Streamline Session Prep

Save Time on Session Prep

Prepping for a game session, whether it’s a published adventure or within a world you have built, can take many hours, as you work to prepare your materials, search through your notes and try to remember what happened in between sessions. Once the game session has begun, the last thing a GM wants to do is spend the first hour getting everyone up to speed. With your sessions easily accessible in Realm Works, you’ll spend less time preparing and more time playing the game!

Recap the Adventure

As an adventure progresses, it can be easy for GMs to forget when players learned certain information about the world. Was it in the last session or the one before? Or have they not learned that yet? It can be difficult to remember and take valuable time trying to recall.

Reveal HistoryWithin Realm Works, you can instantly see whether the players have learned a particular piece of information. You can also review exactly what information. Did your players hear rumors about the adventure’s adversary, but cannot remember if they learned his name? Just click on it, and Realm Works displays all the information tied to the event! Quickly scan through a topic to see exactly what the players have learned – and also what still hasn’t been revealed to them.

In addition to being invaluable to GMs to recall what happened in previous sessions, players can leverage this mechanism as well. They have full access to when they learned particular information, and this becomes a powerful way for players to review the last game session – and for players who missed the last session to acquire context before the next game. Everyone can now show up for the next session knowing where they last left things in your world.

GM Dilemma #5: Everyone shows up for the game and you begin a recap of what happened in the last session. After an hour of comparing notes and resolving conflicted information, you’ve finally got everyone on the same page. But you’re certain that the recap could have taken 15 minutes (or less) if everyone had accurate notes.

Simplify Searching

searchfilter_text_tnWhen preparing for a game, GMs often spend significant effort chasing down the specific information. Using Realm Works’ full-text search capabilities, you can quickly locate the pertinent details while prepping for a game session, without leafing through notebooks, PDFs, and trawling through web pages.

Take the image on the right, for example. This GM could only remember that the NPC the players meet in the next session carries an important staff. She searched for “staff” and Realm Works automatically filtered out all content that lacked the search phrase within it. She quickly found the NPC she was looking for and continued preparing the next game session.

Easily Recall Your Thoughts and Ideas

For GMs and players alike, inspiration and brilliant ideas can come at any time during a game session. Whether it’s in the middle of an intense combat or a heated dialog with an NPC, ideas often come at inconvenient times, so it’s common to simply jot down a note for later reference. Then comes the challenge of remembering the note, finding it, and hopefully avoiding the painful realization that it went out with the empty pizza box.

User NoteRealm Works eliminates these frustrations with its integrated notes mechanism. For GMs, notes can be used to keep track of ideas for future games, reminders about the PCs, remembering the likes and dislikes of players, or any other random thing that you would hate to forget. Players can also record their own notes, allowing them to keep track of ideas for the evolution of their character, theories about the campaign, thoughts about specific NPCs, or anything else that comes to mind.

Even better is that notes can be automatically linked to any content they reference. This makes it trivial to find your notes and instantly review the specific stories elements they refer to.

GM Dilemma #6: You have a great story with a complex plot. The players ask an important question about something from a few sessions back, and you find yourself spending the next 10-15 minutes digging through all your old notes to find the answer. The momentum of your game is grinding to a halt.

Reduce Your Preparation Time Now

While preparing for a game can be fun, it doesn’t need to take as long as it does now. Realm Works lets you streamline your preparation with its reveal history, easy search features and user notes. Spend less time preparing and more time playing the game!

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