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All the latest Pathfinder RPG products are available for Hero Lab, including:

Advanced Class Guide

Looking to branch out from the usual Pathfinder character classes? Now you can choose from the brawler, investigator, skald, or one of the other ten new classes from the Advanced Class Guide! This must-have package even includes new character options for other classes, like the Coordinated Shot teamwork feat and the Skullcrusher Gauntlets. If that’s not enough, the Advanced Class Origins Player Companion supplement introduces even more choices for your characters!

Grab Hero Lab with the Advanced Class Guide today, and don’t forget to pick up Advanced Class Origins as a part of our Pathfinder Player Companion #17 package, available now!

Advanced Class Guide

Occult Adventures Playtest

Explore the mysteries of the occult and the secrets of long-lost rituals in the latest playtest for Pathfinder, Occult Adventures. Will you play the spirit-infused medium, the reality-warping kineticist, or one of the other six mystical new classes available to Pathfinder users?

Occult Adventures is available as a free update for all Hero Lab Pathfinder users, until the book releases in July 2015. Find out more about the playtest here!

Giantslayer Adventure Path

Giants roam the land around you, so make sure you’re ready to face them! With the Giant Hunter’s Handbook, choose one of the many new archetypes honed for giant slaying, like the goliath druid, who can grow to giant size, and the titan fighter, who can easily wield oversized weapons. Of course, don’t forget to ask your spell caster to take the “Resize Item” spell so that you can shrink oversized giant treasure down to a useful scale. You don’t want to let good weapons go to waste!

The Giant Hunter’s Handbook is perfect for the upcoming Giantslayer Adventure Path for Pathfinder! Grab it as a part of the Player Companion #18 package, available now!

technology guide

Iron Gods Adventure Path

Before exploring the strange mysteries of Numeria, you must prepare to face the otherworldly creatures that protect the land. With the new Technology Guide, players and GMs can bring a little sci-fi to their game with items like force fields, rocket launchers, nuclear reactors, and more! Not only that, the Player Companion book People of the Stars allows players to shape their characters for a space-driven story with new astronomical feats, spells inspired by the depths of space, and traits specific to characters from other planets!

You can find the Technology Guide in our Campaign Setting #12 package and People of the Stars as a part of our Player Companion #16 package, available now!

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