Realm Works Spotlight Series: Recapping Your Game

Welcome back to the Realm Works Spotlight Series! This is Liz, and I’ll once again be your host for the eighth installment. If you’re just joining us now, I recommend first reading the initial seven entries on our website or watch the videos on our YouTube channel.

When the Content Market launches, Game Masters will be able to purchase a number of incredible adventures, modules, and resources. Over the past few weeks, we’ve discussed how Game Masters can get started with the published content and leverage the many features available in Realm Works to enhance the game. This week, we’ll focus on how Realm Works provides everything you need to prepare for the next session, whether you’re a player or the GM.

Reveal History

pirates_bloodsalt_tnIn previous installments, you’ve seen that content is either concealed from or revealed to the players. The orb next to a topic, snippet, plot point, or map pin visually conveys the distinction between concealed and revealed content. However, clicking the orb from concealed to revealed also has an additional function – tracking when players discover that particular piece of information.

For example, if I’m running the Fury in Freeport adventure from the Pirate’s Guide to Freeport by Green Ronin Publishing, I can quickly refresh my memory of what the players have learned before preparing for the next session. By clicking the “Reveal History” button in the ribbon bar, I can see every reveal (and conceal) action that I’ve taken on my realm. Every topic, snippet, plot, and relationship that I’ve revealed is shown in the order that I revealed them. If I revealed something and then concealed it again, that’s reflected as well. The Reveal History tracks everything from the creation of the realm to now, and I can put in custom dates to view what happened during a specific time span.

pirates_bloodsaltplayers2_tnAs is the case for nearly everything in Realm Works, I can use the Reveal History to navigate to the associated content and readily access further details. Here, the Bloodsalt topic and many of its snippets have been revealed, so it appears at the top of the Reveal History list when I sort by name. By simply clicking on Bloodsalt in the list, it opens the topic, and I can use the links within the topic to navigate to other content, just like you can anywhere else within Realm Works.

The Reveal History is also available to players through Realm Works Player Edition, although only revealed content is included in the list. For example, the Bloodsalt topic and many of its snippets are also available in the Reveal History for my players. However, if the player navigates to the Bloodsalt topic, only the snippets I’ve revealed are available. Similarly, some of the links are not shown because they connect to topics I haven’t yet revealed.

You’ve probably noticed that there are a lot of Bloodsalt snippets in the Reveal History! You can collapse the Reveal History list to show only the primary content elements, such as topics. The small plus sign conveniently indicates if multiple sub elements, like snippets, have also been revealed.

With the Reveal History, Game Masters and players not only see what is known, but when it was discovered.

Running a Game Session

pirates_startgamesession_tnThe Reveal History truly shines when used in conjunction with Realm Works’ ability to track individual game sessions. Let’s pretend to run a quick session with the Fury in Freeport adventure. In preparation for the game session, I’ve preloaded some content into Realm Works, including the “Getting Started (Scene 1)” and “Aporcus Beedle,” topics, and the “Fury in Freeport” plot.

Before the game session starts, I simply click the “Begin Game Session” button in the ribbon bar. I’m able to name the session, specify the in-game date, and Realm Works will note the start time for me. Once I hit start, Realm Works tracks all subsequent revealing and concealing of content as a part of the active game session. The button also changes color to provide visual feedback that a game session is being tracked.

The first thing the players do is meet Aporcus Beedle, so I reveal his topic and a few specific snippets. I also reveal the “Getting Started (Sc. 1)” topic and most of its snippets. Finally, I reveal the “Getting Started” plot point, and end the game session by clicking the “Game Session in Progress” button in the ribbon bar. Obviously, games don’t tend to go this quickly, but this is just an example.

Now that I’ve used Realm Works to run a game session, let’s head back to the Reveal History. I can now sort from “Start of Last Game Session” to “End of Last Game Session.” Only the content I revealed during that specific game session appears in the list, which will be helpful when I prepare for my next session. Instead of trying to remember what the players learned and when, those details are all tracked for me within Realm Works.

Next Game Session

rotrl_revealgame_tnGaming groups often begin each new session with a recap of the previous session. Depending on the level of story detail and the frequency of sessions, these recaps can readily chew up lots of valuable game time, as memories and notes differ and need to be reconciled. When players miss sessions, the process usually takes even longer.

Realm Works streamlines recaps, because the Game Master has the Reveal History at their disposal. There’s no question about what happened or what the players learned – all the pertinent details are right there on the screen, allowing you and your players to spend less time on recaps and more time forging new adventures!

Player Preparation

rotrl_revealgameplayer2_tnThis exact same power is also available to players through Realm Works Player Edition. Players can readily review what the PCs have learned prior to upcoming sessions. And it’s invaluable for players that occasionally miss game sessions, as there’s no need to ask the GM or another player for a lengthy summary of what was missed.

The Reveal History, in conjunction with game session tracking and Player Edition, is the ultimate resource for groups that want to minimize session recaps while maximizing player knowledge.

Au Revoir!

Thanks for joining me as I showed you how Realm Works provides you with everything you need to prepare for your next game. Next time, we’ll discuss the variety of features that will be incredibly valuable once the Content Market releases.

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Happy Gaming!

Liz Theis
Lone Wolf Development