use your iPad as an electronic character sheet at no extra cost! All you’ll need to do is create your character on the desktop version of Hero Lab and move it to your iPad.

With the in-play character sheet phase of development now complete, we’ve turned our attention to the next phase, adding full character creation capabilities. We’ll begin adding GM-related functionality, like the Tactical Console, once full character creation is handled on the iPad. These phases will continue to focus on Pathfinder. As soon as complete product functionality is in place, we’ll start incorporating other game systems into the tablet application as well.

As soon as we have approval to release the iPad version, we’ll let everyone know! Over the next few months, we’ll keep you up to date on our efforts to add full character management capabilities for Hero Lab on the iPad.


Realm Works

We’ve realized several key milestones for Realm Works over the past 30 days. Our Beta Team has expanded as a result of the Kickstarter. We now have over 200 GMs with differing styles, game systems, group sizes, and technology experience to help us deliver the best product possible. The new team members are bringing a fresh take on Realm Works to the table at a critical time, and we’re excited to have them hammering away on the software alongside the veterans.

We’re adding three new developers to the Realm Works team at the start of April, in large part due to the Kickstarter’s success. Our new team members will be instrumental in the delivery of the cloud capabilities and the community repository. With these staff additions, we’re now prepared for the coming months.

Finally, we released a new beta version of Realm Works with the first pieces of a modified look and feel. The improvements to the user interface resulted from all the feedback produced during the Beta period so far. These enhancements will continue over the coming months, and we look forward to the ongoing feedback from the Beta team. We’ll provide updates in the coming months as the product evolves, and here’s a preview of the new look.

Topic View

Topic View

Player View

Player View


Pathfinder Releases

pathfinderMarch’s Adventure Path release, “The Shackled Hut”, was added as a free update for everyone with the Pathfinder game system in Hero Lab. Trapped in the frozen land of Irrisen, the heroes urgently need to find Baba Yaga! To track down the Queen of Witches, you’ll need to brave the monster-infested capital city of Whitethrone. To make it even more interesting, Baba Yaga’s Dancing Hut is now on display there after having been captured by the White Witches. Can you avoid a cold death? Will the Hut dance again? It’s up to you.

“Dungeoneer’s Handbook”, the newest Player Companion, joined “Animal Archive” in our Golarion #5 bundle. If you love delving underground to explore perilous, monster-infested ruins, you’ll find a host of new rules and options to help you stay alive. With new archetypes, spells, magic items, feats, and more, don’t leave home without it! The Golarion #5 bundle is on sale now for $4.99, and we expect to add at least one more Player Companion book to it in the future. As always, if you purchase the bundle before we’ve added the last book, you’ll get that additional material as a free update when it’s released.

New NPCs from the NPC Codex have been added this month. The Arcane Archer, Commoner and Dragon Disciple can be found along with the previously released NPCs by choosing “Import Stock Hero” from the Portfolio menu. More NPCs, including the first wave of the Iconic NPCs, will be released next month as well. Additionally, we’ve introduced several new enhancements and squashed some of those pesky bugs in the latest release. You can find complete details on this month’s Pathfinder releases for Hero Lab on our web site.


New Shadowrun Content

SR_LogoMain“Running Wild” is now available as a Hero Lab add-on. You can’t go wrong with over 300 new critters to challenge and confound those curious ‘runners! Whether you need some mundane critters, a host of paranormal animals or even some mutated fauna, you’ll find it here. Let’s just see how they fare against the likes of the Hellcow, the Borax Burro, a Gamma Spider, or even the Devil Jack Diamond. “Running Wild” is now on sale for $9.99.

We concluded our implementation of “Runner’s Black Book 2074” in March. Our Shadowrun PDF Bundle #3, on sale for $9.99, contains material from all the chapters of “Runner’s Black Book 2074” as well as other material to get your ‘runner through the night. Our recent update also addressed some of the bugs discovered in previous releases and offers new data file authoring capabilities. You can find a full list of the changes on our web site.

Over the next few months, we’ll be turning our attention to implementing “Shadowrun 2050”, “Way of the Samurai”, and “Parageology”. Stay tuned for updates on release dates for these books.


FATE Update

Our implementation of Fate and “Spirit of the Century” is in its final phases. It’s taken us longer than we thought to get to this point as a result of all the attention we’ve been dedicating to Hero Lab on the iPad. However, we now expect to be able to release this new game system for Hero Lab in April!

In case you missed our announcement in December, Fate is Evil Hat’s multi-award winning RPG and is available online for free. “Spirit of the Century”, a complete, stand-alone pulp role-playing game based on Fate, is a fantastic example of this innovative game system. We’re releasing “Spirit of the Century” as a free game system for all Hero Lab licensees!

We’ll add Spirit of the Century to the full version of Hero Lab, as well as to the free version of Hero Lab. It will join the Pathfinder Beginner Box in the free version of Hero Lab as something anyone can use. There’s an added bonus for everyone with the full version of Hero Lab, though. With the full version of Hero Lab, you’ll be able to use the Hero Lab Editor to customize additional content for your Fate games!

We hope everyone enjoys the free release of Spirit of the Century!


Cool Freeport News for Hero Lab

FPlogo01-thumb-450x119-122Periodically, we like to draw your attention to things we find that might be of interest. The one that caught our eye this month is an awesome Kickstarter from our friends at Green Ronin. “Freeport: The City of Adventure for the Pathfinder RPG” will bring the classic Freeport RPG city setting to Pathfinder in an awesome 512 page sourcebook!

There’s an amazing reward being offered if this Kickstarter funds. Green Ronin will make the Freeport rules content available to ALL Pathfinder users of Hero Lab for FREE! With this generous offer from Green Ronin, you’ll be able to use the Freeport classes, feats, magic items, spells, and more when you create your character or NPCs. It’s something the whole Pathfinder community can use and enjoy, but only if Green Ronin makes its goal.

The Freeport Kickstarter is in its final days, so there’s only a limited amount of time left to get in on this tremendous bounty! Support Green Ronin and expand your Hero Lab content all at the same time. We hope you’ll check it out!


Looking for Hero Lab data file authors

The option to provide Hero Lab files has become so popular that even more third party publishers are looking to create data files for Hero Lab. Some publishers we’ve highlighted in the past have brought on a person to create Hero Lab files for their material. Others are still seeking periodic assistance, though.

Given the strength of the Hero Lab user community, we want to try to help them. So, if you’ve created data files for Pathfinder and are interested in assisting third party publishers by creating data files for them, we’d love to hear from you. Please send us an e-mail at if you’re interested in helping to increase the amount of material available for Hero Lab. Please include your contact information, details of your experience with creating Hero Lab data files, and an indication of how much time per week you have available to work on projects. We’ll check with you before we supply your information to anyone.

We look forward to hearing from you!