October 2016 Newsletter

Greetings from the Wolf Lair! This month provides quite a few updates, some exciting news, and even a giveaway!


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The last month has brought us autumn weather and five new Pathfinder books for Hero Lab just in time to plan your games for fall break! Read on to find out what new tricks you’ll have this Halloween.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Planes of Power


Embrace the Elements!

The elemental forces of air, earth, fire, and water are among the most powerful in the multiverse, forming the basis of the material world and giving creatures capable of wielding them immeasurable influence. Now players and Game Masters alike can harness these primal powers for themselves by exploring the Elemental Planes—entire realms of existence dedicated to the four elements—with Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Planes of Power. This book fully details each of the four Elemental Planes with advice on adventuring in their harsh environs, new character options and creatures, location gazetteers, and an examination of major settlements that offer welcoming landing sites for planar travelers.

Included in this campaign update are:

  • New druid domains for characters who frequent the Elemental Planes, the elemental purist kineticist archetype, the planar sneak rogue archetype, and elemental barbarian rage powers, as well as new magic designed for planar travelers.
  • Bestiary additions full of potential new elemental threats and allies, from the nephlei—or cloud nymphs—who hail from the Plane of Air to the Plane of Earth’s serpentine monstrosities called agrawghs to Ymeri, Queen of the Inferno and Elemental Lord of Fire!

Planes of Power is available now in the Pathfinder Campaign Setting #16 package which also includes Inner Sea Intrigue and Path of the Hellknight.

Campaign Setting Package #16 – $4.99


Player Companion #24 – $4.99

Pathfinder Player Companion: Divine Anthology


Your Prayers Are Answered!

Those who devote their lives to the gods receive potent gifts from their patrons. Pathfinder Player Companion: Divine Anthology presents many of these powers, both sacred and profane, along with the holy books in which they’re found. The secrets revealed in these pages are not limited to those who can cast divine magic, though—faith in the appropriate religion is the only requirement for using many of the revelations and ancient techniques hidden away in the prayer books detailed within.

The Divine Anthology update brings you:

  • Several new magic items, traits, feats, and spells, including a new category of magic: meditative spells.
  • A wealth of new options for characters from arcanists and bards to clerics and paladins, including the mysteries of apocryphal subdomains and new paladin oaths.
  • Several new archetypes and fighting styles.

You can purchase Divine Anthology as part of the Player Companion #24 package which also includes last months release Haunted Heroes Handbook!

Strange Aeons: The Thrushmoor Terror


Fear in the Streets

After escaping from the waking nightmare of Briarstone Asylum, the former captives venture to the dismal town of Thrushmoor to unravel the enigma of their lost memories. Upon arrival, the adventurers find that the town’s leadership has either fled town or gone missing, and a rash of kidnappings and rumors of the Briarstone Witch spread terror among the townsfolk. As the adventurers investigate the unsettling mysteries, they uncover a secretive cult that plans to use Thrushmoor’s ancient monuments to grow its power. Will the heroes discover the secret behind their affliction and find answers in an uninviting town, or will they fall victim to the ruthless villains who want to sacrifice the people of Thrushmoor for some terrible purpose?

Strange Aeons: The Thrushmoor Terror includes:

  • Bestiary content containing a new Great Old One and other accursed monsters, by James Jacobs, Michelle Jones, and Tito Leati.
  •  Access to all necessary content required to run the adventure from various Bestiaries, the Advanced Class Guide, and Occult Adventures.

Chapter 1 and 2 of the adventure path is available now in the Strange Aeons package for only $24.99 with the remainder being added as they release.


Strange Aeons Adventure Path – $24.99



Doom Comes to Dustpawn


Invaders from Space!

When the iron mines that made Dustpawn so prosperous played out not long after the Goblinblood Wars of Isger ended, the city shifted its focus from mining to goat herding with quite a bit of success. Things have, as a result, been quiet and calm in Dustpawn for the past several years, but that quiet is shattered the night a strange falling star roars across the sky above town to crash somewhere in the hills several miles to the south. When several locals eager to find the fallen star and strip it of its ore go missing, it becomes apparent that whatever has fallen from the sky is much more than a mere meteorite. There are those in town who claim the falling star was in fact a ship, and now a strange malady is creeping through the townsfolk. Can the PCs discover the truth behind the falling star before doom comes to Dustpawn?

This data package includes everything you need to easily run the module’s encounters for your game.

You can pick up Doom Comes to Dustpawn in our store now!

Daughters of Fury


When devils slay the knightly leader of Arwyll Stead and orcs from the Hell’s Fury tribe attack the town, all hope seems lost for the brave people living on Lastwall’s border. The coincidental arrival of the mysterious half-orc Vegazi also raises unsettling questions, and it’s up to the heroes to make sense of these events and end the Hell’s Fury tribe’s threat to Arwyll Stead once and for all. What does Vegazi have to do with the raiders’ diabolical plot? Who will rally Arwyll Stead now that the town’s icon has been cut down? And who is the mastermind orchestrating the orc tribe’s alliance with devils from beyond?

This package includes a host of new monsters and magic items as well as everything you’ll need to run encounters for the module.

Daughters of Fury is available now in our store!





Ahoy, chummers! Our technicians have been slaving over hot cyberdecks for months, and their efforts have borne fruit – Howling Shadows is now available for Hero Lab!

For players: this book introduces a new type of character – Drakes! As a Drake, you gain a powerful draconic form allowing you to choose options like the gift of flight, power over animals, or even a breath weapon to roast / chill / electrocute / dissolve (pick one!) your enemies. Just remember, in the Sixth World everything has a price, and in this case that price is a hefty Karma cost (and the attention of the megacorps, who would love to pull you apart and find out what makes you tick).

For GMs: you’ll have fun with the many new critters in Howling Shadows – this package introduces over 150 new monsters to face off against your players. Including mundane-yet-dangerous animals like the alligator, paranormal creatures such as the Harpy or Cerberus Hound, and even matrix-savvy Technocritters to mess with your group. And if that’s not enough, bring out the big guns with cybernetically-altered Warforms, for an encounter the runners will never forget! Unless the Warforms kill them…

Howling Shadows is available now for only $9.99! Please note that the “Chimeric Modifications” section (p170-174), along with the sample chimerics, is not yet implemented – this content will be added for free in a future update.

We’re planning our next Shadowrun release for some time in October, which will hopefully include the Chimeric Modifications, along with new material from Court of Shadows. Until then, you can find the full list of changes in the forum thread for this release.


Drake Options from Howling Shadows



Realm Works Update


As you might have noticed, the last month has been very quiet for Realm Works. While it may seem as if there’s little going on, we’re actually putting in long hours to bring you many of the major components you’ve been patiently waiting for.

We aren’t quite there yet, and you know we shy away from giving dates these days, but—just this once—keep an eye out on our forums and watch for a special news announcement late next week! We expect to have exciting information regarding our imminent content market, key new features, and even release details!

Our heart-felt thanks to all our supporters who have demonstrated incredible patience while we worked through bugs, enhancements, and seemingly every complication under the sun. At long last, we’re almost there


Hero Lab Giveaway!

Do you know someone who really needs Hero Lab in their life? A deserving friend or that one guy at the table who just hasn’t gotten around to it yet?

During the month of October we’re giving away copies of Hero Lab with core data for one game system! Send us a few paragraphs detailing why your friend needs Hero Lab in their life to giveaway@wolflair.com and we’ll choose the two most entertaining stories and issue Hero Lab to the winners.

Winning submissions will be featured in next months newsletter so keep it clean!

Good Luck!


Kickstarter – Demon Cults & Secret Societies: 5th Edition & Pathfinder RPG

Our friends at Kobold Press are running a Kickstarter! Over 120 pages of cults and secret societies rife with true villainy, fiendish plots, blackhearted new magic, detailed cultists, and high priests.

We’d love to see this in Hero Lab and we’re sure you would too, lucky enough that’s one of the stretch goals. Go check it out while there’s still a few limited pledges left!

Don’t forget to connect with us on social media for news and release updates throughout the month!

Until next month – Happy Gaming!