May 2016 Newsletter

Happy end-of-April, readers! This month, we’re happy to unveil a cornucopia of Hero Lab content, covering Pathfinder, D&D 5th Edition, and Shadowrun. Plus, read on to find out about some changes here at Lone Wolf, and a status report on Realm Works.

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Staff Changes at Lone Wolf Development

We’re sad to report that Liz, our community manager, newsletter writer, and all-around marketeer, has chosen to pursue a new opportunity and left the company earlier this month.

Liz was the driving force behind many of our marketing efforts, and her departure means that we’re understaffed in that area until we can find her replacement. This means we’ve had to scale back on some of our plans for the near future. Most importantly, the Realm Works Spotlight Series has been suspended, and we won’t be able to attend PaizoCon at the end of May. Sorry, everyone!

If you want to know more about what this means for Lone Wolf, you can find more details in this post on our Realm Works forum.


Realm Works Spotlight Series & Status Update

Episode 9 of the Realm Works Spotlight Series, “Tame the Dragon”, is now available. We’ve already explored ways to get started with published content in Realm Works, but once you’ve got the basics in place, where do you go from there? Read (or watch) Episode 9 to find out more!

If you’re new to the Spotlight Series and want to see some of our earlier episodes, you can find them via the links below, or watch the videos on our YouTube channel.

Sadly, as noted above, this may be the final episode, as the Spotlight Series is being suspended due to Liz’s departure, and its return is uncertain. We’ll be sure to let everyone know if we’re able to resume the series.

As promised in last month’s newsletter, we’ve posted a somewhat detailed update about the status of Realm Works and our path to the upcoming Content Market. We expect to have further updates in the weeks ahead, in which we’ll delve into the finer points of what’s coming and how the Content Market roll-out will unfold. Head over to our Realm Works forum to find out more!


Hero Lab & Pathfinder – the Armor Master’s Handbook, Heaven Unleashed, and The Inferno Gate!

It’s time for our second Pathfinder update of the month! Just like last time, we’ve added something for everyone – players can enjoy the new Armor Master’s Handbook, GMs can find new friends (or foes) in Heaven Unleashed, and anyone looking for a new adventure can check out the latest chapter of Hell’s Vengeance. Read on to find out more!

Armor Master’s Handbook

Armor Master's HandbookIf you’re looking for a new “tank” archetype for your fighter, or new toys – sorry, new armor and shields – to play with in combat, look no further! The Armor Master’s Handbook offers these, new combat style feats, additional options for Fighter armor training, and more. Our favorite: the Tower Shield Specialist feat, allowing you to wield an enormous tower shield with ease!

The Armor Master’s Handbook is the final book in our Player Companion #22 package, available now for only $4.99. If you want to do more with your armor, pick it up today!

Heaven Unleashed

We’re still reeling from the unleashing of dragons, the undead, and recently Hell itself, but we have some good news – Heaven has also been unleashed to stand against our foes! 13 holy champions are available for your perusal, including celestial beings aplenty. Consult with Avanostryx the Sentinel in their Eternal Watchtower, or visit the Mwangi Expanse to “borrow” dangerous artifacts from an archon (good luck with that). All these NPCs are now available in Hero Lab’s Encounter Builder, ready to use in your games!

Heaven Unleashed is the final book in our Campaign Setting #15 package. Buy it now for only $4.99!

Hell’s Vengeance 3 – The Inferno Gate

The Inferno GateThe House of Thrune has sent your group of unheroic and frankly naughty adventurers to find the mysterious Inferno Gate, an uncontrolled portal to Hell itself. Do you try to seal it… or do you bend it to your own ends? We recommend the second option, I’m sure there are absolutely no downsides. All the encounters in The Inferno Gate are now available in Hero Lab’s Encounter Library, ready to use in your adventures!

GMs, what are you waiting for? Pick up the Hell’s Vengeance Adventure Path for Hero Lab, available now for only $24.99.

And more!

This release also includes the usual collection of bug fixes, improvements, and more, provided as always by our hard-working data file authors. Find the full list of changes on our forums!


D&D 5th Edition – Monster Creation and all the SRD Monsters!

Welcome, Dungeoneers! Prepare for some news that will brighten up your GM’s day – all the monsters from the D&D 5th edition SRD, plus rules for custom monster creation, are now available in Hero Lab! Read on to find out more…

All the SRD Monsters!

Did you know? Accusing someone of being a “gibbering mouther” is offensive in many cultures.

The 5th edition SRD includes hundreds of monsters, and starting now, they’re all available in Hero Lab’s Encounter Builder! Build your next challenge from a list of over 300 classic monsters, including Owlbears, Dragons, Lichs, Hydras, Badgers (stop – Ed) and more!

These new monsters are available to all users in the latest 5th edition update for Hero Lab! Once you’ve grabbed the new update, go to the Gamemaster menu within Hero Lab and click “Show Encounter Builder”. You’ll see a list of all the bad guys you can choose from – just try to make sure your players don’t hear your muffled cackles of glee.

Custom Monster Creation!

What’s that I hear? “Over 300 monsters isn’t enough”? How did you even get in here? Well, we have good news for you, unusually demanding reader – in addition to the monsters from the SRD, we now support creating new monsters of your very own, without even using the Hero Lab editor!

Building your own monster in Hero Lab

Just pick the Custom Monster race for your NPC, name the monster, and start building it. Choose challenge rating, hit dice, resistances, attacks, special abilities and more! We even provide the new “CR Estimate” summary panel to help you decide just how strong your monster should be. Check out the screenshot on the right to see how easy it is!

Once you’ve finished your monster, you can use it in Hero Lab’s tactical console just like any other NPC. It’s never been easier to make new monsters and use them in your games!

That’s all, folks!

For the full list of changes in this release, including additional new features and bug fixes, see our forum thread. We’re already working on our next 5th edition release – tune in in a few weeks and you’ll find improvements to the custom monster creation mechanism, new optional mechanics, and more!


Shadowrun – Rigger 5.0 Now Available!

Greetings, denizens of the Sixth World! We’ve been spending some long hours in our automotive workshop, and we’re happy to unveil the results – Rigger 5.0 is now available in Hero Lab!

Just some of the many new vehicles added in Rigger 5.0

Over 150 new vehicles and drones make Rigger 5 a must-have for any Shadowrun character, and if you’re into customizing your ride, we have good news – over 100 new modifications are now available, like the mechanical arm, electromagnetic shielding, and everyone’s favorite, the deadly anti-theft system! Add new capabilities to the power train, armor, weapons, or body of your vehicle or drone, and Hero Lab will apply any appropriate effects while verifying that it’s within the modification limits introduced in R5.

In addition to hundreds of new vehicles, drones, and modifications, we’ve also streamlined how Hero Lab deals with multiple vehicles or drones, resulting in a major performance boost. Even if you have many drones active at once, changes you make to your character should now happen much faster, making it easier than ever for Hero Lab to keep track of your drone army during combat!

Rigger 5.0 is available now for Hero Lab, so don’t delay – jump in your Ford Americar, head down to our online purchase server, and pick it up today! As always, you can find a full list of this release’s changes on our Shadowrun 5 forum.


D&D 5th Edition Kickstarter – The Book of the Righteous

BotR5E-banner-floating-ad[1]Our good friends at Green Ronin Publishing are reprising one of their classic third edition products – The Book of the Righteous – for 5th edition! From Green Ronin themselves, here’s why you need this book:

We teamed up with Wizards of the Coast to bring you Out of the Abyss and the Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide. Now Green Ronin wants to bring you a divine sourcebook for Fifth Edition like no other.

What is The Book of the Righteous? Simply put, one of the most comprehensive pantheons ever seen in roleplaying games. It presents more than 20 pick-up-and-play churches corresponding to gods that feature in most fantasy campaigns (god of war, god of justice, etc.). Each church features lavish detail, including in-depth information on its clerics, holy orders, dogma, prayers, and rituals. These churches can be used in any campaign to bring a whole new level of detail to the religious characters.

If you’re looking for new content for your 5th edition game, what are you waiting for? Head over to their Kickstarter page today!


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