November 2015 Newsletter

The holidays are right around the corner, and many of us will be able to game with our friends and family – that’s our favorite way to spend those precious days off. The Lone Wolf team has been working hard to help you with game prep, releasing new features in Realm Works and the latest Hero Lab content from your favorite games! We even have a Hero Lab sale going on now, where you can pick up packages for up to 50% off! For info on all the latest news, check out more below:


Hero Lab Sale Ends Next Week!

Get ‘em while they’re hot! Pick up exclusive sale bundles and discounted packages during our Hero Lab sale, with savings up to 50% off! Take a look below at some of the hottest deals for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, Shadowrun, and Mutants & Masterminds.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game

pathfinderSave up to 40% on 30 different Pathfinder deals, including our must-have Adventurer’s Bundle! This popular bundle contains new race options from the Advanced Race Guide, hundreds of deities and new perks for their followers from Inner Sea Gods, rules for legendary heroes in Mythic Adventures, and the ability to run that inn you always wanted in Ultimate Campaign. Interested in expanding your characters beyond the options in the rulebooks? Pick up a Mega Bundle and add every Player Companion or Campaign Setting book to your collection for $1 or less per book.

And for the first time ever, we have individual packages on sale, like the Advanced Race Guide and Ultimate Equipment! These packages are now only $7.99 with the purchase of an essential Rulebook Entry Path package, like the Advanced Class Guide or Ultimate Magic (or one of our new Class Packs).

The Pathfinder deals don’t stop there! We also have discounts from other Pathfinder publishers, like Frog God Games, Kobold Press, and Rite Publishing. Pick up the award-winning Tome of Horrors Complete and Deep Magic packages for 20%, or the magical 1001 Spells for only $6.99. To see all the Pathfinder deals, head over to website now!

Shadowrun 4th and 5th Edition

ShadowrunRunners, stock up on new gear, abilities, and more to aid in your fight against the evil corporations! If you’re playing 5th Edition, add options from the Sourcebook Bundles for 20% off when you purchase Run & Gun, Street Grimoire, Run Faster, or Data Trails. If you’re currently playing 4th Edition and want to try out the latest game, you can upgrade to 5th edition during the sale for 15% off with the Shadowrun Upgrade Bundle.

Still playing 4th Edition? Don’t worry, you haven’t been left out of the fun.  Pick up essential books and packages for half-off, including Running Wild. Or, add every Shadowrun 4th Edition supplement and PDF to your Shadowrun collection for over 50% off with the Shadowrunner’s Complete 4E Library. No matter which edition you’re playing, we have something for Shadowrun fans!

Mutants & Masterminds

MnM3_logo_smallFight crime with our favorite superhero RPG, Mutants & Masterminds 3rd Edition – now 30% off in Hero Lab! If you’re new to Mutants & Masterminds and Hero Lab, you can pick up Hero Lab with Mutants & Masterminds for only $19.99 (usually $29.99). Current Hero Lab users, you can save the day by adding Mutants & Masterminds to your game library for just $14.

But don’t forget to gear up with the latest equipment available in Gadget Guides for just $4.99 (over 30% off), or choose from all the available superpowers in Power Profiles for only $6.99 (30% off). Don’t go up against the supervillains unprepared – grab these deals today!

Sale Ends Soon!

These discounts are available for a limited time only. If you’re planning to take advantage of these amazing deals, make sure to pick them up before the sale ends on Sunday, November 8th. You don’t want to miss your chance!


Major Realm Works Update

Realm Works-logo_tnIn our last newsletter, we had uncovered a nasty issue that delayed the major Realm Works update. Thankfully, everyone was very supportive and understanding while we got the bug fixed, and we greatly appreciate that! More importantly, everyone’s patience paid off!

Earlier this month, the huge update finally rolled out – a critical milestone towards the release of the Content Market and web-based access. This new version introduces features like default fonts and custom styles, true names, and extensive control over Realm Work’s automatic link detection. The most complex piece involves the conversion of everyone’s content from rich text, a primarily desktop-focused format, to HTML. This clears the path for users to seamlessly access their content on both the desktop and web.


Using the new “true name” alias feature to keep Batman’s identity a secret.

Before you grab this big update, please read the full details on our website. There are some very important details to know about upgrading, and it’s best to go in fully informed. The list of enhancements is long, and we want everyone to be aware of them all.

One smaller feature we want to highlight is the third-party application integration. Syrinscape, a popular sound app, was the first company to take advantage of this feature! Head here for details on how to integrate Syrinscape within Realm Works.

Looking forward to the Content Market? Stay tuned for a big Realm Works announcement later this month that’s sure to make some waves. If you haven’t already, you may want to like Realm Works on Facebook, follow @lonewolfdevel on Twitter, and/or follow Lone Wolf Development on Google+.



October Pathfinder Updates

pathfinderThis week has been an eventful one for Pathfinder fans, with huge sales and new releases! In case you missed the news, you can save anywhere from 20-40% off 30 different Pathfinder deals in our Hero Lab sale, live now. This sale ends Sunday, November 8th, so don’t miss these limited-time discounts.

And now, you can grab our latest Pathfinder release, which includes Black Markets, the second half of Heroes of the Streets, Distant Shores, and the latest chapter of the Hell’s Rebels Adventure Path. We’ve even included all the Pathfinder Society pregenerated characters, thanks to the assistance of some dedicated Venture Officers.

For info on all the releases this month, check out the updates below.

Black Markets and Heroes of the Streets

blackmarketsSometimes the good guys need to break the law. Do you need to find an item or spell for a quest that can’t be bought in any reputable establishment? Find the shops and markets that operate off the grid in the latest Player Companion – Black Markets. This new book joins Dirty Tactics Toolbox, as well as the rest of Heroes of the Streets, in the Player Companion #20 bundle, now available for only $4.99!

If you’re waiting on the second Player Companion for October, Occult Origins, it will be starting off the Player Companion #21 bundle next month.

Distant Shores

Explore beyond the Inner Sea region of Golarion, and learn about the other societies and cultures on the edge of the world. Fill your adventure with new cities, gods, magic, and adventure sites, with the latest Campaign Setting – Distant Shores. This new book joins Inner Sea Monster Codex, Hell Unleashed, and Occult Bestiary, finishing off the Campaign Setting #14 bundle, now available for only $4.99.

Dance of the Damned – Hell’s Rebels Chapter 3

The Silver Ravens have made progress in their fight against Lord-Mayor Barzillai Thrune and his forces. Now the party and their allies must join forces with the elves and the free city of Vyre in an attempt to cut him off from his trade routes. Will they succeed, or will they fail to bring these supporters to their cause? Find out in Chapter 3 of the Hell’s Rebels Adventure Path – Dance of the Damned.

Game Masters can now run the latest chapter of this AP using Hero Lab. All the encounters from Dance of the Damned have been added to the Hell’s Rebels add-on. If you haven’t picked up this Adventure Path package, grab it today for only $24.99.

Players can also pick up all the player content from this book as a part of our free update, available now!

Pathfinder Society Pregenerated Characters

From time to time, it’s helpful to have a pregenerated character. Maybe you’re new to Pathfinder Society, or you didn’t have time to whip up a new character for a one-shot game that your friend is hosting. It’s times like this when the Pathfinder Society Pregenerated Characters can be a useful resource for all Pathfinder players.

Thanks to the hard work of six Venture Officers, these pregenerated characters were created and added as a free resource for all Hero Lab users with the Pathfinder game system. You can find them within Hero Lab by following these four easy steps:

  1. Open the Pathfinder game system within Hero Lab
  2. Select “Open File” from the Configure Your Hero pop-up
  3. Open the “Pathfinder Society Pregenerated Characters” folder within the Pathfinder portfolios folder
  4. Choose your character!

These pregens will be very useful for Pathfinder players, so thank you again to Andreas Persson, Dave Frahm, Jester Deren, John Grisby, Phillip Goettsch, and Preston Hudson for helping us make these available to the community!

Additional Updates

You’ll also find a number of other changes and bug fixes in this update. A full list of the changes are included on our forums. To keep up with the latest Hero Lab news, make sure to “like” Hero Lab on Facebook, “follow” @lonewolfdevel on Twitter, and “follow” Lone Wolf Development on Google+.


Shadowrun 5th Edition – Chrome Flesh

ShadowrunRunners will soon have the option to enhance their bodies with new cyberware, bioware, nanotech, and all manner of augmentations with Chrome Flesh. Releasing in the next two weeks for only $9.99, this book will provide players with dozens of upgrades to make their characters stronger, faster, and more of a threat to evil corporations, insect spirits, rogue AIs, and the other sundry inhabitants of the Sixth World.

To be notified when Chrome Flesh is released, be sure to “like” Hero Lab on Facebook, follow @lonewolfdevel on Twitter, or follow Lone Wolf Development on Google+.


Savage Worlds – Science Fiction Companion

SW_LOGO_TRANSSavage Worlds players will soon be able to use new races and cyberware, build their own starships and power armor, and more with the Science Fiction Companion. Releasing in the next two weeks for only $7.99, this add-on will be a must-have for every Savage Worlds campaign!

To be notified when the Science Fiction Companion is released, be sure to “like” Hero Lab on Facebook, follow @lonewolfdevel on Twitter, or follow Lone Wolf Development on Google+.


Kings of War 2nd Edition Now in Army Builder

Army Builder-logoIf you’re playing Kings of War 2nd Edition to satisfy your need for a good fantasy miniatures game, we have some great news! Thanks to the hard work of the same volunteer data file author that supported Warhammer Fantasy 8th Edition, you can now create and manage rosters for this hot, new game. Thank you to Joseph for his contributions to these files, and his support of Army Builder.

A full list of Kings of War 2nd Edition updates and changes are included on our forums. Grab the latest update from the automatic updates mechanism in Army Builder, or download it from our website.