Create a Richer World

Create a Deeper and More Vibrant World

Some of the most rewarding adventures take place in rich, GM-created worlds, and every world-builder approaches his or her craft a little differently. Your style may not be the same as another GM, but it still produces a world that’s just as vibrant, interesting, and colorful. Realm Works recognizes this and supports a diverse range of styles, whether your games are more plot-driven, a sandbox to explore, or virtually any other approach.

Bring the Details to Life

Topic PromptsEvery story has people, places, events, plots, and a myriad different elements. One of the challenges GMs face when building a vibrant world is detailing each of these elements. Realm Works not only makes it simple to enter content, but it also encourages you to think about all the different aspects of your world.

Creating a new adversary in your world? Let’s call him Malcolm the Mad. You can add information about Malcolm just like you would in your favorite word processing application, with full text formatting and easy editing. The editor can be used to establish as much or as little detail about Malcolm as you want. Want to add more but having trouble brainstorming? Realm Works provides extensive ideas and suggestions for ways to flesh out your content. In the case of Malcolm, these ideas include quest tie-ins, family, affiliations, and a host of others.

Adventures and worlds aren’t just about words – they’re about bringing your story to life. Realm Works lets you import images, stat blocks, PDFs, Hero Lab portfolios, and even sound and video clips, allowing you to flesh out your world in new and different ways. Instead of just describing Malcolm the Mad, you can also add his Hero Lab portfolio, a picture and even an audio file of a malevolent laugh (because every adversary should have some sort of evil laugh).

GM Dilemma #3: Your players love your campaign because of all the rich characters that populate your world. After a while, you start losing track of who’s who and who knows what.

Keep Your World Organized

CategoriesAs you build your world, you’ll likely come up with lots of ideas that you aren’t able to flesh out immediately. GMs are constantly jotting down notes for future ideas, which can easily get lost or forgotten. To avoid losing track of important notes, you can use Realm Works’ integrated notes mechanism to jot down ideas during your world-building and keep track of ideas. Not only are they in one place, but Realm Works will automatically link your notes with any associated information. When you jot down a note about how Sal the Merchant should have some dark, secret past, you will instantly be able to find the note when you look at Sal in the future.

ContainersAfter you’ve begun building your world, it can be overwhelming and time-consuming to sift through reams of content and notes. Realm Works does the heavy lifting of organizing your world, enabling you to spend less time finding content and more time creating it. You can also navigate through your content using similar features to a web browser, moving back and forth between content with ease, and showing different pieces of information in different tabs for easy access.

Realm Works intuitively organizes your content for quick review and easy finding. Elements of your world are grouped into obvious collections like people, groups, places, and events. Everything is automatically organized, so there’s no need to worry about misplacing the details of an important NPC or rifling through pages of notes to find the details of a particular location. Realm Works provides a pre-built structure that makes it simple to dive right in and enter everything for your world, regardless of what game system, genre, or style you play. You’re also free to customize the structure and tailor it in any way you choose.

Visualize Your Story

Plot for NavigationTo build a realistic world, it often helps to visualize the story you are creating. With Realm Works, you can create plot outlines to more easily brainstorm future events, see how the various story arcs tie together, and understand the implications of events. Reviewing your upcoming adventure? Use plot outlines to quickly review all the associated scenes, people, and events that comprise the story.

With the ability to visually review and examine your story, you can more easily create immersive plots for your players to experience.

GM Dilemma #4: You’ve invested the time into creating maps, and you’ve detailed all the places and locations on those maps. But you find yourself constantly flipping back and forth between multiple resources during world-building and play, since all these materials rely on different programs and live in different places.

See the Connections in Your World

The ability to weave content together and track those connections is invaluable to GMs. Until now, the best GMs could achieve is manually connecting everything in tools like wikis – a time-consuming and error-prone task. Realm Works is smart enough to automatically detect and create these connections whenever you reference other content by name, eliminating the hassle and saving valuable time!

Link WebFor visual GMs, the “Link Web” lets you visualize all the connections between people, places, things and events in your world. You can even use the Link Web to quickly navigate through all your content. For example, take a look at the image on the left. This GM is looking at how the Butterfly Festival is linked to the rest of his or her world. By clicking on a connection, like the “Sweetcorn Festival”, he or she can easily review all linked content. Now, you’ll never have to worry about forgetting how something or someone is connected to the rest of your campaign.

Map for NavigationConnections within stories and adventures aren’t expressed only through words. Sometimes they’re better expressed through pictures. When a GM describes to a player the layout of his or her world, it’s not just to explain the geography in words. A map is typically provided. With Realm Works, you can import an image, such as a map, and place pins on it to represent significant points within your world. Additionally, you can link the pins to content, such as a city, an encounter, an event, and more. Once pins are associated with content, you can even use the maps to easily navigate throughout your world.

Relationship OverlayIn the real world, people and places aren’t just connected; there are also relationships that bind things together. This could be a mother and child, or even the political alliance between two nations. As the GM, you can create these relationships within Realm Works. These relationships can take virtually any form you can envision. A classic example is the the long lost prince being the direct descendent of the king. Or maybe the duke is secretly the leader of the evil cult. Relationships are also great for tracking the attitudes of NPCs towards each other and/or the PCs, especially in games that involve a lot of political intrigue. Once relationships are created, they can be revealed to the players like everything else. More importantly, they can be visualized within a relationship diagram, which you can then use to navigate through your content.

The world we live in is built on connections and relationships. Realm Work’s ability to create these connections and manage them not only keeps you more organized. It can also make your world more immsersive.

Begin Building Your World

Realm Works is built to inspire and enhance your creativity. With these tools at your disposal, you’ll find yourself creating richer, more vibrant worlds for your players to explore.

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