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Razor Coast Topic - No Spoilers

Sneak peek of an encounter from Frog God Game’s “Razor Coast” in Realm Works! Spoilers have been removed from this image – click the image for the full spoiler image! (The image used in the thumbnail is from “A Learning Time” by

Whether it’s due to a lack of time or inspiration, there are times when even the best GMs will leverage published, ready-made content. And many GMs simply prefer running pre-created content. Whatever the motivation, sometimes every GM wishes they could just grab something  pre-made for their next game. With the Realm Works Content Market, users will be able to do just that! Find a character, a random monster, a tavern, a city or a whole adventure – then drop it in and go! More importantly, once you’ve dropped ready-made content into your world, you are free to modify it however you choose for your game. Don’t like a name? Change it. Need to replace an NPC with someone important in your existing world? Swap it in. Do a new location need to be properly integrated into your campaign? Revise it and hook it up as you deem appropriate. Never before have GMs been able to seamlessly weave external content into their own worlds like this.

Ready-Made Content from Big Names

GMs everywhere rely on adventures, settings, rule books and other supplements from the major publishers in the RPG industry, and Lone Wolf is partnering with many of these companies to make their creations available through Realm Works. Simply download the content and integrate it into your campaign with a few mouse clicks. And once the published content is part of your campaign, you can tailor it and weave it in as you choose. Licenses are already in place to release an assortment of settings and adventures from prominent publishers through Realm Works. Many more are in the works. Below is just a sample of the content that will be available.

Curious about how published content works? All Realm Works users can leverage “Isle of Kandril”, a complete setting, town and adventure for Pathfinder. Created by Super Genius Games, “Isle of Kandril” provides an excellent example of how published material is shared within Realm Works. Plus it’s a ready-made setting to drop into your campaign and share with your players! Best of all, it’s FREE! Published content will debut in 2016. Keep your eye on our monthly newsletter for official release dates, as well as announcements of licenses with additional publishers. Are you an RPG publisher that’s looking to market your work through Realm Works? Contact us to discuss licensing at

Leverage Content from Users Across the Globe

Razor Coast Player View

Sneak peek of the player’s view of the encounter from Frog God Game’s “Razor Coast”.

In addition to published content, the Realm Works Content Market lets creative GMs from around the globe offer their personally created content for use in your campaigns. You’ll be able to access GM-created NPCs, cities, encounters, adventures, maps, character portraits, audio clips, and more. Users will be able to choose whether to offer their content for free or for sale. Either way, any content you choose will be available for use in your worlds. And, just like published content, you can customize the content to your heart’s content! If you’re a GM that’s proud of your creativity, the Content Market is your opportunity to show off your creations to the world. You can share content as simple as a special piece of gear or as broad in scope as an entire campaign setting. You’ll have the option to share your work either for free or for profit – it’s entirely your choice. Whether you simply want to share your creative flair with others or you’re an aspiring publisher, the Content Market is an opportunity to help thousands of gamers across the world!

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