November Newsletter 2013

Welcome pack members, and happy November! It’s hard to believe that in a few days people will be putting up holiday decorations (if they haven’t already). We don’t know about you, but November has been an incredibly busy month for the Lone Wolf team, with Realm Works released to the rest of our Kickstarter backers, continued work on both Shadowrun 5 and Fate Core for Hero Lab, and the release of the Advanced Class Playtest for Pathfinder. We have some pretty exciting news to share with you all this month, so check out some of the following updates below:


Realm Works Receives Glowing Reviews from Kickstarter Backers

Realm Works-logo_tnEarly this month, we released Realm Works to all our eligible Kickstarter backers, and so far the response has been great! We’re incredibly thankful to our early users, as they’re helping us test Realm Works’ limits and prepare it for release.

The last major item left before Realm Works becomes available publicly is getting full server syncing operational and thoroughly tested by both the Beta team and Kickstarter backers. There are a number of other smaller items, which are outlined in a “Road Map to V1.0 Launch” announcement over the weekend. In terms of release, though, the wildcard is the server. The development team is working to complete the first Beta release with that functionality before Thanksgiving (Thursday this week, for our international audience). Beyond that, we’re targeting a V1.0 launch for shortly before Christmas. Of course, this assumes that there aren’t any major surprises during these final weeks.

We’re doing everything we can to have Realm Works available for sale before the holidays. However, it’s also important that Realm Works is complete and works smoothly for everyone when it officially launches. Our developers are working like mad to get it to you as soon as possible, so thank you for your continued patience.

In the meantime, we have some pre-holiday gifts for all of you! To unwrap your gifts, take a look at the next update. While they’re no substitute for the product itself, we hope you enjoy them and greatly appreciate your patience. As always, updates will be posted on our forums, Facebook and Twitter. So if you don’t already “like” Realm Works or follow @lonewolfdevel, make sure you check us out!


Realm Works Website & Videos Live

Realm Works-logo_tnIt’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s our shiny new Realm Works website!  We hope the new design makes it easier to explore and learn about Realm Works as it nears release. The Hero Lab and Army Builder pages will be migrating to this new design over the next few months.

We also released a Virtual Tour Video and Tutorial Videos today! The Virtual Tour provides a peek at many of the amazing things Realm Works makes possible. The tutorials are instructional videos, created for users that currently have and are using the product, but they’re perfect for anyone that can’t wait to see the product in action!


Shadowrun 5 Update

ShadowrunWe’ve had many questions lately about the status of Shadowrun 5, so we decided we were due for an update! As many of you know, there are some big changes in the newest edition. Unfortunately, these changes have been taking a good deal of time to build into Hero Lab. Thanks to Mathias, our Lead Data File Author for the Shadowrun 5 game system, we have a thorough update for all of you anxiously awaiting the release.

As a reminder, because there are some major differences between Shadowrun 4 and the new edition, Shadowrun 5 will be sold as a separate game system for all users.


Fate Core Beta

fate-core_200For those of you waiting on Fate Core, we’re excited to announce that we’re nearing completion! To get some feedback from users, we’ll be releasing a Beta of this new game by the end of the year! Sign-ups for the Beta will be announced on our ForumsFacebook and Twitter.

For those of you who haven’t heard of Fate Core, you should definitely check it out! This multi-award winning RPG from Evil Hat is game setting neutral and incredibly customizable, and will soon be supported in Hero Lab.

Fate Core will be a free download for all Hero Lab owners when it releases to the public. If you want an early look, keep an eye out for beta applications, opening soon!


Advanced Classes Playtest for Pathfinder

pathfinderBring out your inner brawler! Paizo recently released their new Advanced Class Guide playtest, which is due to release in August 2014. This playtest will include 10 new classes, such as the Swashbuckler, the Warpriest, the Arcanist, and more! We’re excited to announce that for a limited time, we’ll support the Advanced Class Guide playtest in Hero Lab as a free update for all users with a Pathfinder license. This release should be available later today.

Just like Paizo’s free playtest PDF, the playtest material within Hero Lab will be free to all our Pathfinder users until August next year. Once the Advanced Class Guide is released in August 2014, the playtest content will be updated and will then become part of our Advanced Class Guide package. For those who purchase this package once it’s released, the characters you’ve created during the playtest will continue to work in Hero Lab, and you’ll get access to any new content added in the book.

Be aware that if anything changes in the playtest over the upcoming months, there may be some changes you need to make – for example, if the class selects from among several abilities, and one of the options you selected for that slot is removed, your character will have that ability removed and must choose a new one.

Please note that when the full Advanced Class Guide package releases next year, you’ll no longer be able to use these new classes without purchasing it for your license

As Paizo updates the playtest content, we’ll work to get out updates as fast as we can. Unfortunately, we’ll always be a few days behind as we’ll get the new information the same day all of you do. As a reminder, if you use the playtest classes, help out Paizo and give them feedback! It’s the least you can do for all of these awesome new class options!


Third Party Releases for Pathfinder

Hero-Lab-logo_tnThis month brings two new releases from some of our partner publishers, Rite Publishing and Kobold Press!

Journey to the Far East with Rite Publishing’s “Heroes of the Jade Oath”, available later today for $14.99. With new skills like Fung Shui, as well as new feats and optional rules, your players will enjoy exploring this rich culture’s history within this new Pathfinder setting. Enjoy new classes, archetypes, spells and more!

From Kobold Press, The Free City of Zobeck will soon be available for your game! Journey to the famous Crossroads City, compiled at last for everyone who loves noir adventure, clockwork characters, dwarves, and kobolds. A wealth of new feats, PC races, spells, equipment and archetypes are available for everyone who loves gritty and urban characters! This package includes content from Alleys of ZobeckStreets of Zobeckthe Zobeck Gazetteer, and the Player’s Guide to the Crossroads, and will be available later today for $9.99.


Army Builder Updates

Army Builder-logoJoin thousands of other users with the Army Builder Roster Viewer available now for iPad and iPhone! 

Thanks to the hard work from the community data file authors, we’ve had a number of updates released this month for Army Builder games – Black Powder, Bolt Action, Wahammer 40K and Warhammer Fantasy! As a reminder, all bugs should be reported to the data file authors. Each author has a different way of handling bugs, but when it doubt check out our forums!

Updates to game system files can be downloaded automatically from the updates mechanism for any user with an active license. As a reminder, licenses purchased after August 1st, 2012, or extended past August 1st, 2013 will no longer expire. This means you can continue to receive all future updates to Army Builder 3 without having to pay for any future license extensions. If you currently have an expired Army Builder license, you can extend your license and take advantage of the Army Builder Roster Viewer and the updates mechanism. Check out our website for more information! Keep up with the latest updates and “like” Army Builder or follow @lonewolfdevel!

huge thank you to the community data file authors for making these updates available to the Army Builder community!