October 2014 Newsletter

Halloween is here, and we’ve been working on some frighteningly good releases this month for Hero Lab! Prepare to scare your gaming group silly with the newest Pathfinder package, “Monster Codex”, or with Rite Publishing’s “In the Company of Monsters”. In addition to these new packages, we also have the latest on Realm Works and other important news. For additional info, check out our highlights below:


Exploring the Upcoming Player Edition

Realm Works-logo_tnGreat Scott, it’s nearly November! October flew by for the Realm Works team as we focused on dotting all the i’s and crossing all the t’s for Player Edition, ensuring that both GMs and players will have a smooth first experience with the product.

We’ve done extensive testing this past month and have uncovered some special cases that needed to be handled carefully and prior to release, so we’ve focused on getting those cases solved. At this point, we believe there’s only a few items left to be tackled. When should those be done? Based on our experiences thus far, we don’t want to put an exact date on it. So for now we’ll say “real soon”, and reiterate that we’ll be sharing the news here on our website when it’s available.

For those of you waiting on the survey we mentioned in our September newsletter, we have an update! For those of you that missed it last month, we’ve been compiling a survey to determine the most frequently requested features based on the many feature requests on our forums. This survey will allow us to focus our development efforts on the features that matter most to our users. The focus on wrapping up Player Edition took precedent over the survey, so we’ll be sending the survey out after Player Edition releases. To ensure that you receive our survey, make sure that you opt into our newsletter, if you haven’t already.

Can’t wait for Player Edition? To help you start thinking about how you can take advantage of Player Edition in your game, our Community Manager, Liz, is going to walk you through 3 examples of how Player Edition can be used to enhance players’ experience at the table!


Hello everyone, Liz here! While the development team has been working furiously on getting Player Edition ready for release, I’ve found myself getting more eager than ever to use Player Edition in my games. There are some really great features!

So in preparation for release, I’m going to walk you through three ways Player Edition will change my games for the better, and could likely change yours!

Eliminate Recaps/Reviews


Review information from previous sessions

Game recaps can be the worst. They take a lot of time (usually the GM’s) to put together, it’s easy to omit important details, and players usually forget what they’ve read in a recap email once they get to the game anyway. If the GM opts to do a review at the beginning of the session, everyone ends up spending valuable game time to be reminded of what happened in the past session. Even with a review, my group will often interrupt a roleplaying moment to say something like “Who is that again?” or “What did we do?”, breaking the flow of the game and pulling us out of the moment.

Realm Works tackles this all-too-common problem by providing players with the information that their characters learned or events they took part in during previous game sessions. Not only can I review that information before I come to my GM’s next game, but I’ll also have all of the information at my fingertips at the game table.

Travel through the Story


Navigate through your GM’s world with images and linked text

I’m a very visual person, so I absolutely love that I can take a map, like the overland island map to the right, and use it to travel through my GM’s story. If, during the next session, I forget where our travels took us in the previous session, I can just click the map pin and it will bring up the information my character learned about that particular location.

The linked text is also handy during the game. Since Realm Works automatically detects and creates links for the GM between the topics in his or her world, there’s plenty of opportunities to explore how the various people, places, and events are all connected. Now I’m empowered to answer the questions “Who is that?” or “What did we do?” without interrupting the game flow.

Notes that Link to the Story

I’m a note taker. Specifically, I like to write about what our characters are planning to do in upcoming sessions, and my theories about the story.


Take notes that link back to the story

Not only can I do this in Player Edition, but Realm Works will automatically detect and create links back to my GM’s world. So if I mention that we explored the Kobold Ruins – BAM! – Realm Works will ask to create the link. That makes it quick and easy to connect back to the game when we play in the future.

It’s hard to believe, but this is really just scratching the surface of what Player Edition can bring to a gaming group. In fact, it’s been inspiring me to get cracking on my campaign so that I’ll be ready to take advantage all it has to offer.

On behalf of the Realm Works team, we’re looking forward to bringing Player Edition to your games soon!

For the latest release news, keep an eye on our website and on our social media! Be sure to “like” Realm Works on Facebook, follow @lonewolfdevel on Twitter, and follow Lone Wolf Development on Google+.


“Monster Codex”, and This Month’s Pathfinder Releases

pathfinderFace off against new variants of your favorite monsters, like gnoll packlords and dinosaur-riding lizardfolks, with the Monster Codex. This new book includes new options for 20 classic monsters, making it the perfect addition to every GM’s collection. You’ve never seen goblins and vampires quite like this! The Monster Codex is now available as a part of this month’s release for only $9.99. (Please note that some races and monsters used in the Monster Codex are available through separate packages, such as the Advanced Race Guide and various Bestiaries. These packages will be required to take advantage of those monsters.)

You and your party have defeated the Lords of Rust, but you’ve learned that a stronger foe is threatening the land and its people. You’ve managed to track this menace to Silver Mount, but will you be able to learn the secret to its undoing? Find out in the latest chapter of the “Iron Gods” Adventure path, “The Choking Tower”. We’ve added all of the player content as a part of our free update, available now!

Explore the open seas with seven unique ships, each with strange powers and seaworthy weapons. Spice up your naval adventures with “Ships of the Inner Sea”, the latest Campaign Setting for Pathfinder. This new book joins Campaign Setting #13, which is available now for only $4.99!

Did you like the recent Advanced Class Guide for Pathfinder? Then you’re going to love “Advanced Class Origins”! This month we’re releasing half of “Advanced Class Origins” as a part of the Pathfinder Player Companion #17 package, available now for only $4.99! This update includes the bloodrager, investigator, slayer, swashbuckler, and warpriest sections, as well as some content from the arcanist section. The additional content will be added as a free update to anyone that has purchased the package.

Finally, you’ll find a number of other enhancements and bug fixes included in this month’s update. A full list of the changes are included on our forums. Keep up with the latest Hero Lab news and “like” Hero Lab on Facebook, follow @lonewolfdevel on Twitter, or follow Lone Wolf Development on Google+.


“Occult Adventures” Playtest

pathfinderEarlier this week, Paizo announced a new Pathfinder playtest for “Occult Adventures”. As we’ve done in the past, we’re planning support in Hero Lab for this playtest as a free update to all users with a Pathfinder license. Once “Occult Adventures” is released in August 2015, the playtest content will be updated and will then become part of our “Occult Adventures” package. For those who purchase this package once it’s released, the characters you’ve created during the playtest will continue to work in Hero Lab, and you’ll get access to any new content added in the book.

Now that Monster Codex is available, we’ll be able to focus the necessary time on this Playtest and will share updates on our progress along the way. We’re currently planning to have the six new classes available by mid-November, so keep an eye out for more information on FacebookTwitter, and Google+.

In the Company of Monsters Cover_resized

“In the Company of Monsters” by Rite Publishing

Why stick to the usual player races? With “In the Company of Monsters”, from Rite Publishing, you can pick from six new player races for your Pathfinder game. Choose from Gargoyles, Giants, Ironborn, Minotaurs, Restless Souls, and the Wyrd. Along with new race choices, this book also includes new classes, spells, and feats to leverage in your game. A gargoyle sorcerer will be a memorable character in any story!

Grab “In the Company of Monsters” now for only $9.99!


Mac Users: OS X 10.5 No Longer Supported for Hero Lab and Army Builder

LoneWolf_webOS X 10.5 turned 7 years old as of this Sunday, a little over a week after OS X 10.10 was released to Mac users. While both Army Builder and Hero Lab work on this operating system and have worked for many years, as of the next release OS X 10.5 will no longer be supported for either program.

If you’re an OS X 10.5 user, please be aware that future versions of Hero Lab and Army Builder may not run on that operating system. While we’ll do our best to keep both programs working, we recommend OS X 10.5 users to upgrade your OS if able. For those of you continuing to use OS X 10.5, if we are unable to keep our programs running on that OS in future, you’ll still be able to use the current versions of both Hero Lab and Army Builder, and should not run into any issues.