The Future of Realm Works

Realm Works Vision and Evolution Plan

The initial release of Realm Works includes some amazing tools for GMs, but it’s just the beginning. We have a very long list of new features and capabilities that we’ll be working on in the months and, yes, even years to come. Just like all of our previous products, this initial release represents the core foundation that we’ll be continuing to evolve over time. In the sections below, we outline our immediate priorities for what’s next, as well as provide some insights into what we have planned for the months ahead. The features below are far from the complete list, so please consider them to be just a taste of what’s in store.

Immediate Focus

There are a handful of capabilities that will be our primary focus over the next few months. We’ll definitely be working on an assortment of other things as well, but this list is what we will be spending the bulk of our time on. Please note that some of these items are significant and could easily take longer to complete than just the next few months, so this is a list of what we’ll be working not and not necessarily what will be released.

  • Content Marketplace – Building on the concept of sharing content, the content marketplace will allow users to purchase pre-made content from big-name publishers. They can then import that content into their realm, weave it into their world as needed, and start playing.
  • Web-Based Player Access – Our goal with Realm Works is to provide GMs and players with “anywhere access” to their realms. To this end, we’re now working to make everything accessible via a browser-based interface, allowing users to view content on any suitable device they own. Obviously, players will only see the information revealed by the GM.
  • Journals – The journal mechanism allows GMs to create diaries and other similar types of material that can be found during play by the PCs. It also provides the means for players to track the exploits of their characters. Our original design for journals was determined to be insufficient during Beta testing, so we re-designed and expanded what they can do. We weren’t able to get the new design completed in time for V1.0, so we’ll be working on that now.

Other Major Features on the Horizon

Looking beyond the next few months, there are many significant capabilities that we’ll be adding to Realm Works. Some of these will likely see some work over next few months, but we don’t expect them to become our main focus until after the items above have been substantially completed. Please note that there are NOT necessarily in the order in which they will be implemented.

  • Map Symbols and Tokens – The map pins on smart images are extremely powerful, but we realize that GMs will want additional symbols to identify things like traps, secret doors, etc. In addition, GMs need tokens to represent the positions of distinct PCs, key NPCs, etc. This is one of the key things we’ll be focusing on next.
  • Individual Player Reveal – This one is has been a huge request, so it’s high on our list. Right now, content is either marked as revealed to all players or revealed to none. This capability would allow content to be marked as revealed to individual players, with only the appropriate players having access to the information.
  • Custom Calendars – The Beta team can already design custom calendars for their worlds, including the ability to have multiple calendars overlapping (e.g. for different worlds or cultures). Based on feedback from the Beta team, we need to add a few more capabilities, and then we need to completely rework the interface for managing these calendars. However, the vast majority of the super-complex work is already completed.
  • Content Sharing – The ability to share content with other users through the community is a cornerstone of the long-term Realm Works vision. This feature will allow users to designate content to be shared, as well as provide the ability to search shared content and selectively import it into your realms for use.
  • Plot Refinements – There are a variety of refinements planned for the way plots are managed, including more seamless integration with the topics that comprise the scenes and plot points of each story arc.
  • Auto-Hide Transitions Pane – On devices with smaller screens, the transitions pane on the far right can be suboptimal, since it needs to be manually hidden and re-displayed. This feature would make the transitions pane “smarter”, allowing it to automatically collapse as necessary, while still being accessible even when collapsed.
  • Annotated PDF Integration – Lots of users will be leveraging existing content via PDFs. By providing annotation of PDFs, those PDFs can be more readily woven into a realm by establishing links to and from locations within those PDFs.
  • Full Undo/Redo Support – This one is pretty self-explanatory. Due to the incredibly diverse range of content that Realm Works manages, full undo/redo support is a very complicated task, but it’s something we realize is valuable and definitely something we want to provide.
  • Object Access – All of the maps, pictures, audio clips, PDFs, and other objects within Realm Works are currently only accessible via the topic that contains the object. The plan here is to provide a way to directly access all the objects in a realm via a master list, making it significantly easier to quickly locate a particular map or picture being sought.
  • Dice Roller – Everybody loves an integrated dice roller. We’ve got one mapped out, but we determined that it was more important to first focus on the features that make Realm Works unique, so we haven’t implemented this yet. Given the number of requests, it seems this is something for which lots of users want another one, so it’s squarely on our radar.
  • Favorites and Preferences – There are lots of different ways to accomplish things within Realm Works, and every user has their own preferred ways. To this end, we want to allow users to tailor the interface and various behaviors to better suit their personal tastes through the introduction of favorites and lots of customizable preferences.

Share Your Suggestions

We’d love to hear your ideas for how we can improve Realm Works! If you have a suggestion, please start a new thread on the Realm Works Features Request support forum. Be sure to tell us what you’re trying to accomplish and how you think Realm Works could make that easier.