November 2016 Newsletter

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and here at the Wolflair we’re thankful for all of our fans and supporters! As the holidays fast approach we hope each of you have an enjoyable season filled with warmth and a good deal of gaming fun.

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Hero Lab News

  • Don’t forget we’re making changes to the system requirements for iPad, Windows, and Mac users. If you haven’t read up on this yet, checkout our update from earlier this month.
  • Also, if you’ve been waiting for bug fixes and enhancements for your 5th Edition Hero Lab files, your wait is over! You can download the update now and check out the changelog for all the fixes over on our forums.
  • Looking for bug fixes, enhancements, and data file authoring changes? You can read all about those on our forums as well!
  • And finally, we need your help! A new beta version of Hero Lab is now available, and we’d like you to install it! You can read more about how you can help us over on the forums.


Curse of the Crimson Throne

A Campaign Fit For a Queen!

The kings and queens of Korvosa have long ruled under the shadow of the Curse of the Crimson Throne—an infamous superstition claiming that no monarch of the city of Korvosa shall ever die of old age or produce an heir. Whether or not there is any truth to the legend of the curse, Korvosa’s current king is but the latest victim to succumb to this foul legacy. Now, the metropolis teeters on the edge of anarchy, and it falls to a band of new heroes to save Korvosa from the greatest threat it has ever known! This hardcover compilation updates the fan-favorite campaign for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, including new and revised content packed with mayhem, excitement, and adventure!
This special edition of Curse of the Crimson Throne contains:

  • Encounters from all six chapters of the original expanded and updated Adventure Path
  • An array of new rules options for characters, ranging from campaign traits to spells and magic items
  • Rules support for the 12 most important NPCs in the campaign
  • Nine monsters from the original Adventure Path
  • And never-before-seen characters

Chapter 1 thru 4 of the adventure path is available now in the Curse of the Crimson Throne data package for only $24.99 with the remainder being added as they release.

Curse of the Crimson Throne 1-6 $24.99

Inner Sea Temples plus 1 more $4.99

Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Inner Sea Temples

Houses of the Holy

Nearly every settlement in the Inner Sea has at least one temple, ranging from the modest shrines of remote hamlets to massive cathedrals in metropolises. Temples can act as centers of commerce, community, healing, and sacrifice for adventurers and common folk alike.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Inner Sea Temples helps Game Masters and players explore six of the Inner Sea region’s most iconic seats of faith. The Inner Sea Temples data package comes complete with:

  • Temple NPCs
  • New Magic Items
  • Occult Rituals performed in the temples
  • And new Spells favored by the resident priests

Inner Sea Temples is available now as the first book in the new Pathfinder Campaign Setting #17 package for only $4.99! At least one additional book will be added to this package as newer books come out.

Fury in Freeport Encounters

For a decade now Freeport has stood as one of fantasy gaming’s most distinctive cities. Home to pirates, foul cults, terrifying monsters, vicious gangs, crime lords, and corrupt politicians, Freeport is a dynamic setting that offers a unique blend of high adventure and cosmic horror.

Now the City of Adventure returns to its roots with the Freeport Companion: Pathfinder RPG Edition, a rules supplement for the Pirate’s Guide to Freeport. Its 160 pages are packed with all the support you need to run a Freeport campaign with the Pathfinder RPG. In addition to giving game stats for all the city’s major characters, the Freeport Companion provides new core classes like the corsair and monster hunter, new prestige classes like the musketeer and witch hunter, famous magic items, an insanity system, new spells and incantations, and an introductory adventure. Celebrate 10 years of the City of Adventure with the Freeport Companion: Pathfinder RPG Edition!

The encounters from Fury in Freeport, the adventure in Green Ronin’s Freeport Companion, are now available to all users in the Encounter Library!


Available in the Encounter Library

The Seelie Court is the realm of the hidden, the rumored, and the unknown. Fairies, spirits, and enchanted creatures mingle there, building alliances, plotting, scheming, toying with the realm of humans—and with each other. The Court has long held a distant attachment to the material plane, influencing it like a dream influences our waking hours. But now a new connection has emerged, allowing humans to infiltrate the courts and influence its proceedings. At a time when magical power is ever on the rise, the mix of human and fae could set both worlds into a calamitous plunge, and no one will want to be awake when they hit bottom.

Content from Court of Shadows is now included in the Shadowrun Sourcebook Bundle #2, along with Shadows in Focus: Sioux Nation, SiF: Butte, Lockdown, and Bloody Business. Take advantage of fae gear, make new allies (and enemies), and acquire unusual Court of Shadows weapons! But beware of foes like the fearsome Baobhan sith, elusive Doppelganger, and sinister Morbi! For GMs, NPCs like Donal Viltharion, the Royal Executioner, and Lady Thisbe Sorrel, the Queen in Exile, are also included in the Encounter Builder to use in your games.

Head over to our online store to purchase Sourcebook Bundle #2 now! Anyone who already owns this bundle will receive Court of Shadows as a free addition.

This release also includes bug fixes to benefit every Shadowrun player, which you can read more about in our forums. (The final chunk of Howling Shadows is also still in progress, and will be added in a future release.)

Enjoy your time with the fae, but remember, don’t spend too long – you may find yourself entwined in seelie plots and unable to escape the Court…

Court of Shadows



Realm Works Update

Greetings from Lone Wolf Development! Many of you have been anxiously awaiting the Realm Works Content Market, and we’re pleased to announce your wait is almost over. The pieces are falling into place, and we’re on track to launch the Content Market in December!

You can  read all about the future of Realm Works in our most recent news update.



Hero Lab Giveaway!

We’re excited to announce our winners for the Hero Lab Giveaway! Congrats to the Dungeon Master of Roses Tinted who shared the following creative limerick telling the tale of why their DM deserves a copy of Hero Lab. We are happy to present them with one and enjoyed your bit of rhyme.

Our DM is great at story telling
The NPCs get quite a felling
We kill all day long
To the beat of my song
And these acts can require quite some selling

All the work he puts in is such madness
Yet our DM allows such pure badness
He builds characters for days
Who we turn around and slay…s
It must cause him a great deal of sadness

To cut down his prep time duration
(And nab a dice of inspiration)
The plan is to grab
A free copy of Hero Lab
Using our bard’s high persuasion

 We would also like to congratulate Anrya and hope she enjoys the product and keeps gaming for many years to come!

 Hello Lone Wolf!

I’d like to nominate my daughter, Anrya, for your Hero Lab Giveaway Contest this month. She’s an avid roleplayer who at the age of 12 traveled to GenCon and earned exceptional praise from tables full of adult gamers for her passion and maturity as a roleplayer.

Now in high school, Anrya has just begun her journey into the world of GMing and has enjoyed helping me manage our home Pathfinder campaign using Hero Lab on my PC. She has recruited her friends into a new Pathfinder campaign and is hoping to start her first session shortly. A major challenge for her, has been one common to many kids we might describe as ‘digital natives’.

While she has been working with her friends to generate their characters, she has been working on Skype or Facetime to communicate on one hand while on the other hand she has been rifling through our various hardcover books, juggling pencils and shuffling endless characters sheets. This seems entirely natural to me, being an ‘old-crusty-gamer’, but for today’s digital natives, this presents a fairly stark chasm to cross – they are quite used to being able to find whatever they need quickly online, while being able to instantly collaborate with their contacts. It also doesn’t help that her friends are quite spread out across the town/countryside where we live, either. Thank goodness she’s still so passionate about running her game!

Having her own Hero Lab license would help encourage her immensely and provide her an amazing tool to stay organized and manage all levels of her campaign. Hero Lab is a tool that makes sense for an ‘old-crusty-gamer’ like me, because… well, I forget things. For her and her generation, however, Hero Lab is a tool that works as they expect and need things to work. It is amazing what levels of creativity she and her peers can achieve when they are not held back by ‘archaic paper-shuffling’. Great times roleplaying with your friends should not feel like learning how to become a librarian or an exercise in filling out tax forms (note: I appreciate all Librarians and Tax Consultants!).

Thank you kindly for your consideration, and keep up the great work!

Russell Foubert.

Many thanks to those who participated in our contest, we enjoyed all the stories, praise, and amusing commentary. While it wasn’t easy picking winners, we hope that those who won enjoys their loot! Keep an eye our fore more opportunities in the future!


Some Fun Kickstarters we Found this Month


Open Legend: Open-source RPG & Amaurea’s Dawn Setting

Community-driven RPG for any genre & Amaurea’s Dawn, a multi-genre campaign setting with legendary Matthew Mercer & Ed Greenwood!


Isometric Gaming Paper

Huge 12 foot by 30-inch rolls of isometric paper from gamingpaper to give your players an immersive 3D gaming experience.

Army Builder-logoThe most recent Army Builder updates include:

  • Bolt Action (v1.28) – full file rewrite, all Named Forces for all nations, all extra force lists, all web based forces
  • 40k 7th edition (v1.58) – Traitor’s Hate, Angel’s Blade, Codex:Genestealer Cults, Death Masque and updates and corrections to the files in general
  • Warzone: Resurrection 2 (v2.3) – open beta rules
  • Lords of the Rings (v4.4) – bug fixes and additions
  • 9th Age (v1.20) – a collection of hot fixes

Don’t forget to connect with us on social media for news and release updates throughout the month!

Until next month – Happy Gaming!