October 2015 Newsletter

Fall has arrived, and with it hordes of Hero Lab updates. In addition to new Hero Lab packages and features, we have an update on the major changes planned for Realm Works! For info on these changes and additional news this month, check out more below:


Major Realm Works Release Status

Realm Works-logo_tnLast month, we shared that the team was preparing a major update for Realm Works. Earlier this week, after starting the release process, we experienced a Mr. Bill moment. We uncovered a bug in the upgrade process that we accidentally introduced earlier this year. This bug undermines our ability to cleanly release a new version needing a closely coordinated upgrade between the client and server – something this major update requires. If we had completed the release with this bug in place, it would have caused confusion and frustration for almost everyone.

A critical priority for us is to ensure a good product experience for users, so we chose to postpone the major update this week. Instead, we’ve put out a small release today that fixes the upgrade issue and addresses a few other small things that were not tied to the big enhancements. By taking this approach and delaying the major release by a week or two, we can ensure the upgrade process goes smoothly for users when the major release does roll out. We’re also investigating options that will help mitigate the upgrade issue for anyone who misses the interim release.

While there are no significant enhancements in today’s release, it’s very important that users install this update. We want the forthcoming major update to go smoothly for everyone, and the way to achieve that is by first grabbing today’s release. To make it easy to get this new version, here’s a link that’s hard to miss:

Latest Realm Works Update

We realize that users are eager to get the new enhancements included in the major update. We’re just as eager to get them into your hands. However, we’d rather delay the big release than deliver a frustrating experience, and we hope you agree with our philosophy. Thanks for understanding!

In the meantime, here’s a quick teaser of things to look forward to in the upcoming release: native HTML, custom and default styles, major name handling improvements, and a vastly expanded and tailorable automatic linking mechanism. There’s a lot more in the release, but those should whet your appetite for the next week or two…


September Pathfinder Updates – Inner Sea Races, Dirty Tactics Toolbox, and more!

pathfinderThe Hero Lab team members have been overachievers this month, releasing not one but two updates for Pathfinder. Some of the new content added includes Dirty Tactics Toolbox, Inner Sea Races and the first part of Heroes of the Streets!

For info on all the releases this month, explore the updates below!

Inner Sea Races

innersearacesThe Inner Sea region has seen empires rise and fall, and now you can discover the secrets of these historic races. Choose from new options like feats, spells, and gear for your favorite races in the region, like battle-hardened dwarves and fiend-blooded tieflings. For anyone playing a game in the Inner Sea region of Golarion, this package is a must-have for your collection. Grab Inner Sea Races today for only $9.99!

Dirty Tactics and Heroes of the Streets

This month we’ve released two new Player Companion books in Hero Lab – Dirty Tactics Toolbox and Heroes of the Streets.

To survive combat, sometimes you need to fight dirty. Dirty Tactics Toolbox introduces new poisons, enhanced sneak attacks, and sly magic to help your character gain the upper hand in battle. Or perhaps you’re preparing for the many dangers you may encounter while adventuring through the streets. Players can try out new options built to survive twisting alleys and bustling, dangerous thoroughfares, with the archetypes from Heroes of the Streets. These two books start off Player Companion #20, now available for only $4.99!

The second half of Heroes of the Streets, with its new feats, gear, and magic items, will be added in the future as a free update to this package.

Occult Bestiary – Part 2

The second half of the Occult Bestiary was added in Hero Lab earlier this month, providing GMs with a truly horrific collection of foes. From psychic vampires to animus shades, this Campaign Setting is a must-have for any GM using Occult Adventures. The Occult Bestiary is included in our Campaign Setting #14 package for only $4.99!

Turn of the Torrent Hell’s Rebels Chapter 2

The Silver Ravens have reformed to fight against Barzillai Thrune and his hateful forces. But they need allies – the players – to find a secret hideout to plan a rebellion. Will the party survive? Find out in Chapter 2 of the Hell’s Rebels Adventure Path – Turn of the Torrent.

Game Masters can now run the latest chapter of this AP using Hero Lab! All the encounters from Turn of the Torrent have been added to the Hell’s Rebels add-on. If you haven’t picked up this fantastic Adventure Path package, grab it today for only $24.99!

Players can also grab all the player content from this book as a part of our free update, available now!

Additional Updates

You’ll also find a number of other changes and bug fixes in this update. A full list of the changes are included on our forums.

iPad users, to get this new update you’ll need to go to the updates screen and manually hit the “check for updates” button. We apologize for this inconvenience, and we’ll get the issue fixed in the next release for iPad!

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View Your Pathfinder Sourcebooks


Pathfinder Society players, you can now view the sourcebooks used for each of your characters!

We heard a common request from Pathfinder Society players at conventions this summer – “show me a list of the sourcebooks used by my character in Hero Lab!” Because Pathfinder Society requires players to have a copy of every sourcebook used to create their characters, they wanted the list to make game prep even faster!

Well, you asked and we listened! With this new Pathfinder update, you can easily review all of the books used to create your characters, as well as how they’re used. This handy list is even included on your printed character sheets. Now you’ll know which books to throw into your backpack or add to your tablet before heading to the game. Thanks again for the suggestion!


Data Trails Now Available for Shadowrun

ShadowrunAccess the Matrix with the newest Hero Lab add-on for Shadowrun Fifth Edition – Data Trails! If you have the skills to unlock its secrets, the Matrix provides access to the weird and the powerful, from artificial intelligences to every secret ever recorded. By picking up Data Trails, you’ll access options for decker and technomancer characters, including programs, gear, AI characters, and more. Add Data Trails to your library for only $9.99!

Chrome Flesh Coming Soon!

If you’re also waiting for the dozens of new alterations available in Chrome Flesh, you won’t have to wait much longer! Our team is working diligently to finish up the next add-on, and Chrome Flesh should follow soon.

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Making the Most of Hero Lab

Hero-Lab-logo_tnWith the release of our new Pathfinder Class Packs, more and more players are using Hero Lab to keep track of their characters. With all these new users, the Hero Lab team was inspired to share advice on how Pathfinder players can use Hero Lab to have even more fun playing the game!

Read on to learn how you can make the most out of Hero Lab:

  1. Read the rulebooks and understand your character – The rulebooks provide context for all the options that you see in Hero Lab. Once you have that context, it’s easier to see how your character’s feats and abilities could play out during the game. This will make gameplay (especially combat) go even faster!
  2. Learn how Hero Lab calculates all the numbers – If you understand how Hero Lab came up with your hero’s bonuses and scores, you’ll be able to quickly calculate new effects in your head (like the bonuses applied by Bull’s Strength) or explain a particular stat (such as how your attack bonus was determined). Once you can do that, you’ll be able to quickly consider more options, without having to run them through Hero Lab first.
  3. If you discover a problem with your character, let us know – If you think Hero Lab has calculated something incorrectly or applied a rule wrongly, simply report the issue to us with as much information as you can (book, page number, etc.). If you’ve found a mistake, we can correct it in a future version of the Pathfinder data files.
  4. Share your character with your GM – It can be helpful for Game Masters to see the choices you’ve made for your character, especially after you’ve leveled up. Share your hero by printing off a character sheet, or emailing the portfolio or PDF.
  5. Learn about the rest of the party – By learning about the characters that your fellow players have created, you can start to think about how the party will work together. As a collaborative game, teamwork is crucial! So start your game off on the right foot, and get ready to have fun together.

We know that these 5 pieces of advice aren’t all-inclusive, but they’re a great starting point for Pathfinder players using Hero Lab. What do you recommend? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+!