Realm Works Player Edition

Reveal History

Review information from previous sessions

Everyone’s GM has a way to recap the previous game session. They may send you an email or handout a printed outline. If your GM likes to give a review at the start of the session, be prepared for the possibility of a lot of lost game time. Even with these summaries, your GM often spends valuable game time reminding players of information their characters’ learned or events they took part in sessions ago. With Realm Works Player Edition, you can review what your character has learned in past sessions, skip the recaps, and never worry about forgetting a valuable piece of information again! Built with the same powerful features as Realm Works GM Edition, you can visualize the relationships and connections between all of the people, places, and events that make up your GM’s world. You can even take your own personal notes that can be linked back to important content within the story. It’s never been easier to find an important tidbit that your character deduced many sessions ago, or visualize the area you’ve explored with a dungeon map.

Key Features and Benefits

Review information that has been shared in previous games, and come prepared to the next session.


Navigate through your GM’s world with images and linked text

  • Bring Realm Works with you to the table as a quick reference during the game.
  • View the people, places, events, and locations that make up your GM’s world.
  • Navigate through the story via linked text and images that can be linked to the key content within the story.
  • Track and visualize the relationships and connections between people, places, objects, and events by viewing your GM’s relationship trees, storyboards, and more.
  • Quickly find information with Realm Works’ full-text search capabilities.
  • Keep track of ideas for the evolution of your character, theories about the campaign, thoughts about specific NPCs, or anything else that comes to mind with your own notes.

Player Edition Pricing


Take notes that link back to the story

Realm Works Player Edition is available as a single user copy, and in bundles of 2 through 5 copies. The more copies, the greater the savings!

  • Single User – $9.99
  • 2-Pack – $14.99 (Save 25%!)
  • 3-Pack – $19.99 (Save 30%!)
  • 4-Pack – $24.99 (Save 37%!)
  • 5-Pack – $29.99 (Save 40%!)

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