Army Builder Selling Suggestions

The Army Builder® brand roster construction tool is a companion to virtually all point-based miniatures games. Army Builder is ideal for both new players and veterans, offering significant value for both. To assist retailers in selling the product optimally, we have put together some suggestions for how to enhance product sales. Army Builder can also be leveraged in other ways within the store, and many of these ideas are also available for review in a separate section.

Product Demos

Without question, the best way to sell Army Builder is to let a gamer see it in action and have a chance to use it himself for a few minutes. Most incredulous gamers join the ranks of the duly converted after only 5 minutes with the product. To make this easier for stores, we offer both free in-store product licenses and demo CDs of the product.

Sample Roster Print-Outs

One of the most eye-catching values of Army Builder is the printed rosters that it produces. Most traditional gamers use hand-written rosters, while a few will use spreadsheets that include only sparse information. When these gamers see the detailed rosters produced by Army Builder, along with all the game-time reminders, they quickly become intrigued and want to learn more. Simply putting together a few sample one-page rosters that can be printed out and shown/given to gamers will generate a great deal of interest in Army Builder.

Sample rosters can also be created for “starter armies” for each game system you sell. This provides a great way of quickly enabling your staff to sell a new gamer an appropriate starting army, plus it immediately shows the printed roster to the customer and introduces the value of Army Builder (i.e. how much confusion the product will eliminate).

Product Placement

One of the first questions any retailer asks himself when receiving a new product is “Where should I put this so that it will sell?” To help with this, we offer a few suggestions. Army Builder is a tool that complements miniatures games, so it should clearly be placed somewhere in proximity to the miniatures games. However, Army Builder is not a miniatures game itself. The product provides significant value to both existing miniatures gamers and new players. Consequently, placing it with the miniatures games themselves will often leave the product overlooked by existing players who enter the store looking for more miniatures to add to their existing forces.

Army Builder is not specifically tied to any one game system, as it supports the entire range of miniatures games. Coupled with the value it offers to both veteran and novice players (see below), we recommend placing the product near standard miniatures gaming supplies, such as paints and brushes. These supplies are a necessary component for all miniatures players, and Army Builder will be exposed to all your miniatures players this way.

Army Builder is packaged with a vivid illustration on the box cover that is intended to grab the attention of most miniatures gamers. By placing the product near the paints and brushes, it will be readily noticed by veterans and novices alike, with a strong potential for them to pick up the box and examine it. The back of the box provides screen shots and descriptions that should pique the interest of most gamers, leaving it to your staff to close the sale on a product that the customer is already intrigued with.

Upselling the Product

Army Builder is valuable to both novices and experts, making it an attractive upsell to any customer that plays miniatures games. We have identified many of the key assets of the product in a separate section, targeting each of the key different types of players. Please review this section for specific product features that will most appeal to each player type.

The most valuable upsell of Army Builder will be in conjunction with the sale of a new army supplement (e.g. a force book) or a new game system. Regardless of whether the gamer is a veteran or novice, coming up to speed on the details of a new army and/or game system requires significant investment of time and effort. With Army Builder, the gamer can focus on the fun parts and gloss over many of the technical details, since Army Builder handles them instead.