September Newsletter 2013

Happy Fall, everyone! This past month has kept the Lone Wolf team busy as we prepare for Realm Works’ anticipated release, building in some long awaited game systems for Hero Lab and working on the iPad® Roster Viewer App for Army Builder. Take a look at this month’s topics below:


Realm Works Update

Realm Works is in the home stretch, and we’re down to getting the final pieces into place prior to release! However, we’re not entirely out of the woods yet, as the past month has been marked by a number of unexpected hurdles. There still remain a few major pieces to finalize, as well as a lot of smaller things that all need to be completed before V1.0 rolls out the door. Here are some of the things we need to finish up before then:

The single biggest piece to be completed is the Realm Works cloud server, one of the focuses of our Kickstarter. The server is what will allow you to access your content on multiple machines, preserve your data in the “cloud”, and access material created by other users, so it’s a big part of the Realm Works experience. While a lot of this functionality is already deployed and working, it’s still the most complicated piece of Realm Works left, and we want to have it 100% tested prior to release. This testing will be aided by our Beta team, who will get their hands on full syncing in about a week, followed by the Early Access users once we’ve verified that everything works as it should. Once it’s been fully tested and all issues have been addressed, we’ll have crossed our biggest remaining hurdle to bringing Realm Works to you!

Besides the server, there are numerous other details we’re working on to improve the Realm Works user experience, like a user manual, tutorial videos, tips & tricks, recommended best practices, a new website (shiny!), a new online sales mechanism (more work than it sounds like), and more. Our developers are also polishing some existing features based on feedback from Beta team and Early Access users, as well as laying the groundwork for new features that will follow v1.0. All of these additions and changes will improve the product’s overall usefulness, making Realm Works more accessible for everyone.

So when will Realm Works be released? At this point, we need to temper our optimism with a bit of realism. There are still plenty of things to finish up. If everything goes as planned, Realm Works will make it out at the end of October. However, with so many pieces needing to fit perfectly into place to release a finished product, it’s likely we’ll need a little more time. If that happens, Realm Works will probably release in early November.

We’ll be doing everything we can to release Realm Works as soon as possible, but we won’t launch V1.0 until we can deliver a high-quality product. The cloud server and other pending functionality are all critical parts of the Realm Works experience, and we’re working to get them as polished as we can before release.

As we move towards release, we’ll be able to share items like our tutorial videos, the new website and a projected launch date. These updates will be announced on our forumsFacebook and Twitter, so if you don’t already “like” Realm Works or follow @lonewolfdevel, make sure you check us out!


Pathways Sponsorship

We’re happy to announce that Lone Wolf Development is now a sponsor ofPathways, a free e-zine put together monthly by Rite Publishing that provides Pathfinder templates, foes, alternate racial traits, and encounters to its readers!

Check out the September issue, recently given a 5 star review by Liz Winters, our Community Development Manager, explores the role of technology in table top games. Also in this issue is a Gen Con after-report by David Paul, stats for a Storm Giant Pirate with a were-tyrannosaurus affliction from Raging Swan Press, and an interview with Legendary Games’ Jason Nelson.

Look forward to future pieces from Lone Wolf and enjoy some compelling articles from some of the biggest names in gaming. Get your copy today!


This Month’s Pathfinder Releases

pathfinderYou have been entrusted with mythic powers beyond your wildest dreams. These new skills will help in the battle against the demons of Worldwound, but will you live long enough to use them? The city of Drezen has been captured and with its loss, so went your people’s symbol of hope against the demons. Can you reclaim the city and restore the common folk’s faith in a victory? This update for Pathfinder will have everything players need to battle the forces of evil in the newest Adventure Path, “Sword of Valor”. We’ve added all the player content from this Adventure Path into Hero Lab as part of this month’s free update, available now.

A new add-on for Pathfinder, our Player Companion #13 package, is now available for only $4.99 with this month’s Pathfinder release. The first book in this package is “Mythic Origins”, which includes everything you need to build a rich mythic hero or villain with the new rules from “Mythic Adventures”! We expect to add at least one more book to this add-on, which will be included as it’s released. As usual, anyone who purchases the package now will receive additional material as a free update.

Introduce your players to the epic legends of Golarion or challenge them with one of the many mythic trials with “Mythic Realms”! This new book will be joining “Demons Revisited” in Campaign Setting #11, now available for only $4.99.

Finally, you’ll find a number of enhancements and bug fixes included in this month’s update. You can find a full list of the changes on ourforums.

May the fates show their favor on your upcoming journeys…


Podcasts, and Interviews, and Blogs – Oh My!

Realm Works and some of our other current projects have been a hot topic around the web since our last newsletter!

Following Gen Con, our own Colen McAlister was a guest-host on the D6 Generation, first on the “Lost Chapters Book 61: How to Demo (GenCon 2013)” and then on the most recent episode, “D6G Ep 133: Firefly Boardgame Detailed Review & Realm Works Update”. Listen to Colen talk about strawberry jam donuts, his favorite games and Realm Works.

Roleplayers Chronicle also just released their interview with Colen from the Gen Con convention hall. Join Aaron T. Huss as he receives a demo of the software. Colen gets into the nitty-gritty of Realm Works, such as the ability to make changes to Hero Lab portfolios within Realm Works and how to transfer your existing content into the software.

Finally, one of our Beta Testers blogged about his experience with Realm Works and how he is using it to flesh out his world and stay more organized. Che Webster, the author of “Ubiquitous Rat’s Roleplaying Dreams”, shares his experience as a Beta member and his future plans for the product, such as setting up a dual monitor to take advantage of Realm Work’s “Player View” at the table.

Have you highlighted Realm Works or another Lone Wolf product on your blog, podcast or website? Share it with us by


Kobold Press and Pathfinder

koboldpress-logoThe Midgard Campaign Setting, by Kobold Press, was released about a year ago, and the book has received overwhelmingly positive reviews. Users praise the dark, quirky approach to fantasy and the depth and richness of the world. Only a few months after releasing the Midgard Campaign Setting, Kobold Press released the Midgard Bestiary. Players embraced the deadly new monsters from places like the empire of ghouls and the Margreve forest, with the Midgard Bestiary.

Thanks to the team at Kobold Press, you can now explore the Northern fjords of Midgard and battle the kobold slyblades and goblin sharks in Hero Lab! If you’re looking for a vibrant world with new schools of magic and regional feats, check out the Midgard Campaign Setting ($9.99). If hundreds of new monsters seems more up your alley, than the Midgard Bestiary package ($6.99) is for you.

Keep an eye on the Hero Lab updates mechanism over the next few weeks. You’ll soon be able to explore the seedy underworld of the city of Zobeck, or battle your way through the mighty dwarven cantons in the Crossroads region of Midgard. Kobold Press is planning to release Hero Lab content for their “Streets of Zobeck” and “Players Guide to the Crossroads” in October for you to integrate into your games!

The community has been taking notice of Kobold Press’ excellent adventure design and world-building, despite their size (“small, but fierce!”). Many of their publications have received ENnies over the years, and the Midgard Campaign Setting even made WIRED magazine’s GeekDad Holiday Gift Guide.

We’re looking forward to working with Kobold Press to add more content to Hero Lab, and we hope you check out some of their work!


Hero Lab: Did You Know…?

We’re back this month with our latest installment of “Did You Know…?”, our overview of awesome but lesser-known functionality within our products. This month, we show you how to output a character’s statblock within Hero Lab. This function is available for all Hero Lab users!

Sometimes it’s easier to use a simple statblock rather than printing out a portfolio. Maybe you want to put a character statblock onto your wiki or website, or merely avoid printing out a 3-4 page character. Believe us, we understand the desire to save some ink or save some paper (most of us are based in California, after all…). This “How To” guide will walk you through the basics of how to output your character’s statblock in Hero Lab.

Step 1: Create your character! For the purpose of this How-To, I am going to use one of my favorite characters, a duelist rogue named Raina. She’s a pirate captain, with a deadly reputation.

Step 2: After you’ve created your awesome character, go to the “File” menu as if you were going to print out your character’s portfolio. Instead, select “Output Hero Statblock”.

Step 3: In the pop-up, select how you would like to display your statblock. You can print and save to PDF if you’re just looking to have a condensed version of your character. And if you’re trying to output for HTML, BBCode or Wikitext, you can also copy the statblock to your clipboard to paste it onto a web site, or save it to a file.

We hope this helps you take advantage of Hero Lab in new and exciting ways, whether it’s sharing your character on a website or saving a few trees. Looking to output multiple characters at once? Stay tuned for future installments of “Did You Know…?”.

As always, you can help us spread the word by sending your ideas on things we should cover in this section by e-mailing us at!