September 2014 Newsletter

It’s officially Fall! September has been full of releases and updates, and a month focused on user feedback. Not only will you learn the latest about Realm Works Player Edition, Hero Lab for iPad, and other updates, but we also want your feedback in a survey about Hero Lab. For additional info, check out our latest news below:


Realm Works Player Edition – The Home Stretch

Realm Works-logo_tnAt long last, we have some great news for Realm Works users! A new release is out, and everything for Player Edition is in the hands of the Beta team. Based on our internal testing, we believe this is the last Beta release before we make Player Edition available to the public. Unless any major new issues are uncovered, we should be able to release Player Edition within the next two weeks!

We’re eager to get Player Edition released, so your players can begin leveraging this powerful tool! Player Edition allows players to access and review content revealed by the GM on their own computers outside of the game session. Players can also independently lookup information, review what they’ve learned, and even make notes with same powerful linking capabilities as the GM version.

We intended to get Player Edition out before the end of the month, but our ever-vigilant Beta team uncovered a number of subtle, but critical, issues that we needed to work through. Unfortunately, some of those issues required substantial work to get them resolved. While it was a frustrating setback for the development team, we believe that those issues have now been fixed and that we’re finally in the home stretch.

When Player Edition officially becomes available, we’ll share the news on our website and on our social media, so be sure to “like” Realm Works on Facebook, follow @lonewolfdevel on Twitter, and follow Lone Wolf Development on Google+.


Upcoming Realm Works Survey

Realm Works-logo_tnAs Player Edition nears completion, we need to begin preparing for the next big development tasks we’ll be tackling. That means determining our next priorities, and we want to know what YOU think those priorities should be. Within the next two weeks, we’ll be launching a survey of our Realm Works users to get your opinions on what features the development team should work on next.

Certain features are integral to Realm Works and will be a major upcoming focus. Specifically, these are web-based player access and the Content Market. Web-based player access will allow players to review content revealed by their GM on any device with internet access, while the Content Market will let GMs purchase and use content made available by publishers and other community members.

These critical features will not be our sole focus, though. There will often be times in the development process where some team members are waiting for others to complete tasks before they can proceed. During those times, we’ll be working to implement an assortment of other new capabilities, and we have a long list of options to choose from. We need to choose the ones that will bring the most benefit to our users, and we want to make sure we’re focusing our developers’ time and effort on the features that matter most to users. That’s where you come in!

We’re compiling a survey based on the many feature requests on our forums and narrowing the requests down to those that are most frequently requested. We’ll then present that survey to you so you can weigh in. While the forums give us a general sense of highly requested features, a statistical survey will yield the best results to ensure we’re addressing the features desired most by our users. You still have a few days to share your thoughts on our Feature Requests forum before we finalize the survey, and it’s also an excellent place to make your case to other users for why certain features are more important than others.

After the survey goes out, we’ll continue to keep an eye on the Feature Requests forum, since we see great new ideas and new insights appear regularly there. Please continue to post on the forums with new feature suggestions, new ideas for existing suggestions, or simply to up-vote other users’ ideas. The upcoming survey will tell us what to focus on next, but the forums will be an ongoing guide for us in the months to come.

Thank you in advance for your participation, and keep an eye out for the survey announcement within the next two weeks!


Gen Con Seminars Available on YouTube

youtubeDid you miss Gen Con? We were unable to build a time machine to help you attend, but we did record our seminars! You can now experience all seven of our Gen Con seminars from the comfort of your own home, work, or coffee shop. Just hop on over to our YouTube channel with your favorite web-browsing device, and enjoy the show!

Thank you, again, to everyone that attended our seminars at the show! If you have any questions that aren’t asked and answered in the videos, hop on over to our forums and join the conversation. See you next year at Gen Con 2015!


Army Builder / Hero Lab Planned Server Downtime

LoneWolf_webSometime within the next two weeks, we’ll be taking the Army Builder and Hero Lab sales & licensing server temporarily offline as part of an upcoming migration to a new data center. This will impact all Hero Lab and Army Builder users, as users won’t be able to activate Hero Lab or Army Builder licenses, download data file updates, or make any purchases from our web site during this temporary downtime.

To learn more about how this may impact you, please head to our website for more information.


Pathfinder GMs – We Need You!

Hero-Lab-logo_tnDo you GM for Pathfinder and use Hero Lab? We want to hear from you! We’re looking for feedback on Hero Lab’s Tactical Console, and all we need you to do is fill out our super short survey.

Take the Survey Now!

Thanks in advance for taking the time to help us improve Hero Lab!


Hero Lab for iPad – iOS 8 Update and Additional Dropbox Support


Access your characters from Dropbox!

Hero Lab for iPad is ready for iOS 8, and sporting some new Dropbox features! If you use Dropbox with Hero Lab for iPad, you can now duplicate, rename, and otherwise customize your files within Dropbox, just like you can for files stored on the iPad, with the “Manage Portfolios” button. Now it’s easier than ever to share and manage your portfolios between your computer and your iPad!

Learn more about Hero Lab for iPad on our website, and don’t forget to keep up with the latest news by liking “Hero Lab” on Facebook, following @lonewolfdevel on Twitter, or following Lone Wolf Development on Google+.


“Night’s Rest” Button, Equipment Kits, and This Month’s Pathfinder Releases

pathfinderThere’s a few changes in Hero Lab for Pathfinder in this month’s update! You can now use the new “Night’s Rest” button on the In-Play tab to reset daily ability uses, spells, and heal damage with just a click of the mouse. It’s never been easier to recover after a relaxing sleep or meditation.

Or maybe your characters use one of the many equipment kits available to Pathfinder characters. In the past, users would purchase the equipment kit and then add the component items separately, to ensure all equipment was accounted for on the character. Now, when you add an equipment kit, such as the dungeoneering kit, the component items are added automatically! Existing kits will be unchanged, so they should be sold and re-added if you want to see the list of items included in the kit. Let us know what you think about these new features, by joining the conversation on our forums!


Reset daily ability uses, spells, and heal damage with the “Night’s Rest” button!

You and the rest of your party have made it from Torch to Scrapwall, a junkyard run by the Lords of Rust and their violent gang. Unfortunately, they’re more than just a petty nuisance. With the support of one of the Iron Gods of Numeria, they pose a real threat to Torch and its people. Can you stop the Lords of Rust, or will their power only grow? We’ve added all of the player content from “Lords of Rust”, the latest chapter in the “Iron Gods” Adventure Path, into Hero Lab as a part of our free update, available now!

Harness your evil side with “Champions of Corruption”, Paizo’s latest Player Companion supplement. With new archetypes like the sanguinary blood summons, and feats like Vile Leadership, this new book is perfect for any evil-aligned character. “Champions of Corruption” starts off our Player Companion #17 package, available now for only $4.99! We expect to add at least one more book to this add-on, which will be included when it’s released. As usual, anyone who purchases the package when it’s available will receive additional material as a free update.


Easily add equipment kits to your character!

Let the undead loose into your world with “Undead Unleashed”, the latest Campaign Setting book for Pathfinder. With 15 new deathless enemies, this book is a great addition to any GM’s collection. Campaign Setting #13 begins with “Undead Unleashed”, available now for only $4.99! We expect to add at least one more book to this add-on, which will be included when it’s released. As is the case with our Player Companion add-ons, anyone who purchases the package when it’s available will receive additional material as a free update.

Finally, you’ll find a number of other enhancements and bug fixes included in this month’s update. A full list of the changes is included on our forums. Keep up with the latest Hero Lab news and “like” Hero Lab on Facebook, follow @lonewolfdevel on Twitter, or follow Lone Wolf Development on Google+.


“New Paths Compendium” by Kobold Press

New PathsNew material for “New Paths Compendium” by Kobold Press has been added for Hero Lab. Users now have access to the Gunslinger class, as well as the White Necromancer, including archetypes for both! There’s still some content that is left to be added to this book, which should be available as a part of our October release and beyond. If you purchase “New Paths Compendium”, the new content will be available as a free update once added.

With 28 new archetypes, 20 new spells, and almost 100 new feats, “New Paths Compendium” is a fantastic addition to your character creation library. Make a hero that the world soon won’t forget by grabbing “New Paths Compendium” for Hero Lab for only $14.99!


d20 System Hero Lab Update

Hero-Lab-logo_tnDo you play d20 System? There’s a new update available within Hero Lab that improves the In-Play tab, and includes a number of additional bug fixes and authoring enhancements. This new version would not be possible without the hard work of Tim Shadow. Thanks, Tim!

A full list of the changes is included on our forums.