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Realm Works is available as a digital download in two different forms. Explore Realm Works GM Edition and Realm Works Player Edition, and grab your copy today!

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Realm Works is the Game Master’s answer for managing your tabletop RPG campaigns. Spend less time preparing, more time creating, and focus on sharing the story with your players! 

  • Create and run RPG adventures for any game system
  • Powerful features, such as automatic content linking, storyboards, map navigation, and so much more!
  • Immerse your players in the story by sharing pictures, text, and more with Fog of World®
  • Play in other GM’s realms

Get started for only $49.99! GM Edition also includes 6 months of free standard tier cloud service (a $24.99 value).

Note: For players to access content through Player Edition, continued access to Cloud Services is required. For more info, see our FAQ.

This low-cost version of Realm Works enables players to view information revealed by the GM and take notes that link to the story, with all the same powerful features as GM Edition.

  • Your GM’s world is at your fingertips with full-text searching, full linking to navigate the story, and more!
  • Brainstorm ideas, and write down all of your theories with personal notes that link to the story
  • Avoid lengthy game recaps and review your GM’s world, either in-between sessions or at the game table

Player Edition is available for as low as $5.99 per copy! Buy it on its own or in multi-copy bundles for gaming groups.

Note: To take advantage of Player Edition, your Game Master must use GM Edition and invite you to his or her realm.

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