Cloud Service – Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about the Realm Works cloud service? Check our list of frequently asked questions for an answer, or review our general Realm Works FAQ here!

If you have questions that are not covered on this website, or if the information provided is not sufficient to answer your particular question, please email technical support for further assistance.

General Questions

  • Will I need cloud service to purchase and use content from the Content Market?

    All users can purchase and use content from the Content Market – regardless of whether the user also has cloud service. The difference is in how that content can subsequently be used.

    Users without Cloud Service – If a user without cloud service purchases content, like The Pirate’s Guide to Freeport by Green Ronin Publishing, it will delivered as a specific “Pirate’s Guide to Freeport” realm. The user can then build a story or game on top of that realm, customizing as necessary. They can even make copies of the realm if they’re running multiple players through the same game. The key consideration is that each piece of published content is self-contained, so it’s not possible to merge the material from different published sources together.

    Users with Cloud Service – These users will be able to take advantage of the capabilities available to users without cloud service, but they have some powerful, additional options. Specifically, users with cloud service can choose to weave their purchased content, like The Pirate’s Guide to Freeport, into an existing realm (or multiple realms if desired). Furthermore, it is possible to integrate the material from different published sources into a single, unified realm. Our cloud service is built to handle the complex process of integrating purchased content into user-created content, which is a key benefit of having an active cloud subscription.

  • The Content Market isn’t out yet – will my free cloud service still expire after 6 months?

    For thousands of users, the free six months of cloud service is currently set to expire on May, 17th, and the majority of those users will be faced with choosing to continue their service before being able to leverage published material through the Content Market. With this in mind, we’ve chosen to suspend the expiration and allow cloud service to continue for all users. All users with cloud service, regardless of purchase date, will continue to receive cloud service until some point after the Content Market launch. Users will have the opportunity to see what’s possible with the Content Market and cloud service combined. Since the exact timing for this remains fluid, we’ll provide users with at least one month’s notice before the extra free cloud service concludes.

    You can read more here.

  • If I have cloud service, will my players be able to view my realm for free through the web app?

    There will be a free level of web-based player access. This solution is built for players that just want to see the material they’ll need for a particular game session and maybe a few extra pieces of information.

    Players who purchase the Player Edition will have a great many more capabilities at their disposal through web-based access. This version is built for players that want to see all of the content revealed from their GMs. The Player Edition desktop license will expand to encompass these enhanced features on the web, with users leveraging their same account for both.

  • Will I be able to duplicate or copy one of my realms without cloud service?

    Yes, all Realm Works GM accounts will be able to duplicate realms, regardless of cloud service status. However, duplication without cloud service will take a snapshot of the current realm and create a completely separate copy of it, without any ongoing connection between the two. This works exactly the same as if you copied a document on your local computer.

    With cloud service, a realm can be created that retains a connection to its original source. Subsequent changes to the original source can be inherited into the clone over time. This can be extremely important if you intend to evolve your content, since a simple copy without cloud service would require maintaining both copies independently once the copy was made – just like a copied word-processing document.

  • What happens to my content in the Realm Works cloud if I decide not to renew my cloud service?

    Your content will be retained in the cloud for a nominal period of time, although it will be unavailable for access. After some period of time, your content will be automatically deleted. You are free to sync your content down to your local computer and then maintain your own backups. If you later decide to resume use of the cloud service, you can upload your content back to the cloud from your local computer.

  • Can I delay my free six months of cloud service?

    The free six-month cloud service begins upon purchase and can’t be paused or delayed for any period of time.