D&D 5th Edition SRD

Hero Lab brings an unparalleled suite of player and DM tools to D&D 5th Edition. Discover for yourself why Hero Lab is the go-to character creation app for tens of thousands of gamers around the world!

A League of its Own

What set’s Hero Lab apart from other digital tools? Consider the key benefits that make Hero Lab special:


Fast and Easy Character Creation

Hero Lab streamlines character creation, so you spend less time preparing and more time playing the game. Its intuitive interface walks you through character creation and automatically calculates the appropriate bonuses to your skills and other stats. Hero Lab flags any errors or forgotten steps, so you can address them as – or if – you choose.


Not Locked Into the Rules

5th Edition encourages house rules, which are the bane of most tools. Hero Lab detects and flags deviations from the rules, but it lets you make the final call. You can also fully configure Hero Lab to implement your house rules, which can be as easy as a few mouse clicks.


Add Your Own Material

Go beyond the SRD. Add your own backgrounds, class options, and feats with ease, right within Hero Lab. You can even add your own custom classes and paths through the built-in Editor, or take advantage of custom material created by the user community and publishers – much like mods to computer games.


Multiple Tools in One

There’s no need to bounce between multiple, disparate apps. With Hero Lab, you can build monsters, create NPCs, weave them into an encounter, and manage the combat – all in one unified tool. The integrated Monster Creator, Encounter Builder, and Tactical Console make designing and running encounters a breeze for DMs.



Review skills and track your proficiencies

Character Creation: It all starts with character creation, whether for PCs or NPCs. Selecting options is a snap, and Hero Lab takes care of all the calculations for you. Unlike many other tools, though, Hero Lab flags violations of the rules but doesn’t impose them, making it easy to accommodate house rules that frequently arise within gaming groups. Alternately, Hero Lab lets you tailor the rules to suit your game.

Character Management: Hero Lab goes beyond mere character creation. During play, you can track in-play aspects of your characters, such as health, spell use, etc. You can also personalize your character with portraits, track earned experience points, and more!


Select spells for your Cleric

Includes all the monsters from the 5E SRD: Over 300 monsters await your orders, ranging from sneaky goblins to iconic dragons. The monsters from the official SRD can be dropped into encounters and instantly used to build monstrous NPCs.

Monster Creation: Construct custom monsters – you pick the Challenge Rating, and Hero Lab will tell you if your monster needs to be more or less powerful. Pick from abilities possessed by other monsters to design just the right combination for your game!

Encounter Builder: Hero Lab guides you through building the encounter, drawing from all the available monsters. Just select a challenge rating, and you’re one step closer to crafting the perfect encounter for your game.


Choose class abilities and proficiencies

Tactical Console: Once you’ve created the encounter, simply add its monsters to the Tactical Console in one easy operation. Smoothly manage encounters between PCs and enemies, reviewing who has and hasn’t acted, initiative scores, readied actions, and more. Everything you need is available at a glance.

D&D 5E Community Pack: Thanks to the hard work of many volunteers, this free add-on lets you fill in the holes and go beyond the limits of the SRD. Drop it into Hero Lab with a few quick steps, and access all backgrounds, class options, feats, and much more from the Player’s Handbook and other official D&D sources! To get it now, visit our community forums!

What’s Included?


D&D 5th Edition SRD available in
Hero Lab for iPad.

The D&D 5th Edition SRD game system in Hero Lab includes everything in the official SRD, such as races and their traits, character classes and class features, spells, equipment, magic items, and other character creation necessities. It also includes all the monsters and DM mechanics outlined in the SRD.

Importantly, the SRD differs from the rules presented in the Player’s Handbook, Dungeon’s Master’s Guide, and Monster Manual. It omits certain options that appear in the full rulebooks (e.g. certain spells, feats, etc.), so those options can’t be included in Hero Lab. Thankfully the free D&D 5E Community Pack provides all the missing pieces that you’re looking for. (Get it today!)


Hero Lab support for D&D 5th Edition SRD is available on Windows, Mac, and iPad. Current Hero Lab users can add it to their existing license for $24.99, and new Hero Lab users can select it as their initial purchase for only $34.99. This price includes all the DM tools (once added) and access to community-created content.

(Please note: We are also still pursuing an official license with Wizards of the Coast to support the entire D&D 5th Edition product line. If an official license can be secured, anyone purchasing the SRD option for Hero Lab will be given the option to upgrade.)

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How to Install Hero Lab

On Windows, double-click the installer, and follow it through to complete the installation. After installation, you can launch the product via the Start menu, from “Start -> All Apps -> Hero Lab”.

On Mac, double-click the downloaded file. Once you accept the license agreement, drag the Hero Lab icon to your Applications folder to install it. After installation, you can launch the product from your Applications folder.

How to Uninstall Hero Lab

On Windows, go to the Control Panel and choose “Programs and Features” (or “Add / Remove Programs” in older versions of Windows). Find Hero Lab in the list of applications and double-click to uninstall it. Your saved files and images will not be deleted by the uninstall.

On Mac, drag the Hero Lab icon from your Applications folder to the trash. Your data files, saved files and images will not be deleted by the uninstall.