May 2015 Newsletter

Yes, you’re reading that correctly – this is the May newsletter. While we love the month of April, we’ve decided to rename our newsletters to reflect the upcoming month, not the month that just passed. (We still love you, April.)

This past month has been a busy one for Hero Lab, with the release of the Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition package, Pathfinder Unchained, and our new Pathfinder RPG 2015 Bundle. We also have some news about cloud service for our Realm Works users. For info on these updates and additional news this month, check out more below!


Realm Works – Important News About Cloud Service

Realm Works-logo_tnFive months ago, Realm Works Player Edition was released and we announced that the free six months cloud service had started for users with Realm GM Edition purchased prior to that date. Thousands of GMs have used the cloud service to streamline their games, with many sharing their worlds and stories with players through Realm Works Player Edition. Many more are looking forward to expanding their worlds with published and community content from the upcoming Content Market!

For thousands of users, the free six months of cloud service is currently set to expire on May, 17th, and the majority of those users will be faced with choosing to continue their service before being able to leverage published material through the Content Market. With this in mind, we’ve chosen to suspend the expiration and allow cloud service to continue for all users. All users with cloud service, regardless of purchase date, will continue to receive cloud service until some point after the Content Market launch. Users will have the opportunity to see what’s possible with the Content Market and cloud service combined. Since the exact timing for this remains fluid, we’ll provide users with at least one month’s notice before the extra free cloud service concludes.

We know that many Realm Works users are waiting anxiously for the Content Market, and we’re looking forward to delivering some amazing material, like Frog God Game’s “Razor Coast” and “Pirate’s Guide to Freeport” from Green Ronin Publishing. As we approach the release, more and more users have been asking questions about cloud service and the Content Market. We’ve compiled a number of those frequently asked questions, and have answered them on our FAQ webpage. Before launching the Content Market to the public, we’ll also share additional information about what to expect in the initial launch.

Stay tuned for more information about the Realm Works Content Market. For all the latest Realm Works news, be sure to “like” Realm Works on Facebook, follow @lonewolfdevel on Twitter, and follow Lone Wolf Development on Google+.


Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition for Hero Lab!


The Rise of the Runelords Encounter List
(Work in Progress)

In early April, we announced the upcoming release of a new Adventure Path package for Hero Lab: Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition. In the award-winning Rise of the Runelords, players work together to stop the evil threatening the town of Sandpoint, battling classic foes like goblins and ogres as they advance their characters from 1st to 15th level! Hero Lab already includes player content from each Adventure Path for free, including Rise of the Runelords, and now GMs have all of the encounter essentials at their disposal!

With Rise of the Runelords for Hero Lab, you can access all of the encounters from this Adventure Path, pre-built and ready for battle. Every encounter is available with just a click of the mouse, including spells, weapons, and special abilities already selected for NPCs. You can import each encounter for immediate use at the game table, and even use Hero Lab’s integrated Tactical Console to manage your combats!


The fearsome Skinsaw Man, pre-built in Hero Lab and ready for battle!

Unlike the published Adventure Path, Hero Lab also provides GMs with all of the monster stats, such as Goblins and Zombies, without the hassle of flipping through your Bestiary book or PDF. Best of all, for any encounter using material from a Pathfinder supplement (like the Advanced Players Guide or the Bestiary), that material will automatically be available for you to use within the Adventure Path! For example, if you don’t own the Bestiary package for Hero Lab – don’t worry! You can still use the Skinsaw Man, a deadly Ghast, in an encounter, view all of his Ghast-specific attacks and abilities, or even print out a character sheet to reference at the game table.

Get “Rise of the Runelords” for Hero Lab Today!

Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition is available to buy now for only $24.99! With over 200 encounters across the 434-page adventure included in your purchase, that’s just 12¢ each – a bargain for any busy GM. So what are you waiting for? Head over to our website for more information, or to pick-up your copy today!

Future Adventure Paths

That’s right – we’re already planning to release another Adventure Path for Hero Lab in May! We’ll have more updates soon, so keep an eye on our Facebook page for more information, or “follow” us on Twitter or Google+ to be the first to see them!


Pathfinder RPG 2015 Bundle Now Available for Hero Lab

pathfinderAs we announced in last month’s newsletter, we’ve just introduced the Pathfinder RPG 2015 Bundle, which includes all the official Pathfinder rulebook packages we release during 2015! This is the ultimate bundle of convenience for Pathfinder fans, and is available for only $64.99.

What will be included?

  • Packages for hardcover rulebooks released by Paizo Publishing in 2015 – specifically, Pathfinder Unchained, Occult Adventures (when it releases), and any other hardcover rulebooks that Paizo announces this year.
  • Player Companion and Campaign Setting packages released in 2015 – beginning with Heroes of the Wild in Player Companion #19, we’ll include all of the Player Companion and Campaign Setting packages launched this year. These packages contain material from the numerous Player Companion and Campaign Setting books that Paizo releases throughout the year.

Please note that this package will not include any adventure path packages we release, like Rise of the Runelords, or third-party packages like Legendary Games’ Gothic Compendium, released in January.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t miss any new Pathfinder material, and pick up the Pathfinder RPG 2015 Bundle today!


April Pathfinder Update – Pathfinder Unchained and more!

The latest Pathfinder update is now available for Hero Lab! Explore the radical rule variations in Pathfinder Unchained, embrace your wild side in Heroes of the Wild, prep for the next chapter of the Giantslayer Adventure Path, or if you want to try it all, pick up our brand new Pathfinder RPG 2015 Bundle. This new update has something for everyone!

Pathfinder Unchained

Pathfinder UnchainedIt’s Pathfinder like you’ve never seen it before! In Pathfinder Unchained, the game designers have let loose some wild and crazy ideas, like new versions of the barbarian and summoner classes, magic items that level up with your character, and even changes to combat! Don’t worry, you can still use the classic Pathfinder rules – just pick and choose which of the variations you want to implement in your game. Pathfinder Unchained is now available as a part of this month’s release for only $9.99!

Please note: This initial release of Pathfinder Unchained does not include Overclocked Spells, Innate Item Bonuses, Scaling Items, Dynamic Magic Item Creation, and Simple Monster Creation. These will be added later as a free update to anyone that purchases the package.

Heroes of the Wild

Does your next adventure take place in the untamed wilderness? Is your character a member of one of the Wildwood Lodge or the Storm Kindlers? Add new nature-driven spells and feats, or try out the new Horticulturist archetype, with Heroes of the Wild. This new Pathfinder Players Companion starts off our Player Companion #19 package for only $4.99!

Giantslayer Adventure Path – Chapter 2: The Hill Giant’s Pledge

You and your party have beat back the orcs attacking Trunau, but now you must go after the larger threat – Grenseldek herself. Will her fall save Trunau, or has something larger been put into motion? Find out in the second chapter of the Giantslayer Adventure Path, The Hill Giant’s Pledge. We’ve added all the player content from this book as a part of our free update, available now!

Additional Updates

Finally, you’ll find a number of other enhancements and bug fixes included in this month’s update. A full list of the changes are included on our forums. To keep up with the latest Hero Lab news, make sure to “like” Hero Lab on Facebook, “follow” @lonewolfdevel on Twitter, and “follow” Lone Wolf Development on Google+.


Army Builder – Alpha Strike Update

Army Builder-logoAlpha Strike fans, check it out! Thanks to the volunteer data file author, a new update went out earlier this month for Army Builder that includes the new point values all the alpha strike companion updates. Even better, it now includes the ability to print unit cards in multiple sizes and faction data for the Late Succession wars era. Thanks again, Jim, for all of your contributions to the Alpha Strike community!

Grab the latest update from the automatic updates mechanism in Army Builder, or download it from our website.